Leaves pf blue berry plant turning red

Blueberry Leaves Turning Red: A Show of Beauty or Cause for Concern?

Blueberry leaves turning red can be very beautiful during autumn, but red blueberry leaves in summer and spring are not normal. If the leaves are red when they should be green,...
Gardenia flower overwatering

Overwatered Gardenia? Symptoms and Solutions for Dying Plants

Overwatered gardenia plants let you know that they are dying with various symptoms. While it is possible to revive your dying gardenias, you have to do so quickly or else they...
Overwatering lavender leaves

Lavender Yellowing? Here’s What You Should Do Immediately

Lavender yellowing is not so common because lavenders are hardy and easy to grow, but your lavender turning yellow is a cause for concern as it means that the plants have...
Rosemary Overwatering 1

Overwatered Rosemary: Expert Tips and Tricks To Solve This Issue

Overwatered rosemary plants can be a little intimidating for some gardeners who are unsure about the signs of an overwatered plant. Watering rosemary appropriately can take a little getting used to...
Seedlings but not growing

Seedlings Sprouted but Not Growing? Easy Ways To Increase Germination

Germination Seedlings sprouted but not growing is a worry most gardeners face in their hobbies as this might be a sign that something is wrong with the seedling’s growing environment. In this...
Caladium plant dropping

Caladium Leaves Drooping? Expert Gardening Tips for a Healthy Plant

Caladium leaves drooping are a constant worry for gardeners as this can be a sign of an unhealthy or unhappy plant. Gardeners often face this issue and are perplexed about how...
A List of Birds Eating Tomatoes

8 Birds Eating Tomatoes: Whether Pet or Pest, We’ll Help! 

Birds eating tomatoes can be frustrating for people. But to keep pet birds, you want to know all about them. Keep your tomato plants safe from winged invaders with our detailed...
Agapanthus Leaves Turning Yellow

Agapanthus Leaves Turning Yellow: A List of All the Potential Culprits

Agapanthus leaves turning yellow should always get your attention because it is almost always a sign of trouble. Many people don't know how to diagnose the problem of this Amaryllidaceae family...
Philodendron Birkin White Leaves Common Causes   Care Guide

Philodendron Birkin White Leaves: Common Causes & Care Guide

Philodendron Birkin white leaves are caused by several factors, which are sunburn, too little light, water spots, fungus attack, and insect infestation.  No matter the reason, the good thing is that it...
Potato Plants Turning Yellow Reasons and Quick Fixes

Potato Plants Turning Yellow: Reasons and Quick Fixes

Potato plants turning yellow is a serious problem caused by disease infections, insect infestation, temperature stress, mineral deficiencies, and nutrient toxicity. But the good thing is that you can easily fix such...