Big Achatina Snail Eating Tomatoes 1

What Animals Eat Cabbage? 5 Vegetable Eaters Revealed

What animals eat cabbage is a notion to worry about knowing that some of these animals specifically love to eat cabbage plants. These plants have a distinct smell and taste, which...
Insect Eggs in a Leave

Yellow Eggs In Soil? Here’s What They Mean and What To Do

Yellow eggs in soil can be a menace – as they are usually insect eggs. You must maintain healthy soil for your plants for them to flourish properly, so it is...
Types of Worms in Container Trees

9 Types of Worms in Potted Plants: Complete List

Types of worms in potted plants can be worrying, especially if you find yourself to be one of those people who are exceedingly fond of their homegrown plants. So naturally, as soon...
Millipedes Solutions for Houseplants

Millipedes in Houseplants – Proven Ways to Banish Them

Millipedes in houseplants, when spotted, should immediately be removed. Using traps, spraying chemicals, changing the infested soil, applying organic repellents, etc., are all proven ways of doing so. If you want to...
Easy Way Out To Get Rid of Snails

How To Get Rid of Snails in Potted Plants: Easy Way Out

How to get rid of snails in potted plants is a usual and significant worry for gardeners, as they see these pests crawling all over. Snails can be quite a nuisance;...
Save Your Soil from White Ants

White Ants in Soil: Reasons and Ways To Remove Them

White ants in soil commonly refer to all types of termites in garden soil. White ants will prepare their nests in the garden soil – they live on the soil's nutrients...
What Causes Holes in Hibiscus Leaves and How To Fix It

Holes in Hibiscus Leaves: What Causes Them and How To Fix It

When you observe holes in hibiscus leaves, the plant faces problems like insect infestation, mineral deficiency, sunburn, and physical damage. If you wait to do something quickly, you will see many ruptures...
grow the healthiest Monstera plants

Thrips on Monstera: Causes and Simple Prevention Methods

Thrips on Monstera plant are tenacious garden pests that procreate quickly, eat the sap from the leaves, and are a common occurrence. These tiny winged insects attack the beautiful and easy-to-maintain Monstera plant and...
Know How To Save Your Potted Plants From Worms

How To Get Rid of Worms in Potted Plants Naturally: Fast Fix

How to get rid of worms in potted plants naturally is a common question on the minds of those passionate about plants. Several straightforward options are available, each of which is...
Close Up On Beautiful Chinese Evergreen ~ Evergreen Seeds

Mealybugs on Chinese Evergreen? Efficient Removal Methods

Mealybugs on Chinese evergreen plants happen due to many reasons, and in most cases, the fault is very much our own. But if you do spot those snowy white fluffs on...