Reasons Why Potting Soil Goes Bad

Does Potting Soil Go Bad: The Reasons Why It Happens

Does potting soil go bad is a question that gardeners would wonder as they go through the issues that this medium would face. As potting soil is only earth, you would...
Saving Grass from Weeds

How To Get Rid of Weeds Without Killing Grass in Easy Tips

How to get rid of weeds without killing grass is just what lawn owners like you need so that you don't have to kill your grasses just because you are killing...
Treating Potted Plants

Yellow Mushrooms in Potted Plants: Causes and Treatments

Yellow mushrooms in potted plants' is what you would see in their soil that, presents an issue that stems from varying causes. Opinions on their aesthetic value differ; some find them...
Prayer Plants Toxic to Cats When Eaten

Are Prayer Plants Toxic to Cats: The Right Approach

Are prayer plants toxic to cats is the most suspenseful question for people who are both pet lovers and plant keepers. The prayer plants, known as Maranta leuconeura, are non-toxic and...
Ways to Protect Pet from Rubber Plants

Are Rubber Plants Toxic to Cats: Ways to Protect Your Pet

Are rubber plants toxic to cats, is a query that would worry, if you grow a rubber plant indoors but are concerned for your cat's safety. These plants are poisonous to...
Are Snake Plants Safe for Cats to be Near

Are Snake Plants Safe for Cats: The Potential Hazards

Are snake plants safe for cats is a question that can lead a plant enthusiast to a hazardous situation when they have a cat and snake plants which are also known...
Can a Tall Lucky Bamboo Survive

Lucky Bamboo Too Tall: Is It a Problem and The Ways To Deal

Lucky bamboo too tall is a common problem that gardeners or planting enthusiasts would encounter as it begins to grow so tall; one may also get anxious about ways they would...
The Right Ways To Using Miracle Gro

Can Miracle-Gro Burn Plants: The Right Ways To Use It

Can miracle-gro burn plants is a worrying thought if you do not wish to overuse it and cause damage. After applying this synthetic fertilizer to your garden by sprinkling it around...
Comparison of Grow Lights

5000K vs. 6500K: Comparison of Two Popular Grow Lights

5000k vs 6500k are the different lights that look more alike than different, as a number of gardeners go through different aspects to know these grow lights. This is because one...
Why Root Rot in Hydroponic Happens

Hydroponic Root Rot: Why It Happens and The Solutions

Hydroponic root rot is worrying news for a single plant and all that form the hydroponic system. This can be a nightmare for hobbyists, farmers, or plant growers. Fortunately, the rotting...