Peace lily leaves

Peace Lily Leaves Turning Black: Common Reasons and How To Fix Them

Peace lily leaves turning black can be a major shock for any loving plant parent. It not only looks bad but also means that your plant is sick and unhappy. However, you...
Catus plants in the backyard

Cactus Turned Black: Is It a Normal Phase or Cause for Concern?

Discovering that your cactus turned black can make you worry as it is an uncommon and weird sight. Reasons such as overwatering, high humidity and various diseases can be the cause...
Peace Lily Spathiphyllum Houseplant

Peace Lily Flower Turning Brown: Causes and Solutions

Your Peace lily leaves turning brown could be due to numerous reasons such as too much or too little irrigation, improper watering and humidity conditions, over or under-fertilizing or improper lighting. If...
Yellow Fungus in Soil

How to Get Rid of Yellow Fungus in Soil: Things You Should Know

Knowing how to get rid of yellow fungus in soil can be a plus for any plant enthusiast. If you are unaware of this issue, let alone addressing it, you may...
get rid of White Spots on Palm

White Spots on Palm: Reasons and Fixes 

White spots on palm leaves may indicate that your palm trees are being attacked by pests such as fungi and insects. The spots could also be harmless, as some palms secrete...
Pothos plant cuttings with roots in glass jars

Pothos in Water Root Rot: Causes and Remedies

Pothos in water root rot is a common problem that appears when you try to propagate pothos cuttings in water. The roots of the pothos plant are designed to absorb water from...
Mint leaves in a pot

White Spots on Mint Leaves: Should You Be Worried About Them?

White spots on mint leaves may appear worrisome if you are a beginner plant parent, as this can be a sign of an underlying problem. However, in most cases, the cause...
Potato Plants Turning Yellow Reasons and Quick Fixes

Potato Plants Turning Yellow: Reasons and Quick Fixes

Potato plants turning yellow is a serious problem caused by disease infections, insect infestation, temperature stress, mineral deficiencies, and nutrient toxicity. But the good thing is that you can easily fix such...
Cozy window sill with monstera and pillows indoors

Rust Fungus on Monstera: The Top Ten Methods to Combat This Disease

Rust fungus on monstera often looks worse than it actually is. You can get rid of it and make your plant healthy again in no time at all. Want to find...
Green plant leaves in garden

Plant Leaves Turning White? A True Cause for Concern

When you see plant leaves turning white, you may wonder why and even get worried. You should understand that some leaves turn white because of sun scald, lack of sunlight, powdery...