Calathea White Star Care InfographicCalathea white star is the ideal plant for the top of refrigerators, windowsills, and tabletops.

It opens and closes its leaves from day to night all by itself. Its vibrant bright foliage will surely put a smile on your face all day. Read up on how best to fulfill its basic care needs here.

What Is Calathea White Star?

Calathea white star is a tropical plant. Its broad leaves have dark green veins with an alternating striped pattern of white and green. The undersides are violet in color. Like all other praying plants, it closes its leaves at night and opens them at night.

Calathea White Star Care

This beautiful plant grows best when you give it the right amount of care. The care for this plant is provided to you below:

– Light Requirements

Calathea white starlight comprises bright yet indirect sunshine for six to eight hours daily. Direct exposure to sun rays, especially during mid-day, will cause the edges of its leaves to turn brown. Sunburnt leaves turn yellow and become thin and papery. When growing this plant outside, some kind of shade is always required.

The best space indoors is one lit by properly-sized windows. Any corner of the room provided it receives adequate light, works. You will have to keep rotating the plant’s pot so that all sides receive an equal quantity of light.

Be careful while moving the pot too close to windows, though. Any window to the south is not safe, and the plant should be kept at least three feet away from it. You can also try covering such a window with curtains.

Any other window is safe for this plant to grow directly next to. The best ones are the eastern and the western ones. They receive direct sunlight, but it is usually only for a brief duration.

Does your indoor space lack the natural light needed to grow a calathea? Artificial grow lights can be a lifesaver in this case. These lights are available in various price ranges, so you can go for anyone you like.

These lights are best installed right above where the plants will be kept. Don’t place them too near the plant, though. LED grow lights these days are pretty safe overall. You must turn these lights on for ten to twelve hours each day. Only then will your calatheas be able to make food for themselves and grow.