Can you sprinkle miracle grow around plants, is a dilemma that you would have when you want to boost the development of your plant but wouldn’t want to risk it. You can sprinkle the all-purpose plant food around your plants.

Can You Sprinkle Miracle Grow Around Plants

However, you should apply the granules on top of the soil and wait for absorption. This article helps you understand how to use miracle fertilizers and the effects of overusing them.

Can You Sprinkle Miracle Grow Around Plants?

Yes, you can sprinkle miracle grow around your plant because it’s safe to sprinkle this product around plants if you use the all-purpose and water soluble product. This is a way to boost the growth of your plants and would like to see them become fertilized.

You can mix the plant food with water in a watering can and spray it on the leaves and soil. Ensure you measure the required amount of plant food, depending on the number of plants you want to fertilize. When sprinkling, ensure the product covers every part of the plant. One advantage of spraying the water-soluble product on plants is that you won’t need to mix the soil afterward.

The booster is a factory-made water-soluble plant fertilizer that increases growth rate. The fertilizer is packed with nitrogen, ammonium, and other minerals to boost growth and enhance the plant’s color and size.

When sprayed on the plant, it goes to the roots, which absorb it and transport it to the rest of the parts. Depending on what you use, it will take about 12 hours or a few minutes for the fertilizer to be absorbed into the soil, if you are wondering “how does miracle grow work.”

This product makes a variety of fertilizers, so you choose what to buy depending on the type of plant you are fertilizing. For example, gardeners looking to harvest more giant flowers can use the Bloom booster flower food. The other common types are all-purpose plant food, indoor plant food, tomato plant food, and bloom booster flower food. You must therefore choose the best product to see good results.

– Duration of Use

Since there is a need to mix the fertilizer with water in many cases, can I use Miracle grow every time I water my plants? You don’t need to use this specific fertilizer after watering your plants. In fact, you should wait 14 days after applying the fertilizer for the next application. Too much Miracle-Grow can burn the plant’s roots, leading to irreversible damage.

Duration of Use of Miracle Gro

Also, you must not water your plants after using Miracle-Gro. Watering is essential if you use the granular fertilizer to help it mix with the soil faster. It also helps the product spread on different sides of the ground to ensure no roots burn. Avoid watering the soil after using the water-soluble fertilizer because the water dilutes it.

Where To Sprinkle Miracle Grow?

You should sprinkle miracle grow directly in the soil, or around the base of the crops, and you can even use this product on the leaves of the plant. Doing so, will encourage growth and healthy development.

In short, it could also depend on the product you are using. You can sprinkle it on the plant’s leaves if you use the all-purpose plant food or apply it on the soil if you use the granular fertilizer. You could water the soil afterward to help with the mixing or use a shovel.

– Directly on the Soil

You can apply this fertilizer directly on the soil, depending on your product. If you are wondering “can you put miracle grow directly on the soil” you should know that this is, basically the task that is fertilizing the crops. These boosters are ones that require you to sprinkle them on the ground and incorporate it within the first few inches of the soil.

Directly on the Soil

You can also sprinkle the bloom booster flower food on the soil, but again they should be placed in the soil so that the product gets transported through the vessels. Note that it doesn’t require mixing the ground because it sips directly to the root, and if you apply the Indoor plant food, you can spray it directly on the soil or mix it with water.

Potted plants might need a more concentrated mixture of fertilizer, so spraying the miracle grow directly in the potted soil will work better. You can mix the product with water to make a less concentrated solution.

– Base of Crops

You can fertilize your flowers with the booster for crops such as tomatoes. However, the fertilizer won’t have a tremendously positive effect on the flowers directly, and this is because fertilizers are high in nutrients that favor the plant and not the flowers. On the contrary it will grow the crop and with this nourishment you will see the development of the flowers.

If you want bigger blooms for your flowers, it is advisable to use the Bloom booster flower food. It contains the proper nutrients for flowers in the right quantities. Using other plant fertilizers can lead to overuse resulting in burned roots.

Always use the right growing fertilizer; in this case, the miracle grows product on your specific plant to get perfect results. Crops have different mineral needs, so using another plant’s product in a particular tree might not show significant results at the beginning, which is why you should change the tactic, and try to balance the quantity.

– On Leaves

Yes. You can apply liquid fertilizer to plant leaves to boost their health and growth. Although leaves are mostly useful during photosynthesis and transpiration, they also absorb nutrients. However, this method of fertilizing the plant does not treat its nutrient deficiency. If there is nutrient deficiency, give the nutrients through the roots to help the plant thrive.

Fertilizer On Leaves

What about using fertilizer before or after rain? You can apply your fertilizer before the start of light rain. The water will help the granules to spread evenly around the plant. However, if you expect heavy rains, wait until it passes to apply the fertilizer. This is because too much water could carry the granules away, costing you more.

Can Miracle Grow Harm Plants in the long run?

Yes, miracle grow can harm plants in the long run by giving them excessive growth and when you use it too frequently, it could also increase the risk of giving your plant stress, seeing it become weaker, and even leading it to burn and death.

If you realize that the product is no longer working, you should stop using it. Some signs are if there are few flowers produced, if the foliage is overly big, or if the leaf’s color starts changing. These could be signs of excessive usage, which can harm your plant.

Overusing fertilizer harms plants, and miracle grow fertilizer is no exception. The fertilizer has chemically-made ingredients that burn the roots when used in excess. This causes the roots to stop absorbing water and nutrients the plant requires to grow, leading to death.

When you apply too much of it, or too frequently, you will see that the plant starts to burn in some places. Yes, this is a good choice if you wish to see the growth develop, but it isn’t the greatest choice to place it constantly will cause bigger issues for your plant and would leave it stressed and lead to death as well.

– How To Flush From Soil

You can reverse over-fertilization by passing excess water into your potted plant’s soil to remove the extra nutrients. However, your pot must have drainage holes to help the passage of excess water and prevent root rot.

How To Flush From Soil

If you overuse this specific booster on your plants, you can fix the mess by scooping the excess chunks with a shovel. You can also remove the damaged leaves and foliage or propagate the healthy parts of the plant, and lastly, consider flushing the soil.

Reduce applying the substance during the plant’s dormant seasons. This is primarily during winter or when the temperatures are too low. Although the fertilizer has ingredients to boost growth, the cold weather hinders leafing and blooming.

Place the indoor plants planter in the sink or tab and open the tap. Let the water pour into the container for 30 minutes, leaving the excess to pass through the drainage holes. You can repeat the process three or four times to ensure all the nutrients are out.

But how much fertilizer is too much? Can you use Miracle-Gro more than once a week? Plant experts advise growers to use Miracle-Grow for seven to 14 days between applications. The duration depends on the plant’s growing period.

For example, the crops need more food during the growing period, so you can apply Miracle-Grow more frequently. However, do not overuse it. You should also actively apply fertilizer to your flowers when they are close to their blooming period.


How you use the fertilizer depends on the product you have. The all-purpose fertilizer is good for sprinkling, while the granules are better poured on the soil and left to be absorbed by the roots. From this article, you will find that:

  • You can sprinkle miracle grow on and around the plant if you use the all-purpose fertilizer.
  • Miracle-Grow is a plant fertilizer that helps crops grow, and you can sprinkle it around the plant, or the soil of the crops and the leaves.
  • You must know the right amounts of Miracle-Grow for your crops to avoid burning the roots.
  • Ensure you use the right Miracle-Grow product of the specific plant to get the best results.

Now that you know that you can sprinkle Miracle-Grow on plants, will you try it? Remember that you shouldn’t overuse it.

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