The Black+Decker lht2436 rechargeable hedge trimmer is a garden tool worth considering if you have multiple hedges and shrubs growing around your property.

Product Review of Black Decker lht2436 Trimmer

This battery-powered trimmer holds a long-running battery charge for tackling medium-duty yard maintenance chores and routine hedge clean-up.

In this review, we’ll look closely at all the specs, functions, and ergonomics of this battery yard equipment and tell you our opinion on its value and usefulness for landscape maintenance. Then you can decide if you want this trimmer among your collection of power tools for the garden.

Black and Decker lht2436 Pros and Cons

Black+Decker lht2436 Key Criteria
Blade Length
40-volt lithium-ion battery and charger included
24-inch dual-action blade
Long battery runtime
Low weight
Handle not adjustable
Blade length and tool weight might be too much for some users

Black & Decker lht2436 Product Highlights

Here are the essential highlights of this product are:

Inside the box, you find a 40v hedge trimmer model LHT2436, one 40-volt lithium-ion battery, one 40-volt fast charger, and an instruction manual. The tool has:

  • Quick battery recharge time
  • 24-inch long blade with dual-action cutting shears
  • Batteries interchangeable with other 40-volt Black and Decker power tools
  • Wrap, padded front handle for maximum maneuverability
  • Hardened steel cutting blade can be sharpened or replaced.

Black+Decker lht2436 Review

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A battery-powered cordless hedge trimmer gives you the flexibility of cutting hedges and shrubs out of reach of an extension cord and without the noise, fumes, and maintenance hassles of a gas-powered trimmer. This Black and Decker rechargeable hedge trimmer has plenty of power for rapidly shaping hedges and shrubs, and it is also light and easy to use for most people.

The 40-volt rechargeable lithium-ion battery has a long runtime per charge, although the exact runtime depends on how you use the tool. Cutting dense foliage runs down the battery faster. However, in most cases, runtime averages around 20 to 30 minutes.

A proprietary POWERDRIVE transmission inside the unit increases the cutting power of this tool to well beyond what previous Black and Decker trimmers can do. This trimmer easily handles branches up to ¾ of an inch in diameter, reducing how long it takes to get the job done.

Another significant advantage of this battery-powered tool is the interchangeability of the battery with a variety of other 40-volt Black and Decker power tools, including chainsaws, string trimmers, and walk-behind lawnmowers.

If you own or plan on investing in other battery-powered equipment in the Black and Decker 40-volt battery series, you can buy some of the tools as BareTools without batteries or chargers and save money by swapping battery packs between the devices.

The 24-inch cutting blade on this trimmer is dual-action, meaning there are two cutting surfaces on each of the blade’s teeth. These surfaces glide past each other, producing a smooth and even cut. The blades need a small amount of lubrication and cleaning to stay in top operational condition, but that is about the only maintenance this tool needs besides recharging and caring for the batteries.

The trimmer is compact and only weighs 6.9 pounds with the battery installed, which is low, but it is not the lowest out there for hedge trimmers. For example, the Black and Decker ht20 corded blower weighs over a pound less, although it also has a blade that is four inches shorter than this one.

At the front of the trimmer, a D-shaped handle allows you to easily hold the tool in position to cut the side of a hedge vertically. The padded handles reduce vibration, and the angle of the front handle gives you a solid grip and maximum reach as you trim in hard-to-reach spots.

In addition, a plastic shield at the base of the blade protects your hand from branches, twigs, and thorns as you cut. However, the rear handle does not swivel as it does on some premium trimmers, limiting the tool’s flexibility somewhat. A rotating rear handle is one advantage of other more heavy-duty hedge trimmers like the Black and Decker Model HH2455.

The Black+Decker lht2436 trimmer comes with one 40-volt battery, a charger, and an instruction manual. The manual contains crucial information on safety, operation, care, and the warranty. Following the instructions in the manual can result in the best performance and most extended lifespan of this tool.

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The Black+Decker lht2436 battery-powered hedge trimmer is a reliable tool for medium-duty hedge and shrub trimming work in residential settings. It has the advantages of portability, low weight, and battery compatibility with many other Black and Decker 40-volt battery-powered tools.

Black and Decker Hedge Trimmer Main Product Features

– Blade and Cutting Action

The long, 24-inch cutting blade gives you an extended reach for trimming the center of large hedges without needing to overreach and speeds up how long it takes to cut a given area. The blades are constructed with durable, rust-free steel that keeps them sharp for a long time.

Black and Decker Hedge Trimmer Main Product Features

However, if they get dull or chipped, you can use a file, sharpening stone, or a Dremel tool to touch up the cutting surfaces. Small engine repair shops can also often sharpen blades on trimmers. The blade comes off in case you need to replace it.

The Black and Decker patented POWERDRIVE transmission inside the cutting head delivers significantly more power from the motor to the blade, letting you trim larger branches faster without stalling the motor. Black and Decker reports that the cutting power on this device is twice that of the Black and Decker NHT524.

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In addition, the cutting blades oscillate at 2,400 strokes per minute, leaving behind a clean and smooth cut that will reinvigorate the plants and leave your yard looking fantastic.

Black and Decker also report that the blade and motor installed in this tool provide up to 40 percent less vibration in the handles than their earlier trimmer models.

Blade quality and cutting power are at the heart of what makes a trimmer an excellent or average tool. This trimmer uses a high-quality, durable blade that is advantageous for challenging but occasional hedge trimming jobs and regular light clean-up of shrubs and hedges.

– Batteries and Electric Power

The 40-volt lithium-ion battery holds a working charge longer than other battery types, and it also holds a charge longer in storage and recharges faster than other battery types. Batteries that maintain their charge in storage are an advantage if you want to have a trimmer that’s ready to go without waiting for a battery to recharge.

Charching Battery with Fast Charger

The Black and Decker fast charger that comes with this unit recharges a battery in about one hour. A fully charged battery can cut an average of 6,000 square feet of hedge surface and runs approximately half an hour, depending on how hard the motor works.

An indicator light on the battery shows you how much charge is left. This handy feature helps prevent running out of power at an inconvenient moment and lets you plan to recharge or swap the battery with a fresh one. In addition, lithium-ion batteries keep their charge for a long time once you take them out of the charger, so you can store up power and have it ready later when you need it.

– Weight and Dimensions

This hedge trimmer weighs a slim 6.9 pounds with a battery installed, making it light and easy to handle for most people. However, more lightweight trimmers are available, like the Black and Decker ht20 corded hedge trimmer, which weighs over a pound less.

The overall dimensions of this trimmer are 39 inches long by 7.7 inches wide and 7.5 inches high, making it compact and easy to maneuver in the garden and convenient to store in the garage or a closet.

This trimmer’s compact size and low weight make it a practical tool for homeowners with lots of hedges and shrubs to trim who want to get the task done with as little effort and hassle as possible.

– Ergonomics

The wrapped front handle lets you easily hold the trimmer on its side while cutting up and down on the vertical face of a hedge or contouring a bush. It also comes in handy for steadying the tool as you reach over the top of plants, keeping you in control of the cutting blade at all times.

A Battery Powered Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Earlier, Black and Decker trimmers had triggers operated with one finger. This tool has a trigger lock/trigger that’s wide and padded, and you hold it down with four fingers by pulling it upward under the back handle. This arrangement is much more comfortable and less strenuous on your hand and fingers than the earlier design. In addition, a solid coating of dense padding on both handles minimizes vibration transfer from the motor and blades.

– Warranty

The warranty period for this hedge trimmer is three years for residential customers. However, registering the product online within 30 days of purchase is vital for receiving prompt repair or replacement service.

Some customers report problems with getting warranty service from Black and Decker for this problem. However, others say the warranty was honored without problem when they used it. In addition, the warranty may not cover all types of repairs, and some products might have separate warranty periods for batteries than the tools.

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Checking the warranty at the company website or in the warranty paperwork at the time of purchase is the most reliable way to know what is covered for what period. In addition, registering the warranty shortly after the purchase is essential for problem-free service requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the maximum cutting capacity of the LHT2436 hedge trimmer?

The LHT2436 hedge trimmer has a cutting capacity of up to 3/4 inches, making it suitable for trimming small to medium-sized hedges with ease.

2. Is the Black+Decker LHT2436 easy to maneuver?

Yes, the Black+Decker LHT2436 is designed to be easy to maneuver for efficient hedge trimming.

3. Can the blade on the LHT2436 hedge trimmer be sharpened?

Yes, the blade on the LHT2436 hedge trimmer can be sharpened with a standard blade sharpener for hedge trimmers.

Our Conclusion on the Black+Decker lht2436

The Black & Decker lht2436 hedge trimmer is a medium-duty, battery-operated hedge trimmer that is low weight, powerful, and simple to use. It is designed for occasional residential use on twigs and branches up to three-fourth inches in diameter.

Homeowners with lots of mature hedges and shrubs to trim will appreciate the power, portability, and user-friendly operation of this rugged garden maintenance tool. You will find that it has the edge over tools of lesser quality.

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