White Insect Eggs on Leaves

White Insect Eggs on Leaves: Easily Identify and Tackle the Problem

White insect eggs on your leaves occur if your plant has been infested with dangerous pests such as aphids, mealybugs or other insects. These pests attack plants and suck out the...
Cozy window sill with monstera and pillows indoors

Rust Fungus on Monstera: The Top Ten Methods to Combat This Disease

Rust fungus on monstera often looks worse than it actually is. You can get rid of it and make your plant healthy again in no time at all. Want to find...
Green plant leaves in garden

Plant Leaves Turning White? A True Cause for Concern

When you see plant leaves turning white, you may wonder why and even get worried. You should understand that some leaves turn white because of sun scald, lack of sunlight, powdery...
Leaves pf blue berry plant turning red

Blueberry Leaves Turning Red: A Show of Beauty or Cause for Concern?

Blueberry leaves turning red can be very beautiful during autumn, but red blueberry leaves in summer and spring are not normal. If the leaves are red when they should be green,...
Olive leaves

Olive Tree Losing Leaves: When Should You Become Worried?

Your olive tree losing leaves can be a major or minor issue depending on the reason. Some reasons why your tree may be losing leaves include insufficient light, olive knot, and...
check your money tree leaves

White Spots on Money Tree Leaves: Stop Guessing and Solve It

White spots on money tree leaves can be natural but could also indicate that your money trees are being attacked by fungi bacteria, insects, and other types of pests. These trees might...
Insects That Eat Mint Plants

What is Eating My Mint Plant? 5 Possible Culprits

What is eating my mint plant is a common question to ask when you are worried about your mint leaves being eaten. You may also go further and worry about how...
Tiny black bugs in plant soil

Tiny Black Bugs in Plant Soil: Techniques for Addressing the Problem

The tiny black bugs in the plant soil can be difficult to identify with the naked eye as they are so minute that some of the fully-grown black bugs are even...
Help Overwatered Roses

Overwatered Roses: Useful Tips for Reviving Your Struggling Flowers

Overwatered roses may fail to absorb oxygen, nutrients, and water, and this may result in health problems. The roses’ yellow leaves, some of which may be wilting and drooping can be...
Big Achatina Snail Eating Tomatoes 1

What Animals Eat Cabbage? 5 Vegetable Eaters Revealed

What animals eat cabbage is a notion to worry about knowing that some of these animals specifically love to eat cabbage plants. These plants have a distinct smell and taste, which...