A Beautiful Liatris

9 Liatris Companion Plants: Plants for Your Garden

Liatris companion plants can be ideal for your flower garden as well as helping your liatris. A few lovely examples include sunflowers and purple coneflowers. You’re on the right path to learning...
Hosta Growing in the House Garden

9 Sweet Woodruff Companion Plants to Get for Your Garden

The sweet woodruff companion plants can be grown together to the benefit of one or of the plants that are involved – such as ivy, columbine, and brunnera. On its own,...
Types of Blueberry Companion Plants

18 Blueberry Companion Plants: The Perfect Ones

Blueberry companion plants are used to provide blueberries with the moisture and nutrients they need to thrive. They can also limit the pest pressure that blueberries often encounter, and would have...
Different Asparagus Companion Plants

20 Asparagus Companion Plants You Should Have in Your Garden

Asparagus companion plants are ones that have been considered beneficial even though asparagus has unique requirements for sun, space, and plant care. Asparagus grows well when planted in the company of companion...
Types of Kohlrabi Companion Plants

7 Kohlrabi Companion Plants That Provide Overall Benefits

Kohlrabi companion plants are essential for enhancing optimum growth for this plant. Kohlrabi belongs to the brassica genus and is susceptible to pests like cutworms, cabbage aphids, etc. Introducing companion planting ensures...
List of Raspberry Companion Plants

13 Raspberry Companion Plants That Are Useful to Your Garden

Raspberry companion plants will not just repel pests from your garden, but they will also give your raspberries a lot of nutrients and improve the taste of their fruits. You can try...
Crotons Plant With Different Colors

What Plants Look Good With Crotons? 7 Beautiful Companions

What plants look good with crotons knowledge is very useful, as you can easily grow the best croton companion plants in your garden – such as pentas and even Victoria blue...
worst plants grow next to blueberries list

Bad Companion Plants for Blueberries: 6 Most Dangerous Ones

Bad companion plants for blueberries are the most important thing you should be aware of if you plan to grow blueberries or already have them in your garden. In this guide, we'll...
Fresh Daikon Radishes in a Pile

8 Snap Peas Companion Plants You Might Not Have Known

The snap peas companion plants have beneficial properties that make them suitable for growing together with your snap peas – they include lettuce, radishes, and spinach. The snap peas, also called...
Freshly Harvested Snow Peas 1

7 Tomatillo Companion Plants That Are Worth Your Attention

The tomatillo companion plants increase yields while reducing the risk of being attacked by pests and diseases. They include basil, parsley, and peppers to name a few. Not only that, but...