Calathea Vittata Care Infographic
Calathea Vittata Care Infographic

Calathea Vittata or the Prayer plant is the plant for you if you are looking for a less demanding Calathea. Its beautiful patterned leaves make it a piece of art. You can consider growing it even if you are new to gardening.

In our guide, you’ll learn how to take care of it properly so it blesses your life with its stunning colors for a long time. Read on and follow our gardening experts’ advice closely.

What Is a Calathea Vittata?

Calathea Vittata or Calathea Elliptica Vittata, which is native to South America, is a tropical plant belonging to the family Marantaceae. It is a perfect plant for greenhouses with the right amount of humidity and warmth. The plant gets its name Prayer plant because of its leaves that tend to fold at night and open in daylight.

Calathea Vittata Care

Learn all about Calathea Vittata indoor care from our holistic care guide, as it is easier to care for when compared to other Calathea varieties because of different reasons. However remember, it is a Calathea which means that you cannot ignore it like a Snake plant, for this plant you must give care so that it thrives in your house.

Let us get into the details regarding its growth requirements such as light, water, temperature, humidity, soil, and fertilizer

– Water Requirements