Black mulch landscaping ideas include how you can use black mulch in your landscape design. It is a nice change of color, as we may get bored seeing green and brown in every element of our backyards.

23 Best Black Mulch Landscaping Ideas

These ideas are going to give your space a complete and modern look. We have accumulated ideas to help you achieve your dream backyard using dark-hued mulch. To learn more, please continue reading about the ideas and how to incorporate them.

23 Best Black Mulch Landscaping Ideas

1. Create Some Depth

Interestingly, the dark-colored mulch will make it seem like the garden bed is far deeper than its actual depth. The mulch must be placed as thick as two to three inches above the ground level.

Create Some Depth

It is going to add dimension to your garden, too. Place bricks around your garden area to give it an even and finished look. This also makes sure the mulch is not going to spread everywhere.

2. Use It With Other Mulch Colors

Black mulch can be mixed with mulches of any other color if you want to lighten it up a bit.

Use It With Other Mulch Colors

Mix the dark-color mulch with others to create the perfect deep brown mulch and the picture-perfect shade. Natural-looking, light rocks on the borders of the bed create the perfect contrast.

3. Add Texture to Your Plain Spaces

Do not follow the usual trends that have been overdone time and again. Go for a more unique, rougher look that stands out. Mixing fir and redwood gives you an unusual, aesthetically pleasant mulch unlike you have ever seen. What might be something that no one else ever thought of could be the reason you benefit the most. 

Add Texture to Your Plain Spaces

Use this customized mulch for informal planting. The chips are going to give the same aesthetic effect as gravel. Your flower beds will bloom and thrive under this much-desirable spotlight.

4. Make Your Small Flowers More Prominent

Small flowers, irrespective of the color, often get neglected and do not get the attention they deserve. Use a dark-color rock mulch as a ground cover to make it display in a more beautiful way and enhance their presence even more. 

Make Your Small Flowers More Prominent

Mount the black mulch around the plants and taper it at the corners of your garden bed to give them a heightened look. The mulch’s black hues will nicely compliment every color, especially white.

5. Wood Chip Black Mulch for Your Small Plants

Mix wood chips in your mulch to create the perfect blackish-brown mulch. The woodchips do not overpower the black mulch while creating the perfect base for your small and low-maintenance plants.

Wood Chip Black Mulch for Your Small Plants

The plants do not have to be spread all over the mulch. Create evenly-spaced rows with four or five plants in each. Add a few shrubs at the borders of the plain. This way, your mulch will be more prominent and have a new landscape design. 

6. Beneficial for Every Type Of Plant

When plants get the nutrients they need, they tend to grow better and be healthier than plants lacking the necessary nutrients. A half-starved plant does not give a very nice look to the place, nor will it function properly. 

Beneficial for Every Type Of Plant

That is why providing your plants with the best quality mulch will get the best out of your plants so that your plants stay happy and healthy, you get a natural aesthetic look in your home, and you are also contributing to the environment.

Use wood chips in mulch to achieve this idea. It can be used for every type of plant, like succulents, flowers, etc.

7. Crushed Mulch for Formal Gardens

Dark colors add visual interest to your landscapes. The sight of the dark-hued mulch with green and colorful plants creates a mesmerizing landscape feature. A finer form of mulch can be created by crushing the mulch a couple of times.

Crushed Mulch for Formal Gardens

Textured, crushed mulch is going to look your garden a formal look. You can add accent pieces like colored pots, water features, etc., to make the entire look more appealing.

8. Add Contrast to Your Garden Walkway

Walkways give the landscape an organized look by connecting two ends of the garden. They give a feeling of relaxation after a long tiring day at work. The type of material you use determines the aesthetic and role of your walkway.

Add Contrast to Your Garden Walkway

Use dark mulch to contrast and give homey vibes to your river rock garden walkway. The dark-color mulch will absorb access water from the rains and create an overall cool atmosphere. It goes very well with light color stones and gives a color break from the usual colors seen in gardens.

9. Use Rubber Mulch for Your Front Door Entrance

Black rubber mulch landscaping at your front entrance is easy to pull off. You only need rubber mulch and a few rocks to create an eye-catching design. 

Use Rubber Mulch for Your Front Door Entrance

You can play with the design however you want. The mulch will add a pop to your dull front-door plants. Use rocks in a controlled manner so as not to overshadow your mulch landscape. You can also add a mulch of any other color, like red mulch, to create a beautiful contrast with the black

10. Add Mulch to Your Potted Plants

In a hot climate and weather, it is very difficult for plants to regulate their temperature and keep their water levels at an optimum level. Mulch helps ensure that their necessary water content is maintained and that soil temperature is regulated properly.

Add Mulch to Your Potted Plants

You can also give your plant a new makeover by adding pebbles to make it look more beautiful. Also, to give your plant an extra boost, you can mix the mulch with straw mulch, which will be even more effective at keeping your plant happy and healthy!

11. Make Your French Drains Look Like Never Before 

Use the mulch as a ground cover for your French drains.

Make Your French Drains Look Like Never Before

This beautiful landscape design can be further enhanced by planting colorful flower plants and using rocks to give the illusion of a river bed, starting from your drain to the nearest landscape border. 

12. Use It To Retain Water

Mulch has water-retaining properties that help to lock moisture in and reduce the number of times you have to water the plants.

Use It To Retain Water

Add it near your French drains to help slow run-off during heavy rains.

13. Create Borders Around Your Planters

Use white gravel to create a boundary and dark mulch as the ground spreads around your planters. This is a fun DIY project to involve your kids.

Create Borders Around Your Planters

The borders are going to make your planters more prominent. The contrast of green, black and white is a sure way of grabbing everyone’s attention.

14. Create Unique Designs

It is not necessary to use black mulch on its own.

Create Unique Designs

You can always mix things up and create different designs with the help of white rocks like the one shown in the link given above.

15. Make Your Driveway Black

Revamp your ordinary-looking driveway with black mulch. This idea does not require much effort; give your driveway a sleek and uncluttered look by just covering the already present hard surface with it. 

Make Your Driveway Black

If you have a fussy neighbor who refuses to mow his side of the lawn, use black mulch to create a border between the two houses. This backyard landscaping will relieve you from having to mow their side of the lawn as well.

16. Use It as a Base for Your Garden Bridge

A landscape design that is going to make heads turn.

Use It as a Base for Your Garden Bridge

Use dark mulch instead of water as a base for your garden bridge. You can even add plants for color. 

17. A Perfect Addition to Nature-inspired Gardens

Zen gardens are a favorite among people who prefer to keep things organized and compact.

A Perfect Addition to Nature-inspired Gardens

As dark colors create a sense of compactness, it is a great way to add dark color mulch to your backyard landscape ideas.

18. Add It to Your Kid’s Play Area

Mix wood chips with black mulch to create wood mulch. Use it as a cover surface cover for your kid’s play area.

Add It to Your Kid’s Play Area

You will see your children getting fewer injuries from tripping or falling off the swings because the mix of the two mulches provides a good cushioning effect and does not gather around the swings as most soils do.

19. Upgrade Your Backyard Area

Revamp your backyard space by replacing grass with mulch. You do not have to clean up the mess of your grass clippings anymore!

Upgrade Your Backyard Area

Add light-colored furniture pieces to your backyard, like the ones shown in the link above, to achieve the white-to-black ratio yard landscaping ideas. Add hanging lights, or even ordinary bulbs, for extra attractiveness.

20. Brown Pathways

Create the atmosphere of parks in the comfort of your home. Use bark and dark-hued mulch for decorative purposes like creating a bridge with brown mulch.

Brown Pathways

Use big rocks on either side of the walkway for a finished look. The pathway can be as small or long as you want; the center of attention will be the color mulch.

21. Little Details Matter

Dark color mulch does not refer to black color only. A similar dark color mulch, like hemlock mulch, can also be used. This kind of mulch is an accent for your plants and vegetation areas.

Little Details Matter

It can be used in a fine or coarsely grounded form, but no matter what the form is, the benefits of both forms are the same: it retains water, provides the plants with the essential nutrients, keeps the weeds down, and has a longer life span as compared to regular soils.

22. Add Brown to Black

While thinking of stepping stones, the first color that pops into our mind is white or a similar neutral color. Wouldn’t it be a nice change if the stepping stones were dark?

Add Brown to Black

The image above shows brown stepping stones on dark mulch. Together both colors form a modern combination. Implement the idea in your yards and see the transformation for yourself.

23. A White Section Between Two Black Sections

Use dark mulch on both sides of your white entrance to your home. The design looks aesthetically pleasing and gives your place an elegant and modern look.

A White Section Between Two Black Sections

This idea is unique, as you might not have seen it elsewhere. People hardly experiment with ideas like this one. It gives you the edge of being the first one to use it. Before you know it, you will be seeing this idea everywhere.


We have compiled some of the best ideas you can use in your backyard and front yards to give them a different look. The ideas chosen do not generally require you to purchase anything new except for the mulch.

Amaze your guests with your DIY projects that otherwise would have cost you tons. Don’t get overwhelmed by the number of online options; hopefully, our guide is all you need.

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