Black Mondo Grass companion plants are usually cultivated around the world for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of gardens or the backyard.

Black Mondo Grass and its Perfect Pairings

The Black Mondo Grass which also goes by the name Black Lilyturf or even the ophiopogon planiscapus ‘nigrescens’ has a variety of companion plants that can be cultivated easily. If you are looking for such plants then you have arrived at the right place.

You can find all the details about the Black Mondo Grass partner plants below.

List of Black Mondo Grass Companion Plants

1. Dwarf Lilyturf 

Dwarf lilyturf is also known as the Ophiopogon Japonicus, and it is a beautiful evergreen ground cover that works well as a companion plant with black mondo grass. It has magnificent lavender flowers in late summer that turn into fascinating berries or seeds by fall and are good for animals. It requires less care because of its resilience to disease and pests.

Low Maintenance Dwarf Lilyturf

– Growth Requirements

It should be grown in full sun or part shade, however when it comes to the irrigation requirements, make sure that you would water it moderately once a whole as to keeping the soil slightly dry for best results.

– Features

This Liliaceae dwarf has slender strappy leaves that are typically variegated with white stripes or edges, giving it a distinct appearance. What is special about this grass is that when it receives the simplest requirements, it will establish itself, and would be able to grow up to six inches tall. 

2. Mediterranean Cypress

Because both are low-growing evergreen conifers, the Mediterranean Cypress is an excellent companion plant for Black Mondo Grass. Its erect columnar structure perfectly compliments the luscious dark green of the Black Mondo Grass. Furthermore, the Mediterranean Cypress takes minimal maintenance, but the Black Mondo Grass serves as an efficient groundcover with a year-round show.

The Majestic Mediterranean Cypress

– Growth Requirements

When you are keeping this plant, make sure to keep in mind how it is a drought-tolerant plant which means you don’t have to water it every time, except for every week to ten days period. In addition to this, it would also prefer to be under full sun and should be planted in well-draining soil, so that water doesn’t accumulate at the bottom and cause weakness in the roots.

– Features

Its dark green leaves are linear, stained brown towards the base of the foliage, and slightly overlap along the branch. When it establishes itself, it is able to grow and become as tall as 115 feet tall, on another note, when it is kept in a healthy manner, this tree can live more than a hundred years. 

3. Creeping Jenny

Creeping Jenny is a great plant to cultivate alongside black mondo grass if you want to take proper mondo grass care easily. It grows in the hardiness zones four to nine. Its chartreuse or lime foliage offers ground cover and contrasts with the dark purple-black leaves of this grass.

The Vibrant Creeping Jenny

– Growth Requirements

in order to have a creeping Jenny plant growing and thriving, you must remember that it is ideal to maintain it in full sun or light shade of sun, on another note. Also keep in mind that it needs to be in a with well-drained soil, where water will not be left at the bottom. Lastly, you must water it frequently as it likes to be in a moist soil. 

– Features

It is an evergreen perennial groundcover plant with brilliant green, lobed, spherical leaves and vine-like branches that trail across the ground. On the other hand, it also has little yellow flowers that would bloom in spring season.

4. Coral Bells

Coral bells are an excellent companion plants regarding the mondo grass in gardens and landscapes. These perennials offer a lovely contrast in color and texture. You can plant black mondo with coral bells as a companion plant to increase the aesthetic appeal of your garden.

Colorful Coral Bells Garden Favorite

– Growth Requirments

These beautiful flowers can take some shade, but prefer full sun to partial shade to fully bloom. On the other hand, their soil plays an important role in their blooming, because it has to be between 6.0 to 7.0 in terms of its acidity, and it should also be a a moist one that is also well draining. When it comes to fertilizing needs a water soluble one.

– Featurees

This adaptable plant features lovely lobed leaves in colors ranging from dark green to purple-bronze, as well as delicate panicles of white, pink, or red bell-shaped flowers. Furthermore, the shifting colors of Coral Bells give a burst of visual intrigue.

5. Blue Fescue

In landscape design, blue fescue contrasts well with the black grass. Blue fescue is an attractive grass that grows about one foot tall and three feet wide with wispy blue-green leaves that forms delicate, airy mounds in a garden or landscape setting. 

Blue Fescue A Unique Grass

– Growth Requirements

This drought-tolerant grass enjoys full sun and soils with adequate drainage, although it may endure half-shade if required. Note that once established, it is a low-maintenance plant that requires minimal supplementary water.

– Features

The narrow leaves are powdered blue-grey, making them an excellent choice for creating a subtle contrast in beds or borders. It is one of the most eye-catchy plant because of the spikes that it has which would add a significant eccentric touch to your garden along the black grass. 

6. Japanese Sweet Flag

To enhance the beauty of your backyard, you can grow black mondo with Japanese sweet flag as a companion. The aromatic subterranean stems known as rhizomes, which are found just under the soil’s surface, emanate a delicate yet delicious perfume. 

A Versatile Water Garden Plant

– Growth Requirements

This semi-evergreen perennial can tolerate standing water and periodic floods in a variety of soils with sufficient drainage. Make sure that it would be under six to eight hours of sunlight every day, and that the soil that it is in would be humid but of course not soggy. 

– Features

When mature, its brilliant green leaves spread up to one foot wide and reach a height of a few inches more than a foot. On the other hand, this grass is particularly useful for preventing soil erosion and establishing natural homes for birds and other animals.

7. Plantain Lily

The plantain lily is an excellent partner for black mondo or Ophiopogon Planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’ and is frequently used to accent, contrast, and punctuate a rock garden bed. Plantain lily’s white blossoms define mondo grass by providing an equally striped look, attracting bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.

The Elegant Plantain Lily

– Growth Requirements

Its lush deep green foliage on strappy leaves creates an eye-catching focal point that can withstand harsh weather conditions with exceptional strength and durability.On another note, remember that they would in full or partial shades of sunlight, as they have to be placed in moist soil that is also well-draining. 

– Features

It thrives in areas with dappled shade throughout the day and well-draining soil ranging from acidic to neutral. In addition, when it matures up, it can reach one to three inches tall, also it has beautiful little white flowers that would bloom in spring and fill the place with their fragrance. 

8. Wood Fern

The wood fern or dryopteris is a lovely plant to grow with the mondo grass if you require to take plant care easily. Its vivid green colors beautifully pointed fronds, and air-purifying properties all lead to the creation of an outdoor environment teeming with animal life that may be enjoyed year-round in most climes.

The Wood Fern A Classic Shade Plant

– Growth Requirements

It is a hardy plant that may grow in partial to full shade and prefers wet but well-draining soil. This dependable species can survive even in partially shaded regions and has excellent water retention qualities.

– Features

Its distinctive fronds may grow to be two feet tall, are lance-shaped, and feature little circular segments with an overall uniform appearance. This deciduous tree has beautiful stipes that would add vibrancy in addition to its thick and dark foliage. 

9. Hard Fern

Because of its similar form and texture, as well as its capacity to grow indoors and outdoors, the hard fern or blechnum is a perfect companion plant for this beautiful black grass. Both plants’ thin, dark green foliage offers a delicate air to a garden bed or container planting, while the spreading structure of the black mondo grass serves to enhance the hard fern’s subtle uprightness.

Garden Staple of Hardy Hard Fern

– Growth Requirements

It loves wet soil with adequate drainage and thrives in partial sunshine. Meaning if you place it in a shaded area, and keep it humidt, that is when you will see it thriv. 

– Features

Its fronds are leathery, glossy, and bright green, and can grow to be two feet long, as for its spreading, it can also grow from 17 to 35 inches in its width as it spreads, however, its height would be able to reach 17 to 23 inches.

10. Snow-in-Summer 

Snow-in-Summer, also known as cerastium tomentosum, is an excellent partner plant for black mondo grass. Its silver leaf creates a lovely contrast with its neighbor’s black leaves. This hardy perennial produces white star-shaped flowers that arrive in late spring and provide beauty to the yard.

Unique Plant in a Garden

– Growth Requirements

It thrives in full sun, but may take little shade, and loves well-drained soil rich in organic matter. In addition, remember that you should water it a few inches every now and then when it feels dry. 

– Features

The brilliant green ovate leaves of this plant have a fuzzy, velvety texture due to the fine white hairs that cover them. They are prone to add a beautiful feel and a cozy ambiance to your garden, especially if you pair it with the black grass, 


Now that you know all the details about the black mondo grass companion plants let’s have a look at some of these plants’ benefits at a glance:

  • Mediterranean cypress possesses excellent medicinal properties aside from being an ornamental plant that you can grow with the black grass.
  • If you are willing to improve the soil quality of your garden that contains the black mondo grass then the Japanese sweet flag is the plant you desire.
  • For growing a plant both indoors and outdoors the hard fern is an excellent choice although you have to grow it outdoors if you want to be the partner of nondo grass.

We hope now will be able to easily pick a plant that you can cultivate alongside your black grass.

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