Edible Calabash Gourd is an extremely vigorous climbing vine in warm climates. There are many varieties producing fruits of different shapes and sizes. One of the interesting results in growing Calabashes is that Calabashes of different fruit shapes/varieties may pollinate each other and produce fruits in new/unexpected shapes. The plant is easy to grow and is almost free from disease and insect attacks. Fruits are picked when immature and cooked like squashes. The matured and dried fruit forms a hard wooden shell that can be used to make a drinking gourd.

NOTE: Bottle gourd is actively flowering in the night time (not in the day time as other plants), it needs night-time insects to carry out the pollinating process for setting fruits. If the insects are not available in your area, the pollinating process can be done manually, by picking up male flowers and transferring pollens (face-to-face touching the center part of flowers) to femal flowers which have pencil size, about 1 inche long, fat section between the flower and vine stem. This process should be carried out during the after-sunset to the before-sunrise period when flowering is active. If the pollination is done correctly, the fat portion of the female flowers will grow inot full size fruits.

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