why your pea plants have white spots

White Spots on Snap Peas: Are They Facing Serious Harm?

White spots on snap peas are awful, as they may indicate that your peas are attacked by fungi. Well, the good thing is that you can help your pea plants so...
Suffer From Gnats in Plants

Gnats in Plants Coffee Grounds: Best Help for Your Struggle

Gnats in plants coffee grounds are one of the key elements to get rid of these pests that would damage your greens. However, just spreading the dried coffee ground on the...
Steps of Saving Overwatered Cactus

How To Save an Overwatered Cactus: Ways To Reduce Moisture

How to save an overwatered cactus is a worry that many gardeners frequently have, and in this regard, it is essential to be aware that you can easily do so if...
check your money tree leaves

White Spots on Money Tree Leaves: Stop Guessing and Solve It

White spots on money tree leaves can be natural but could also indicate that your money trees are being attacked by fungi bacteria, insects, and other types of pests. These trees might...
Insects That Eat Mint Plants

What is Eating My Mint Plant? 5 Possible Culprits

What is eating my mint plant is a common question to ask when you are worried about your mint leaves being eaten. You may also go further and worry about how...
your plant leaves have white spots

Tiny White Spots on Plant Leaves: Is it Safe or Not?

Tiny white spots on plant leaves may or may not be a major cause for concern depending on the cause of the spots. While the spots may just be paint or similar,...
Reasons and solutions for your plant

Pothos Leaves Turning Black: Common Reasons and What You Have To Do

If you are having a difficult experience with your pothos leaves turning black, you should know that there are several possible reasons for this such as incorrect watering, poor drainage, over-fertilizing,...
Wet basil plant

What Is Eating My Basil? The 9 Main Offenders

Do you get the feeling that something is eating your basil, and it's not you? There are several bugs eating basil, both inside and out. And it's not just bugs that could...
Parlor Palm Trees

Parlor Palm Leaves Turning White: Causes and Help Guide

Parlor palm trees turning white is the most common reaction when our palms are accidentally exposed to full sun. However, the issues go well beyond a mere light exposure. These beloved indoor...
Best Fixes for Cactus Turning Brown

Cactus Turning Brown: The Causes and Their Best Fixes

Cactus turning brown is a worry that a plant enthusiast can have because this feature can be alarming that a matter has triggered its health. Every plant owner wants to know...