“Can I apply GrubEX to a wet lawn?” is a question that many lawn owners who are dealing with grub difficulties, or worse, a grub infestation, are asking.

Applying GrubEX on a Wet Lawn

However, the secret to a pesticide’s effectiveness is knowing how to apply it correctly.

Learn how to properly use GrubEX and find answers to all of your grub-related questions by reading on!

Is It Safe To Use GrubEX on a Wet Lawn?

💥 Yes, it is safe to use GrubEX on a wet lawn or soggy grass as long as there is no standing water or the soil is not waterlogged. As a matter of fact, GrubEX work and is designed to be wet as soon as it is spread on the lawn.


GrubEX requires being watered right away. The ideal application of the product is up to a depth of half an inch, followed by a 20- to 30-minute watering. Given that GrubEX is only activated after being watered in, it is a must to water it right after application. Because of this feature, there is no problem applying it to a wet lawn or damp grass.

– Watering After Applying GrubEX on a Wet Lawn

Even though GrubEX can be activated by any amount of moisture, it still needs to be watered after being applied, even if the lawn is wet. This is because the GrubEX particles must be absorbed into the soil because the grubs that they are targeting do not live on the surface.

The dry granules of GrubEX must get into the ground so they can work on preventing the grubs from developing and ruining the lawn.

Wet Lawn Treatment with GrubEX

After application, you must water your grass to help the product’s active ingredients penetrate the grubs’ habitat in the soil. The lawn must be watered thoroughly and evenly with enough water to help dissolve the GrubEX so it can be distributed all throughout the top few inches of the soil.

– Using GrubEX Before It Rains

The only option to completely avoid the watering stage is to apply GrubEX prior to a significant downpour. It is important to check if there are any leftover granules on the lawn or sitting on top of the grass after it has rained.

If there are still some left, water the area again until the granules disappear. As long as GrubEX is not carried away by a strong wind, it can remain on the surface of the grass for several weeks without needing to be watered in.

Applying grub control product like GrubEX can be done right before it starts to rain, and you won’t need to water it in like you would normally do when using the granules. For lawns that are too big to water, the best option is to wait for the rain. Just make sure to use GrubEX whenever it is between May and July.

By doing this, you can shield your lawn from the grubs that emerge in the late summer. However, the safest course of action is to water GrubEX after the application; waiting for rain is not recommended. Sometimes, the rain prediction is not always accurate.

GrubEX will not work if it is dry, so there is no sense applying it if it will not be watered in right after the application. So, if you generally water your lawn after mowing it, you should wait a bit before applying GrubEX.

How Long To Water GrubEX?

According to the recommendation of the manufacturer, watering of GrubEX must be done for 30 minutes or to a depth of one inch with normal water pressure and typical sprinkler settings.

The spread of this substance can be aided even further by repeating it multiple times throughout the first week or two after application. Depending on the area in which you reside and the requirements of your lawn, GrubEX itself can be used as a treatment two to three times a year.

How Long Before GrubEX Works on Wet Lawn?

After being sprayed on a wet lawn, GrubEX begins to show results 60 to 90 days later. GrubEX must be distributed between mid-April and early June. If this step is neglected, GrubEX will be less effective in controlling grubs in your grass.

It’s crucial to realize that this product does not kill grubs in order to work. It begins to function as soon as eggs are present because it stops eggs from maturing. So it is important to apply this product before the beetles start laying eggs.

GrubEX can kill grubs as they develop in the spring or early summer. This pesticide kills white grubs as well as other harmful insects like sod webworms, Japanese beetle larvae, and many more. It is considered as an effective insect killer for your lawn.

– When To Apply on Wet Lawn

The ideal times to use this product are early May, June, and July. Keep in mind that beetles deposit their eggs in the early summer. Midway through the summer, the little grubs hatch. So, when the beetles lay their eggs on your grass in the spring through early summer (May or June), that is the optimal time to apply grub control products.

The Truth About Applying GrubEX

It is important to carefully adhere to the GrubEX packaging’s directions because timing and application accuracy are crucial. Given that GrubEX prevents eggs from maturing and hatching, it is best to apply it late in the spring, and make sure it remains in the soil through the middle of the summer.

GrubEX kills grubs as they hatch. As a result, grubs will be killed before they can harm your lawn. Remember that GrubEX is a preventative measure. A single application can be used for roughly four months.

– Applying to Your Lawn Properly

The GrubEX application instructions only involve three important steps:

  1. First, it should be applied evenly to the surface of the lawn. This can be done by using a drop or rotary spreader at a configured rate of 2.87 pounds per 1000 square feet.
  2. Then water the lawn thoroughly and evenly to make sure that there are no dry granules left and for the product to take effect. Watering should be done continuously for 20 minutes to 30 minutes, or until the water is about an inch deep, which would be ideal.
  3. Make sure that children or pets stay off the grass until all the water has been completely soaked in and the grass is dry. By this time, the product has already been absorbed into the soil and will do its work for the next four months.

For those who are curious if GrubEX can burn your lawn, the answer is no. This pesticide is designed to be a grub killer in your lawn, but it will not burn the roots of your grass. Thus, your lawn will not be burned when you apply it.


When you notice brown patches on your lawn, whether they are caused by white grubs or beetle grubs, it’s more than likely to be grub damage, and immediate grub control is required. Pay attention to how the “damage” looks because you might have grub or fungus damage on your lawn and the solutions are different.

Let us summarize the key notes we have discovered:

  • GrubEX is activated by any amount of moisture, so it can be applied to a wet lawn as long as there is no standing water or the soil is not waterlogged.
  • GrubEX is an effective pesticide for eliminating the grubs in your lawn. However, it will only be effective if you apply it properly.
  • Once the grass is dry, you can relax and let GrubEX solve all your grub-related problems for the next four months.

With all the GrubEX information in this article, you are on your way to getting that aesthetically pleasing, manicured lawn you have always wanted!

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