Lemon Balm Companion Plants for Your Backyard

9 Lemon Balm Companion Plants for Your Backyard

Lemon balm companion plants include plants that help boost lemon balm growth and also complement it visually. Lemon balms of the Melissa genus, scientifically known as Melissa officinalis from the Lamiaceae...
Bunch of Fittonia Plant in Garden

11 Snake Plant Companion Plants Choices That Are Must-Know 

Snake plants companion plants are usually attractive plants that are mainly used for decoration purposes – such as variegated ivy, bird of paradise or the humble ficus. They are grown together...
Plants Growing Along Dusty Miller

7 Colorful Dusty Miller Companion Plants To Grow

Dusty miller companion plants include colorful flowering plants with similar dusty miller characteristics. Dusty miller of the Asteraceae family is a common name for plants with silver-ish gray leaves, like silver...
A List of Blackberry Companion Plants

11 Blackberry Companion Plants: The Most Suitable Options

Blackberry companion plants provide different benefits to blackberries. The most suitable companion plants for Blackberry Bushes are the ones that are pest repelling, increase pollination, and don’t compete with them for...
Best List of Bee Balm Companion Plants

7 Beneficial and Attractive Bee Balm Companion Plants For You

Bee balm companion plants include plants that grow well and look beautiful with bee balm. Bee balm of the Monarda genus, commonly known as wild bergamot (monarda fistulosa) and scientifically known...