Can miracle-gro burn plants is a worrying thought if you do not wish to overuse it and cause damage. After applying this synthetic fertilizer to your garden, you may have concerns if your plants are in a worse condition than before.

Can Miracle-Gro Burn Plants


If you’re concerned about your plant health after using this fertilizer, this article will help you know the dangers of using miracle gro all purpose plant food. Read on as we will also help you know how you can save your plants if you use excess fertilizer.

Can Miracle-Gro Burn Plants When Applied?

Yes, miracle-grow can burn plants when applied more than the required amount, due to its high salt content. When you apply so much, the roots will absorb too much of it that they don’t have the ability to absorb water, so the plant will be subjected to burn.

On the other hand, when used correctly, miracle-gro doesn’t burn plants, because this liquid fertilizer is safe for most plants when one uses the right direction of application. You can use the fertilizer on your indoor and outdoor plants.

As per the usage instructions that are written, one is required to use this fertilizer weekly, say once every two weeks, but if you use the product as the label advocating and depending on the type of plants in your garden, it shouldn’t burn them.

– Excessive Usage

You don’t have to use Miracle-Gro every time you water plants, because when you do, this is where your plant’s roots will be in absorbing it too much, and they will weaken.  On the other hand, the more often you use it, the more salt content it will build up; this way, water will not be able to wash it away because the chemicals will be building up.

Excessive Usage of Miracle-Gro

To elaborate further, when you use it every time you irrigate the plant, it will go through the burn. Most often, gardeners would aim to use this product more when they have plants that are slow growers, such as bamboo or cacti, that have a pace that is slow enough, thinking this synthetic fertilizer will accelerate the speed of the growth.

– Excessive Chemical Content

When too much of this product is being placed in the soil of your plant, you should note that it is because the mineral content being given to your plant in a chemical manner is excessively building up. You will see that product is rich in this, and when you place more than the necessary, it will go through a burn that is also known as fertilizer burn, and the plant will weaken.

In short, Miracle-gro isn’t good if you’re planning to focus on organic gardening. While most gardeners have succeeded in using this product in their gardens, it’s not an organic fertilizer. Therefore, it’s not good for organic gardens but is safe and effective when used in other garden applications, which is why you would worry, why is miracle-gro bad?

Too much of the mineral content can damage your plants since it can cause root rot and eventually lead to plant death. Measure the required amount of fertilizer to use on your plants to avoid using excess fertilizer.

What Are Signs to Know You Used Miracle-Gro Excessively?

Signs to know you use miracle-gro excessively is when there are abundant growth of foliage, but very few flowers, or you would see damaged leaves growing. You would also see discolored leaves, and lastly a very weak looking plant is what you will have.

– Abundant Growth of Foliage but Fewer Flowers

The next time you admire your plant and notice it has many leaves but few flowers, this indicates you’re using excess fertilizer. Fertilizer boosts plant growth, but if you’re using too much of it, it only speeds up the plant growth without encouraging flowering; if you apply it every time so now you would see how much is too much miracle gro.

This would mean that the plant doesn’t have the right ability to grow flowers as much as it would. The strength is more reliant on the leaves and not as much as on the blooms.

– Damaged Leaves

If your plant leaves wilt or assumes certain abnormal shapes, it’s a sign you’re using too much fertilizer. The foliage will not look as bright, beautiful, and proper in its shape after too much of this product; although they will shoot, it will not look as healthy as it should.

Damaged Leaves of Plants

So if you are thinking, can I use miracle grow everytime I want, then know that it will lead to great deals of damage.

– Discolored Leaves

The color of your plants can tell a lot about how healthy your plants are. Yellowing leaves and veins after using miracle grow should be taken seriously. The leaves will not have abundant chlorophyll, the content that gives them the green color they are known to have.

– Weak Looking Plants

Too much of something is poisonous. Too much fertilizer on your plants will generally hamper their growth. Using too much of this product than what is required will only kill your plants in the long run.

Weak Looking Plants

Your plants will weaken and develop undersized roots,  and sooner or later, they’ll get crinkled and limp, this way, you will see that the state is worsening, as it can also lead to the death and the burn of the plant.

How To Fix Too Much Miracle-Gro in Plant?

To fix too much miracle-gro in plants, you must pick them from the surface, and apply some water to the soil. Then, make sure that you remove the damaged foliage for better growth, abstain from using it, and after the recovery, use it the right way.

– Pick Them From the Surface

Dig out the excess fertilizer from the potting soil’s surface, and in this step, you must be extra careful not to damage the plant roots. Aim to remove all the crust from the soil surface. It should be easy for you to identify the fertilizer since it’s blue in color. To be safer, you can go ahead and wear gloves to protect your skin when removing the fertilizer from the soil, so now you can know how to fix too much Miracle grow.

– Apply Some Water to the Soil

Flash out the remaining fertilizer by leaching the soil with water and clearing the space away from the fertilizer content you had placed. You may have to wait for some time for slower-draining pots to avoid flooding the plant roots.

Can Miracle-Gro Burn Plants

Be keen about washing it, because this fertilizer should work as soon as it’s absorbed into the soil. After applying this fertilizer to your plants, it should take roughly 12 hours to start seeing the result, consider how long does Miracle gro take to work.

– Remove Damaged Foliage

Once you flush out the fertilizer, focus on removing unhealthy parts of the plants. Cut out dead leaves and stems. Consider even changing the pot if your plant is excessively damaged and if you do not want to damage the roots so much when the quantity reached is very strong.

The right amount of Miracle-Gro indoor plant fertilizer can save your plants. Whether you have vegetables, herbs, or flowers, this product can revive your plants in no time. This is the fertilizer that will boost the plant’s growth, and trimming the dead parts will save them if they are about to die.

– Abstain From Using

Give your plants time to recover, because they passed through a horrid case, and the best you can do to save them is to allow them to grow naturally. You can use organic matter here to help improve your soil quality; however, don’t add anything else, as you might ruin everything once again.

– After Recovery, Use it Right

Ideally, the best time of day to apply the fertilizer again with the right quantity in the evening and early morning. These are the best times to use miracle-gro since plants absorb liquid fertilizer effectively during these times of the day. However, you must ensure you stick to the recommended amounts on both occasions.

When you haven’t used it for some time, it doesn’t mean you should increase the quantity you use. Always stick to the recommended amounts to ensure you don’t damage your plants.


Miracle-Gro can burn your garden plants when not used correctly. Here’s what you need to remember to ensure you use the product correctly:

  • Apply this fertilizer as per the product’s recommendations to ensure you don’t burn your plants.
  • You can always save your garden from Miracle-gro indoor plant food spikes.
  • Use this fertilizer in the morning and in the evening since plants take in liquid fertilizer effectively during these times.
  • If you start to notice some signs, such as excessive foliage but not enough blooms, in addition to burnt or discolored foliage, this is a sign of using too much

Generally, your plants will look healthy when you use the right amounts, so use the recommended tips herein to reap the maximum benefits of the product and ensure you don’t damage your plants.

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