Using Cayenne Pepper as a Dog Repellent

Will Cayenne Pepper Kill Grass? Plus How To Use It as a Dog Repellent

Will cayenne pepper kill grass? No, this pepper has a strong scent that will keep all animals and insects out of the lawn while causing no harm to the grass. We have...
Pampas grass plant

How to Kill Pampas Grass: The Experts Share Eradication Secrets

If you want to kill pampas grass, our gardening experts are here to help you out! Pampas grass can be dug up, burned, manually pulled out, or treated with herbicides. There...
Fence Gap Filler Ideas For Houses and Apartments

16 Fence Gap Filler Ideas

Fence gap filler ideas are way too common these days. Every other person needs to fill in the gaps between their fences, avoid getting their house trespassed, or have their pets...
Ideas on How To Go Around a Tree With a Fence

7 Ideas on How To Go Around a Tree With a Fence

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Dry Drainage Ditch

17 Drainage Ditch Landscaping Ideas You Don’t Know About!

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Draining Hot Tub Water for Grass

Will Hot Tub Water Kill Grass: Composition and Draining Ways

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What You Need To Know About Creeping Red Fescue

Creeping Red Fescue Pros and Cons: What You Need To Know

Creeping red fescue pros and cons knowledge will help you finally decide if it is the best kind of grass specifically for your lawn. Some pros are its tolerance of the...
List of 12 Most Expensive Grass

12 Most Expensive Grass Varieties: The Grass That’s Worth It

The most expensive grass types in the world are mostly cultivars manufactured artificially with special properties that might not be present in the original variety – grass varieties with patents attached...
Put Under an Above ground Pool on Concrete

What To Put Under Inflatable Pool on Concrete: 8 Top Options

What to put under the inflatable pool on concrete? Inflatable above-ground pools can be set up anywhere from grass, gravel, deck, or dirt. But setting up your inflatable, above-ground pool is best done on concrete...
List of Fence Height Extension Ideas

10 Fence Height Extension Ideas: How To Make Your Fence Taller 

Fence height extension ideas include ways to increase the height of a short fence surrounding your garden. Whether your fence is made up of wood, metal, or wrought iron fence, there...