Potted fern in the greenhouse

Transplanting Ferns: The Ultimate Guide To Do It Right

Ferns are easy-growing plants that thrive in damp and shaded conditions and make for gorgeous borders along the gardens. Transplanting ferns from one place to another is an easy task and...
A Healthy Plant in a Garden

Effects of Soapy Water on Plants: Drawbacks and Benefits

Effects of soapy water on plants are a fact that every sensible gardener should know. Soapy solution is a blend of soap or powder detergent in water and is hugely used...
Benefits And Ways To Use Potato Water For Plants

Potato Water For Plants: Benefits And Ways To Use It

Potato water for plants is a type of water that works superbly because it is an excellent organic fertilizer. You can use boiled potato water to help your plant grow healthy...
A Cup of Tea for Watering 1

Watering Plants With Tea: Reuse as a Fertilizer

Watering plants with tea is beneficial for developing your foliage as it has a naturally high concentration of tannic acid and nitrogen. Both these components in tea leaves are a source...
How to make soil acidic for blueberries

How To Make Soil Acidic for Blueberries: Useful Methods From Experts

Make soil acidic for blueberries if you want to grow a healthy and high-yield product plant. Decreasing the pH of the soil either before or after your shrub has been planted...
How to Firm Up Soft Ground

How To Firm Up Soft Ground: When Water Is the Enemy

To firm up soft ground you have to first make sure the soil is of good quality and hence, resilient. Moreover, soft ground can make or break the progression of your...
Best Soil Mix For Monstera

Best soil mix for Monstera: How To Achieve the Ideal Soil

The best soil mix for monstera stimulates the healthy growth of the plant. Monstera Deliciosa is a popular indoor plant of the Araceae family native to the rainforests of Central America. Exotic...
A Plant with Rooting Hormone 1

Watering Plants With Rooting Hormone: How You Can Add Boost

Watering plants with rooting hormone can stimulate the growth of their roots. Because it acts similarly to the plant's naturally occurring hormones, this powder can help speed up its development. In this...
Why When and How You Should Use Coffee Grounds

Coffee Grounds for Citrus Trees: Why, When, and How 

Are coffee grounds for citrus trees a good idea? There may have been times when you would have felt guilty about throwing the used coffee grounds in the trash. Even though using...
Fungus in Soil

How To Kill Fungus in Soil: Easily Get Rid of It From Potting Soil

You can kill fungus in soil by treating it with anti-fungal products and monitoring its growing environment and conditions. Any fungal growth has detrimental effects on plants by impacting growth, health and...