Using Black+Decker hh2455 Hedge TrimmerIn this review, you’ll learn about the Black+Decker hh2455 corded-electric hedge trimmer and what it can do for the hedges and shrubs in your garden. We’ll cover all the specs and details on this yard tool so you can decide if it’s what you need for your landscape.

If you’re tired of keeping your yard under control using a pair of hand-held pruning shears, this Black and Decker 24-inch hedge trimmer might be the alternative you want. Read on to discover all the facts about this tool and how it works.  

Black and Decker hh2455 Pros and Cons

Black+Decker hh2455 Key Criteria
Blade Length
40% less vibration than single-action Black and Decker blades
Cuts branches up to 3/4 inch thick
Innovative inline electric motor design
180-degree rotating rear handle
Requires an extension cord (not included)
Limited lifespan

Product Highlights

This Black and Decker corded hedge trimmer has premium features to make garden clean-up easier, like the 180º pivoting rear handle, motor brake, and a trigger lock mechanism to keep the blades moving without holding down the trigger pad. This device is also light and has an extended reach for keeping large plants trimmed and tidy-looking.  

  •  6-1/2-pound weight
  • Powerful 3.3 amp inline motor
  •  24-inch cutting blade
  •  Cuts up to ¾-inch diameter branches 
  •  Full-pivot rear handle for maximum comfort and precision 

Black+Decker hh2455 Review

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If you are looking for a garden tool for keeping hedges in shape, pruning out stands of tree saplings, and chopping away bramble tickets, this 24-inch electric hedge trimmer is worth considering. It uses a 3.3 amp electric motor with an innovative inline design to drive the dual-action cutting blades, which can rip through up to ¾-inch diameter branches. 

The power source is an outdoor-rated extension cord that you must provide and plug into a standard 120-volt outlet. It’s crucial to use a line gauge rated to match the motor amperage and the length of the cord you’re using, or the tool will struggle to get the power it needs, and the motor can be damaged. Also, longer cables need thicker gauge wire to provide sufficient power to the motor.

Corded electric yard tools like this one have the advantage of being lighter in weight than a battery or gas-powered model with similar cutting power. However, that is without considering the weight of the extension cord, and long cords can be challenging to drag around as you move to different parts of the yard and hold the tool to cut at high up.  

Nonetheless, this corded trimmer has an extended reach with its 24-inch long blade, making it especially useful for trimming the tops of wide hedgerows and shrubs. The rotating rear handle assists you in cutting through vertical and horizontal surfaces, and it’s beneficial when sculpting foliage because it significantly reduces stress on the hands, wrists, and arms while allowing for a precision cut. 

The tool’s body is light and well-balanced, and the front handgrip is padded for extra comfort. The front handle also wraps around the tool’s body, providing a maximum area for gripping and controlling the device in multiple positions and angles as you move around. However, using this tool requires staying mindful of the extension cord, as it can be easy to cut or nick it while working. 

While this tool does a reasonably good job of trimming softer branches up to ¾-inch thick, it can struggle if the vegetation is dead or especially tough. It’s better to cut slowly if the motor starts to bog down or use hand-held pruning shears or a saw for cutting the largest branches. Ultimately, this tool is not designed for really rugged use, and overworking it can quickly damage the motor and blade.

Oiling the blade before each use and when working continuously for over an hour helps keep the edges sharp and prevents them from binding on plant residues and seizing up. If the motor begins to struggle, emits an odor, or sounds strained, stop work and let the device cool off before resuming work. 

If you hit a rock or wire fence and damage the blade, you can remove it for replacement. You can also sharpen the individual cutting edges while the blade is attached to the tool. First, unplug the device, and then use a flat-file to restore a sharp edge to each tooth. Wear heavy gloves so as not to cut yourself on the sharp blade tips.

If sharpening the tool by hand is too tedious, you can take it to a small tool repair shop and get it professionally sharpened for a modest cost. 

This trimmer’s overall construction and price point, along with buyer comments, indicates that this tool is built to last for several seasons with moderate use. A minority of buyers report having problems with the device while it was still under warranty. It’s essential to remember that this is not a commercial-grade tool or one suitable for frequent, extended use or the most challenging cutting conditions. 

Unfortunately, the trimmer does not come with a blade sheath, but it has a notch in the back for hanging on a nail or screw to keep it stored and out of the way. Additionally, a cord-lock notch is at the tool’s base prevents the extension cord from accidentally getting disconnected.

Overall, this tool has the most value for people with moderate amounts of trimming to do a couple of times per season. It has enough power for average residential clean-up projects but is not suited for more heavy-duty uses. 


Black & Decker hh2455 Main Product Features

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– Cutting Blade

Black and Decker say the blade on this trimmer reduces vibration by up to 40 percent over their single-action blade trimmers. Lower vibration is a significant advantage if you’re working for long periods as vibration can wear you out fast.

The blade also features a trigger lock mechanism, so you can get it running and lock the power on without needing to hold down the on switch. This feature also considerably reduces stress when working for a long time. However, using the trigger lock can be dangerous because if you lose control of the tool, the blades do not stop moving until you release the locking mechanism. 

Another advanced feature on this trimmer is the motor brake which instantly stops the movement of the blades as soon as you release the trigger or locking mechanism. This safety feature helps prevent accidental cuts when you move from one area to another.  

– Power Source

Plug this tool into a 120-volt power outlet to get electricity to the electric motor. The power cord for this electric trimmer is an item you must buy separately, and it requires an outdoor-rated cable of the correct gauge to match the length of the line and the rating of the motor. 

Corded tools are advantageous because you never have to replace expensive batteries or store and pour hazardous and smelly gasoline to use the device. However, the downside is that long extension cords are heavy, and dragging one around and winding it up can be a chore. If the weight and hassle of a long extension cord are more than you want to deal with, a battery-powered trimmer might be a better option. 

 – Size, Weight, and Ergonomics 

The overall dimensions of this tool are 45.1 inches long, 7.3-inches wide, and 6.2-inches high. The weight is 6.9 pounds. This compact size and lightweight tool benefit anyone who doesn’t want cutting the hedge to be a major workout session.  

The ergonomic features of this trimmer include:

  • The amply padded soft-grip handle.
  • Low weight.
  • Full-bale front grip.
  • The rotation of the rear handle.

In addition, the trigger lock prevents accidental startup of the device for more excellent safety and a lock-on selection for extended use without needing to hold down the trigger pad. 


The warranty offered on this product is comparable to warranties on many similar power yard tools. Black and Decker guarantees the materials and manufacture of this product for two years.

If the product is defective, you can return it to the place you bought it, as long as the business is a participating retailer and you show proof of purchase. You can also get repair or replacement services directly at a Black and Decker authorized service center. 



Do I need to oil Black+Decker hh2455 hedge trimmer blades?

It is recommended to oil the blades of the Black+Decker HH2455 hedge trimmer for optimal performance and maintenance.

What is the best tool to sharpen Black+Decker hh2455 trimmer?

The best tool to sharpen the Black+Decker HH2455 trimmer is a suitable hedge trimmer sharpening stone or file.

Why won’t my Black+Decker hh2455 trimmer blade cut after sharpening?

If the blade of your Black+Decker HH2455 trimmer won’t cut after sharpening, it may indicate an improper sharpening technique or a need for further adjustment.


Man with blackdecker hh hedge trimmer

This Black+Decker hh2455 corded hedge trimmer is helpful for occasional cutting of hedges and shrubs with up to ¾-inch diameter branches, but it is not built for commercial or frequent use. It is a reasonably powerful trimmer for the price. However, it is not likely to have a lifespan longer than a few seasons. 

Buyers who can benefit most from investing in this yard tool have small gardens and limited amounts of seasonal trimming to do who want a fume-free, no-battery solution for keeping up with yard maintenance. 

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