Differences Between St Augustine Grass and Centipede

St Augustine Grass vs Centipede: How To Choose Between The Two

St Augustine grass vs. centipede is difficult to figure out without conducting closer inspection. Both are axonopus grass types, meaning they are a carpet variety of lawngrass. We have compiled a...
Idea of Mowing Lawn After Rain

Lawn Mowing After Rain: Is It a Good Idea?

Lawn mowing after rain is a quite intimidating choice, because you wouldn’t want to damage the lawn. With all the risks involved, people prefer to avoid cutting the grass when wet. You...
Dry grass with seed

How Long Can Grass Seed Go Without Water? Seeding Your Lawn

If you’ve ever wondered, “How long can grass seed go without water?” the answer is not for long, that's for sure! Grass seeds need water to grow, and although they can...