Best Watering Tips for Your Cactus Plants

How Often Do You Water Cactus Plants: Best Watering Tips

How often do you water cactus plants, is a worry as most people believe that cacti don't need any water at all because of their native dessert address while others will...
List of Plants That Look Like Blueberries

13 Plants That Look Like Blueberries: Safe or Unsafe?

Plants that look like blueberries might be safe to eat, and you can grow them on your lawn or even encounter them while hiking. But before you confidently approach what might look...
Bougainvillea bouquet on white wall

Bugambilia Grow and Care Guide | Bringing Color to Your Home and Garden

Bugambilia plants of the Nyctaginaceae family are a great way to bring vivid colors into your home or garden. Renowned for their showy blooms, you'll find a wide array of bugambilia colors...
Hawaiian ti plant

Hawaiian Ti Plant | The Essential Grow and Care Guide

Hawaiian Ti plant of the Asparagaceae family, also known as Cordyline fruticosa, is a beautiful plant to grow at home. Our experts reveal all you need to know about growing the Hawaiian...
Tradescantia spathacea potting 1

Tradescantia Spathacea Care: Moses-in-the-Cradle Plant

Tradescantia spathacea care is excellent for beginners as well as indoor gardeners who want to add a splash of color to their homes. Moses-in-the-cradle is a stunning houseplant of the Commelinaceae spiderwort...
Coleus is a Small Shrub Species

8 Wandering Jew Companion Plant Suggestions for Your Garden

The wandering jew companion plants have various interesting characteristics that make them beneficial – this can be taken advantage of by planting plants such as begonias and impatiens as companion plants....
Vicks plant

Vicks Plant (Succulent Coleus): A Guide To Growing It Yourself at Home!

The Vicks plant of the Lamiaceae family, also known as succulent coleus, Cuban oregano, or Plectranthus tomentosa, is a mint family member with thin leaves of the Plectranthus genus. It's famous...
Bunch of Fittonia Plant in Garden

11 Snake Plant Companion Plants Choices That Are Must-Know 

Snake plants companion plants are usually attractive plants that are mainly used for decoration purposes – such as variegated ivy, bird of paradise or the humble ficus. They are grown together...
Everything You Need To Know About Chinese Perfume Plant

Chinese Perfume Plant: Everything You Need To Know

The Chinese Perfume Plant, also known as Aglaia Odorata of the Meliaceae family, is a scented Chinese flowering tree. Due to the shape and scent of its flowers, it is also...
How to Grow Aralia Fabian

How to Grow Aralia Fabian at Home | Tips and Care Guide

Aralia Fabian of the Araliaceae family, also known as Polyscias Fabian, is a popular choice among plant owners. Self-contained and beautiful, it's the ideal aralia indoor plant! In this grow guide, we'll...