Black Decker PowerBoost LSW60C is one tool you need on a gorgeous autumn day when the leaves on the trees would begin to change colors to red, orange, and yellow, as you stroll outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful surroundings, only to be surprised by a garden full of leaves that need to be cleaned up.Black Decker PowerBoost LSW60C

The chore may appear onerous but worry not, the Black + Decker PowerBoost LSW60C is coming to rescue the task and make it easier for you. With its low noise level and strong motor, this cordless leaf blower makes rapid work of even the biggest mounds of leaves.

So, do not let a yard full of leaves mark a great autumn day; instead, grab the Black + Decker Powerboost LSW60C and take control of your outdoor environment.

The Top Features of This Blower

Black Decker PowerBoost LSW60C Key Criteria
Number of functions
Number of airflow settings
Lightweight (9.7 lbs)
Easy to use
Low noise levels (65 dB)
Lacks cruise control
Not durable as compared to high-end leaf blower models

The Black + Decker PowerBoost LSW60C cordless leaf blower is designed to give a strong yet silent option for cleaning trash from outdoor locations. The specs that it has are one of a kind, knowing that the machine is built in such a way that it advanced and can cover up a great deal of tasks, knowing that it has low noise and a good deal of strength.

  • Cordless feature
  • Airspeed of up to 125 mph
  • An air volume of up to 400 cfm
  • 40V power
  • Tested noise rating of 84 dB(A)
  • Tested runtime of 18 minutes
  • Bare weight of 7.38 lbs
  • Battery weight of 2.25 lbs
  • Tested 1.5 Ah battery

A Thorough Black Decker PowerBoost LSW60C Review

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  • Weight 8/10
  • The number of functions 7.5/10
  • Airflow 8/10
  • Number of airflow settings 7.5/10

Black Decker PowerBoost LSW60C is a blower made for quick and fast outdoor cleanups. Through our thorough testing of it, it receives a rating of 8.5/10 for weight, 8/10 for airflow, 8/10 for the number of functions, and 7.5/10 for the number of airflow settings due to its excellent performance. As you would see, the machine is one that is going to help you out with its proper grading and awesome functionality.


It is a flexible tool that can be used for a range of jobs, including clearing debris, grass clippings, and leaves from patios, driveways, and sidewalks. A 60V max lithium-ion battery powers this lightweight and cordless sweeper, giving it the strength to complete the task quickly and effectively.

PowerBoost technology is one of LSW60C’s unique characteristics. You can easily handle challenging trash and leaves with the help of this leaf blower’s additional burst of velocity, which is accessible at the touch of a button. This technique offers up to 125 mph airspeeds, which is enough to remove even the most tenacious trash.

The cordless design of the Black Decker LSW 60C is just another fantastic feature. You can no longer be near a power source and may move around freely. With a duration of up to 18 minutes on a single charge, the battery enables you to complete even the heaviest outdoor cleanup projects without taking a break.

It is also quite simple to operate the PowerBoost LSW60C. It has a soft-grip handle that offers a comfortable and solid grip. The blower also incorporates an easy-to-use control panel that makes it possible to change the airspeed and power boost settings quickly. Additionally, the blower features an integrated scraper that enables you to remove debris from hard surfaces by loosening it.

A two-year limited guarantee is also included with it, assuring you in case of any flaws or problems. All things considered, the PowerBoost LSW60C is a great blower that offers strength, comfort, and ease of operation. For those wishing to make outdoor cleanups simple, its lightweight design, PowerBoost technology, and cordless operation make it a great option.

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– How Has the Black Decker PowerBoost LSW60C Evolved?

The Black+Decker PowerBoost LSW60C blower has evolved and improved in several ways over earlier versions of leaf blowers. Its motor is more potent than its predecessors, as it blows leaves and other trash skillfully and effectively, and this would make the task quite easier for you.Evolution of Black Decker PowerBoost LSW60C

Ergonomics have also been improved, making it easier to handle and operate the LSW60C for prolonged periods. Its lightweight construction makes it simple to maneuver, and the soft grip handle helps to prevent strain.

Maintenance is simpler too, thanks to the LSW60C’s tool-free blower tube, which makes cleaning and maintaining the blower simple. The earlier models did not have this functionality. Overall, the PowerBoost LSW60C has improved over its predecessors in terms of performance, battery life, ergonomics, and ease of maintenance.


Key Properties of The Leaf Blower

– PowerBoost Technology

PowerBoost technology is included in the Black+Decker LSW60C blower. To clear debris, this technology offers an additional max powerboost. This power surge is especially helpful when dealing with heavy or wet material that is difficult to move with normal airflow.

This function simplifies removing obstinate debris and leaves from your lawn, garden, or driveway since it provides airflow and speed of up to 125 mph and 400 CFM, respectively. This function makes it perfect for those with sizable yards or outside areas that accumulate a lot of leaves and dirt.PowerBoost Technology in Black Decker LSW60C

– 60V Max Lithium-Ion Battery

The PowerBoost LSW60C 60V max lithium ion battery is a strong and effective option to supply high-performance power for outdoor tools. Your outdoor equipment will have greater power and a longer runtime thanks to the LSW60C battery’s high voltage of 60 volts.

The LSW60C features a 1.5 Ah battery as opposed to the 1.3 Ah battery in the previous versions. This extends the blower’s operating time, so you can finish your duties without being concerned about the battery dying.

The battery features cutting-edge lithium-ion technology, which offers a longer lifespan, quicker charging times, and consistent performance. As you can check this feature, it is a great option for people who like using ecologically friendly technology, as lithium-ion batteries have a lesser environmental effect than conventional batteries.

– Lightweight and Ergonomic Design

The LSW60C is lightweight, making it simple to maneuver and use for extended periods without tiring. This is especially crucial when working in bigger yards or running the blower for lengthy durations, as it ensures you stay energized after a long and hard day of work.Ergonomic Design of Black Decker Blower

With a weight of only 9.7 lbs, the PowerBoost LSW60C is likewise incredibly lightweight. This makes it simple to maneuver and use for prolonged periods without becoming tired. The blower’s modest size makes it simple to store in confined locations when not in use.

This cordless blower is a relatively simple machine to maintain. The blower includes an easily removable washable bowl and filter that can be cleaned with soap and water. In addition, you must also remember that the LSW60C’s handle is ergonomically built, giving a pleasant grip that lessens strain on the hand and wrist, and it won’t get you tired in the long run, and you won’t be worried about the task or how to accomplish it.

In short, this allows you to hold and operate the blower for longer periods without pain. Overall, the Black+Decker PowerBoost LSW60C is an excellent choice for gardeners who are searching for a lightweight and ergonomic blower that can perform a wide range of activities.

– Low Noise Design

The Black+Decker PowerBoost LSW60C blower has a low-noise design to let you operate it more quietly. When measured from 50 feet away, the noise level of the LSW60C Powerboost blower is 65 dB. This is accomplished through a specialized fan design and decreased motor noise, allowing you to run the blower without making too much noise.

The PowerBoost LSW60C’s low-noise design makes it ideal for homeowners who live in residential areas or places with noise restrictions because it does not annoy the neighbors or generate noise pollution in the locality.


– Variable Speed Control

The variable speed control function of the Black + Decker PowerBoost LSW60C blower allows you to change the speed of the blower to your needs. This function is beneficial since it provides you more control over the volume of air blown, allowing you to modify the blower’s speed to meet the work at hand.Black Decker PowerBoost LSW60C Speed

The variable speed control features also help in battery conservation by allowing you to utilize only the amount of power required for the work at hand. It is perfect for landscapers and gardeners since it allows them to modify the airspeed to meet the demands of various landscapes or gardens.


In a world where noise pollution is a rising issue, the Black + Decker Powerboost LSW60C stands out as a remarkable example of innovation. With its low noise level, this blower is a breath of fresh air for anybody who wishes to maintain their yards without disturbing the serenity of their neighborhood.

The PowerBoost LSW60C is not only silent, but also lightweight and simple to operate, making it a top pick for anybody searching for a quiet, effective, and eco-friendly solution to keep their yards looking fantastic. So hurry up and get your hands on it now!

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