Carbonated water for plants is a source that has been said to increase growth, how does it do this? Besides being a refreshing beverage for human beings, seltzer water benefits plants in various ways.

Carbonated Water for Plants

Soda water boosts plants’ growth and makes the foliage greener due to the high carbon levels. Read on to learn how to apply this water in your gardening.

Does Carbonated Water Help With Plants’ Growth?

💥 Quick Answer

Yes, carbonated water improves plants’ growth due to the minerals that this water contains by increasing photosynthesis process and gives faster growth. It has macronutrients like potassium, phosphorous, hydrogen, and sodium; these minerals are important ones that get absorbed by the roots and help them to develop.


Seltzer water boosts the growth rate by adding carbon to the soil. It also promotes greener leaves because of the added nutrients. When using seltzer water, do not use it with fertilizers because they cause fizzing, reducing the amount of carbon.

– Increases Photosynthesis Process

The fizzy water is also packed with extra carbon dioxide, which increases carbon levels in the soil. Remember that carbon dioxide is used by plants in photosynthesis and respiration, producing energy that helps with development. Besides the increase in height and size, it will also help to keep the leaves green, and high amounts of it boost drought resistance in the plant.

Increases Photosynthesis Process

But always use sugar-free fizzy water on plants. It has more minerals to give better results. Also, although seltzer water has minerals that boost the plant’s growth, you should not stop fertilizing them.

– Faster Growth

Note that the fizzy water has to be well-carbonated in order to help the plants grow. For instance, the best carbonated water for plants would be club soda, because of its specific properties, such as no added sugar, or flavor; it is high in carbonation.

It helps flowers grow faster and taller than those watered using tap water. However, it is best to use club soda in alkaline soils because it raises the soil’s acidity. In addition, you can water plants with club soda after two to three times of regular watering sessions for outdoor and house plants.

How Should Carbonated Water Be Used For Plants?

You should use carbonated water for plants by first diluting it to reduce the concentration, and make sure to keep the water at room temperature. In order to give it prolonged growth, you could also use the drip irrigation method.

– Dilute it

Watering plants using fizzy water is almost similar to using normal water. First, mix the seltzer water with clean water in a 50:50 ratio. When you dilute it the plant will take its time in the proper growing range, and it wouldn’t go through a shock of the sudden abundance of minerals entering the soil.

– Keep it Room Temperature

You should also ensure the water is at room temperature since too cold water can shock the plants.

Keep it Room Temperature

You can wait a couple of minutes and see the temperature of the water chill a little, and this way you can place it in the base of the plant, just make sure that you skip watering the leaves.

– Use Drip Method

When watering the plants, use a drip method to allow the soil to absorb the fizzy water slowly. These drips give the plants enough time to absorb the nutrients and the carbon dioxide. You can also apply the water at the base of the plant, but avoid pouring it on the foliage.

– Schedule the Usage

The frequency of watering your plants with fizzy water depends on the plant type, soil alkalinity, acidity levels, and size. Some plants require watering a few times after irrigation has taken place but with seltzer water to boost their growth, while others require twice-a-month watering because of the soil’s acidity.

– Know the Plant’s Requirements

Fizzy water helps flowers last a long time; if you are wondering, do carbonated water cut flower stay for longer. This is because the flower stalks quickly absorb the water and travel faster to the stems and leaves than the plain water. Your flowers last longer because the water maintains the leaves and petals’ rigidity.

Know the Plants Requirements

However, besides using fizzy water, you should also add sugar and bleach to the water. These make perfect flower food and will keep your bouquet for longer. Also, do not forget to change the water every two to three days.

What about wilting with sparkling water? Is it a thing? Realizing that sparkling water can help flowers stay longer and fasten wilting in vegetables can be surprising.

What Precautions Should You Take When Using Fizzy Water?

The precariousness to take is that this water should not replace fertilization, and avoid irrigating when the water is cold. In addition, you should be aware of the soil’s initial pH, avoid mixing fertilizer with the fizzy water, and lastly know the right kind of carbonated water.

– Don’t Replace Fertilization

It doesn’t matter the number of minerals fizzy water has; ensure you continue fertilizing your plants. The minerals from sparkling water don’t stay in the soil for long. Therefore, this water provides a temporary growth boost that can disappear quickly.

Besides, these sodas do not have all the minerals the plant requires to grow. Fertilizing the plant with a balanced fertilizer ensures that your crops are healthy, greener, and yield bigger. This means that you must not neglect one when you are using the other, because the plant will not thrive only upon the boost given by this water, it also needs the other minerals that come from the fertilizer.

– Avoid Irrigating When it is Cold

Do not water your plants with fizzy water from the fridge. It is too cold for the roots and can shock them. This also applies to normal water. Root shock causes irreversible damage, which can kill the plant. Besides, warmer fizzy drinks have less carbon making them better for plants. Avoid Irrigating When it is Cold

On the same note, avoid giving your plants cold bottled water. Besides being cold and causing root shock, mineral water is a terrible choice for your plants. It has added minerals that enhance human flavor, but they cause mineral build-up in the soil, negatively affecting your plants.

– Beware of the Soil’s Initial pH

Do plants like carbon, and they will grow even better; they use it for photosynthesis and respiration, producing glucose and energy to aid growth. However, too much carbon in fizzy drinks lowers the soil’s pH, making it more acidic.

Highly acidic soils below pH 4.6 do not support plant development. The soil lacks some essential nutrients and makes others toxic. However, fizzy water can be beneficial if your soil is alkaline. For instance, you should consider how the drink will lower the soil’s pH to a desirable level, boosting growth.

On the other hand, using seltzer water on flowers growing in already acidic soil has adverse effects. Since acidic soils are rich in carbon, introducing more carbon from fizzy water raises the acidity, reducing the soil’s minerals and making it more toxic. Such soil does not support flower growth.

– Avoid Mixing Fertilizers With Fizzy Water

Seltzer water already has minerals and nutrients, so using it with a fertilizer can affect your plants negatively. Some fertilizers also cause fizzing in seltzer water, removing the carbon dioxide and reducing effectiveness.

– Know the Right Kind

To know the best seltzer waters for plants, do carbonated water on plants experiment with other types. You will notice that examples like Soda pop do not give good results, and that is because these have added chemicals for coloring, which can negatively impact the plants. You should also be picky with the fizzy water you use on your plants. It is because some have added sugars and color chemicals that can negatively impact your plant.

Carbonated water for aquarium plants helps the plants develop, but it will kill the fish. The water is very acidic, and high acidity thickens the mucus on fish gills, making it hard for them to take in oxygen. Also, carbonated water in hydroponics gives plants the nutrients they require to grow.


Carbonated water has added carbon dioxide, which supports photosynthesis and respiration. The water also increases the soil’s acidity to boost growth. However, not all types of fizzy water are suitable for your plants. To summarize the article;

  • You can use fizzy water to boost your plant’s growth, but be careful with the type of water you use.
  • Fizzy water, especially club soda, provides minerals and nutrients to the plant, but you should continue fertilizing it to maintain healthy crops and boost yield.
  • Always check your soil’s acidity levels before using fizzy water because lower PH than 4.6 can affect the plants negatively.
  • This water also has calcium, zinc, phosphorous, and potassium, and it increases the soil’s acidity, enhancing growth; however, not all types of seltzer water will benefit your plants.

Now that you know that fizzy water supports outdoor and indoor plants growth, which one will you use?

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