Tall Fescue cue on the Ground

Tall Fescue Vs St Augustine: Which Is Easier To Maintain?

Tall Fescue vs St Augustine is a common question because both grass varieties are super popular in their respective areas. Fescues are more suited to colder regions, while st Augustine, like...
Factors To Stripe Bermuda Grass

Bermuda Grass Stripes: Difficult But Not Impossible

Bermuda grass stripes are not easy to make and maintain for long. It is a stubborn grass with thick blades that take a lot of effort to bend into stripes. This should...
Guide About Spreading Lawn Grass by Itself

Does Grass Spread On Its Own? Cool Tips To Fill Up Bare Spots In...

Does grass spread on its own? If you are a new grass gardener worrying about what to do regarding the bare spots on the lawn, then this is one question you...
Using Cayenne Pepper as a Dog Repellent

Will Cayenne Pepper Kill Grass? Plus How To Use It as a Dog Repellent

Will cayenne pepper kill grass? No, this pepper has a strong scent that will keep all animals and insects out of the lawn while causing no harm to the grass. We have...
Grass Appear to be a Different Color of Green

Why Is My Grass Different Shades Of Green? Most Common Reasons

Why is my grass different shades of green is a common query among turf owners all over the world. We have compiled a comprehensive list of why this might be happening...
List of 12 Most Expensive Grass

12 Most Expensive Grass Varieties: The Grass That’s Worth It

The most expensive grass types in the world are mostly cultivars manufactured artificially with special properties that might not be present in the original variety – grass varieties with patents attached...
Mulch Used to Kill Invasive Grasses

Does Mulch Kill Grass: The Most Comprehensive Guide 

Does mulch kill grass? Technically, mulch prevents light and oxygen from reaching the grass, dying on its own. We have been using mulch to kill unwanted grass and weeds from our...
Useful Tips to Grow Grass Faster

Why Does My Grass Grow So Fast? Learn The Most Common Reasons 

Why my grass grow so fast is something you all might be pondering. Sure, lush grass growing thickly is the dream of all lawn owners, but there is nothing more tedious...
Bleach Can Kill Grass on Lawn

Does Bleach Kill Grass? Learn The Safest and Most Effective Methods

Does bleach kill grass might be something you wonder about often. Bleach is a common household staple, and its many benefits are not just confined to cleaning and disinfecting items. Before using...
Precautions of Using Dish Soap on Grass

Does Dish Soap Kill Grass? The Answer To This Might Surprise You

Does dish soap kill grass if you use it in order to kill pests, fungi, and weeds from your lawn? Yes, when used carelessly without dilution, this soap will end up...