Cabana ideas for backyard not only add to the aesthetic appeal of your backyard but also provide you with a variety of possibilities for making use of the area that is located next to your backyard pool.

20 Cabana Ideas For Backyard

However, there are a lot of options to select from, to make things easier, we have compiled a list of some truly incredible pool cabana ideas to help you design the area surrounding your backyard swimming pool. Let’s take a look at the suggestions down below.

List of Cabana Ideas for Backyard

1. Guest House

It is a more difficult process to construct a cabana that can also function as a guest house, and you will probably need additional permissions because you’ll be installing plumbing and electricity to it.

Guest House

– Benefits

This is a terrific method to have a structure that serves two purposes, on the one hand, it may serve as an everyday changing place, and on the other hand, it can serve as a quaint cabin when you’re hosting overnight guests.

It is quite beneficial if you wish to have someone to come over and to stay as you would provide the ultimate space for them and respect their privacy at the same time. In addition, you can have the option of also installing some restroom space, or even relaxing space around the guest house.

Moreover, as you have set this guest house, you can style the interior in a modern way, and now, you won’t hesitate to have a friend living abroad to come and visit you.

2. English Garden Style

An outdoor pool house that features latticework and a trellis on each side might make for an excellent cabana in the manner of an English garden.

English Garden Style

– Features

This style will look great when paired with conventional swimming pools and landscapes, as well as buildings that trend toward traditional or cottage architecture. As you have set this exterior, you may also wish to consider adding a birdbath that is made of concrete, because this would be more engaging and add life to your cabana.

– Design Ideas

When they are not lazing around in the pool, your guests will appreciate the chairs that you provide for them. You can improve the appearance of the garden by growing vine roses or wisteria in it.

Furthermore, you may also wish to consider the flowers to be planted in the colors of that they would bloom in, whether you wish to make them all in one color or multiple ones. You man also consider planting the ones that would best thrive in the area that you are located in.

3. Outdoor Kitchen

You may make a beautiful room that serves several purposes by constructing a cabana next to a swimming pool and furnishing it with a dining table and an outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen

– Design Ideas

As you would be doing so, you will be able to grab a beverage from the refrigerator and relax, or you will be able to prepare an entire meal while conversing with your visitors because of this.

However, you need to make sure that your outdoor dining area has a clear view of the pool so that you can enjoy being there.

You can choose any texture, or any color of the exterior, such as wood of darker color or lighter ones. You may also invest in a brick-textured kitchen to be made, where you might even go further and build a fire-stone oven that would be a great experience in summer time.

4. Privacy-focused

If you like, you can have a cabana in your outdoor living spaces that are open to the air but yet provides a lot of seclusion for you and your guests.

Privacy Focused

– Features

You just need to install some horizontal shutters, and they will allow air to circulate through the room while obstructing the view of your neighbors into your private property. This would feature some wooden textured ambiance, that may be completely opaque or even slightly translucent.

In order to make your cabana and pool area look more exquisite, you should coordinate the color of the shutters with the overall interior design, you can add the variety of your choice of both material and color according to the theme of your outdoor area.

5. Tropical Shack

It’s possible that a tropical shack may assist you recreate the atmosphere of the Caribbean right in your own backyard if you’re a fan of the region’s vibes.

Tropical Shack

– Features

You may create and intensify an environment reminiscent of an island by using vivid colors on your pool deck. Additionally, you can bring in a bar and a television to make it feel like a beach bar in the Caribbean. This, overall would feature a tone of a holiday feeling in your house, where it is very comfortable to relax some quiet time.

You may also feature some sand from the beach, as it can be used to encircle the cabana, or a beach-style entrance can be constructed for your pool.

6. Sunken Pool House

A clean and sophisticated appearance can be achieved with a pool deck made of concrete pavers. You can go further and invest in it even in a more thorough way, and design it with deeming lights, and even installing speakers too.

Sunken Pool House

– Features

The sunken pool cabana, on the other hand, will not only provide you with a seating area, but it will also provide you access to a swim-up bar. This would feature an eccentric appeal to your place and would provide a very elevated ambiance right in your backyard.

– Design Ideas

A terrific method to modernize a lap pool so that it better suits your requirements and way of life is to add an entertainment section in the style of a conversation pit.

To make the sunken pool house even more elegant, you might think about installing an outdoor kitchen there, as a cabana design, in addition to a bar that has the right compartments for ice bins and even disposing areas.

7. Adjustable Daybeds

You can relax in poolside cabanas that come equipped with movable daybeds. A solution such as this one provides all you require without the necessity of constructing a structure on your own.

Adjustable Daybeds

– Features

The adjustable bed by the pool can be utilized for a variety of activities, including sunbathing, relaxing, reading, and even sleeping, and all the mentioned aspects would characterize a significant warmth. This will make it seem much more like you are at a resort and will offer a seating area that is perfect for enjoying time with your children or entertaining guests.

You can use a decorative curtain as an additional layer of sun protection and privacy.

8. Pizza Oven

This idea is distinct in that it includes a pizza oven rather than a simple outdoor kitchen. The reason why this is becoming more popular is because of its uniqueness, and how the design has gotten more advanced in addition to more of a lit atmosphere.

Pizza Oven

– Features

A night of fun and mingling with personal pizzas fresh from the oven is made possible with the use of an outdoor wood-burning oven. In addition to this, you may cook and bake a wide variety of different items without having to heat up your interior kitchen during the warm summer months.

If you want to have extra room in the cabana for other elements, you should put the oven in one of the corners of the structure.

9. Yoga and Meditation Zone

You are free to transform your cabana into a multifunctional environment that can be used for everything from sitting by the pool to practicing yoga and meditation.

Yoga And Meditation Zone

– Design Ideas

In order to maintain your privacy and shield your skin from the hot summer sun, you need to cover the area with a decorative curtain.

Large flagstones can be placed in the space between the pathway and the deck to give the hardscape some additional texture and visual appeal. You can always set your mat on the places where the ground is more leveled, and all you need to do is enjoy your session.

10. Seating Area

A wonderful approach to expanding seating in a cabana while maintaining a reasonably small footprint is to construct benches to go around the circumference of the structure.

Seating Area

– Features

This frees up more room within your cabana, giving you the opportunity to add a desk or other elements that will make it cozier and more functional. As you would do so, the environment will turn more into the place that you would wish to spend your time over, and gather with your friends there too.

On another note, if you have sufficient room, you could also want to think about installing a constructed lounge area close to the cabana for anyone who needs to get some sun.

11. Waterfall

Taking your cabana to an entirely new level can be accomplished by installing a waterfall that flows into the hot tub.


– Features

The soothing roar of the waterfall creates an ambiance that is conducive to relaxation while attenuating the impact of noise from the surrounding environment. In addition to that, it offers a stunning display that you as well as your guests may take pleasure in watching.

You may improve the appearance of the waterfall by growing some flowering plants in the surrounding area. You can add multiple options as features in this sense, whether you want one to cycle the water that is running over and over again, or if you wish you can have one that is greater in the shape and would extend to more water features.

12. Outdoor Shower

You may make your cabana more functional by installing an outdoor shower or perhaps a complete bathroom outside of it. An outside shower is a more cost-effective alternative, and it will come in especially helpful if you live in proximity to a beach.

Outdoor Shower

– Benefits

Your guests will be able to use the shower after their swim without having to traipse through your house with wet feet if you have a bathroom available for them to use.

You can save money on plumbing and water by using the plumbing from your pool in your bathroom instead of installing new plumbing.

13. Rustic Pool House

Utilizing salvaged wood and decorating in a rustic style will help you get the look and feel of a pool cabana that is more traditional.

Rustic Pool House

– Benefits

It is possible to create a warm and inviting atmosphere there, and you may use it not only as a swimming pool but also as an office, a place to write, or a secret hideout right in your own backyard.

– Design Ideas

You can add neutral colors and soft materials to the room in order to balance off more severe ornamentation, such as leather rugs. You can even go beyond the simple measures, and make the pool house a little more complicated in the design and add some industrial ambiance to the rustic look.

14. Prefabricated Shed

A prefabricated shed beside the pool might save you both time and money, despite the fact that you will likely be required to obtain permission for it, particularly if you intend to run electricity or plumbing to it. It will be a wonderful place that can be used as an office, yoga studio, pool house, or all three of those things combined.

Prefabricated Shed

– Benefits

In order to power the prefabricated shed with electricity, you can install solar panels. This would be a pocket-friendly option that you would invest in because the energy that the panel receives would be through the sun.

15. Patio Fireplace

A patio fireplace would look amazing in your cabana, which is the ideal location for it. To complete the look of your paver patio, you might want to think about adding a fireplace made of paving stones.

Patio Fireplace

– Benefits

To make the best of the available space that’s on your outdoor patio while reducing the number of separate buildings and structures, consider installing your open kitchen in the cabana if there is enough room.

The benefit of this is that it is great to give one a more spacious place, and a new ambiance than that of what has been done throughout the year. Sitting around the fireplace would be calming and a new place to restore.

However, you should note that it is important to maintain cleanliness in the area around the fireplace, and you should take care not to obstruct any views of the nearby mountains or ocean.

16. Ceiling Fans

Installing ceiling fans in your pool house will make it more bearable to spend time there during the hot summer months, and they may actually prevent the flies while you are hosting guests.

Ceiling Fans

– Benefits

If you want to have more comfortable and relaxed living areas, it is important to keep the air circulating, thus while you are designing the lighting for your patio, you should also think about including one or maybe more ceiling fans. In addition, you can make this a little more environmentally friendly, as you could invest in one that would run on solar energy.

Furthermore, make sure that you choose a ceiling fan for your patio that has a design that is consistent with the overall aesthetic of the space.

17. Landscape Lighting

A great number of individuals have the desire to spend the night in the pool cabana.  You can make this a reality by planning the installation of outdoor lighting that provides sufficient illumination so that you may continue to make use of your pool house and patio, far into the night.

Landscape Lighting

– Features

You can emphasize certain characteristics of the pool and surrounding scenery by installing additional lighting, such as subsurface lighting in the pool.

Furthermore, you may even add some lights that are LED, to save more energy, or ones that would be installed from the inside of your cabana, as it would give a less harsh light to the eyes. There is the option to install down lights in order to light up outdoor living spaces, as these would be set from underneath the area lighting the way.

18. Beach View

A pool cabana that is set within the border of an outdoor pool can be the ideal location from which to take in the beachfront that is located in the surrounding area.

Beach View

– Design Ideas

You may create a cabana that is not only basic but also with some exquisite things as you would employ a roof made of wood to evoke an atmosphere of fresh air and cleanliness. Additionally, it serves as a place where both your friends and your family can gather around.

For more features, you can always add some armchairs with a dining table are perfect pieces of furniture for a cabana with a view of the beach, if you are located where it would face one.

19. Hammock

If you would like an outdoor space to relax, read a book, or even take sleep while you’re at the pool, consider installing a hammock in your cabana. The use of cushions in vivid hues adds a splash of color, resulting in an environment that is animated and entertaining.


– Design Ideas

You need to find a spot to hang the hammock in which you will not only be able to take in the scenery but also have a sufficient amount of fresh air flowing through you.

The designs would be wider than normal, if you wish to go with that aesthetic, and a place for two or more to fit on it comfortably. You can even place smaller ones, by adding two or three of them, and again, it will promote comfort.

20. Portable Gazebo

The use of a gazebo that can be moved here and there might be an efficient approach to simulate the atmosphere of a cabana.

Portable Gazebo

– Features

The movable gazebo can be used to give shade for outdoor eating, however, it can just as readily be utilized for other purposes, such as housing loungers or a daybed. This would add such a nice cottage feeling to the house.

When you get a gazebo, try to get one that is made out of metal because it will last longer than gazebos made of other materials.


Because you are now familiar with a wide variety of cabana ideas for backyard swimming pools, you will find that it is much simpler for you to make your backyard more attractive. To summarize the concepts that have been discussed:

  • You should consider adding various pieces of furniture to the cabana, such as a daybed, tables, chairs, and other similar items, in order to make it more comfortable for you and your visitors.
  • Within the confines of the pool cabana, don’t be afraid to put the space to good use by creating practical amenities like a bathroom or a shower area.
  • To get the most out of your cabana, equip it with a kitchen and/or an oven so you can prepare delectable meals while taking in the fresh air and sunshine.
  • Instead of constructing a permanent structure, you could keep things uncomplicated and save money by using a movable gazebo and some colorful curtains to enclose the area around it.

You can choose to implement any one of these ideas, and we can guarantee that the resulting atmosphere in your backyard pool area will be amazing.

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