Lemon Balm Companion Plants for Your Backyard

9 Lemon Balm Companion Plants for Your Backyard

Lemon balm companion plants include plants that help boost lemon balm growth and also complement it visually. Lemon balms of the Melissa genus, scientifically known as Melissa officinalis from the Lamiaceae...
List of Golden Mop Cypress Companion Plants

6 Golden Mop Cypress Companion Plants for Your Landscape

Golden mop cypress companion plants enhance the appearance of any landscape by making it vibrant looking. They are grown alongside the Gold mop false cypress plant—a beautiful shrub with golden foliage. Also...
List of Oregano Companion Plants for Your Garden

13 Oregano Companion Plants: The Best Ones to Grow Around

Oregano companion plants are a good option for your garden. Do you love the taste of oregano, but hate how it can take over your garden? If you're looking for oregano...
List of Scallion Companion Plants

10 Scallion Companion Plants You Could Add to Your Garden

Scallion companion plants may just be what you need for a complete garden. If you love growing these aromatic vegetables, you will surely love growing their companion plants, as they are...
Rutabaga Companion Plants for Garden

10 Rutabaga Companion Plants You Can Try Growing This Season

Rutabaga companion plants can grow with your rutabagas without facing any problems, as they are compatible and can help each other. Some of these plants add extra value to your garden, as...
Coleus is a Small Shrub Species

8 Wandering Jew Companion Plant Suggestions for Your Garden

The wandering jew companion plants have various interesting characteristics that make them beneficial – this can be taken advantage of by planting plants such as begonias and impatiens as companion plants....
A List of the Best Jalapeno Companion Plants

8 Jalapeno Companion Plants: A Plant List You Should Have

Jalapeno companion plants are highly beneficial, like eliminating pests, sheltering them from strong winds, or helping the soil keep enough moisture. The jalapeno needs others to enhance its growing season by getting...
List and Guide for Red Twig Dogwood Companion Plants

9 Red Twig Dogwood Companion Plants: List and Guide For Each

Red twig dogwood companion plants are usually limited to grasses, shrubs, cover crops, certain trees, and bushes, and one of the key varieties is the Tatarian dogwood also known as Cornus...
The Best List of Autumn Joy Sedum Companion Plants

11 Autumn Joy Sedum Companion Plants: List of Best Options 

The autumn joy sedum companion plants thrive together as they share the same growing conditions with this Crassulaceae family plant. Sedum ‘autumn joy’ is a succulent-like plant that is easy to...
A List of Choice Front Yard Companion Plants for Roses

7 Front Yard Companion Plants for Roses: Excellent Choices

Front yard companion plants for roses complement them and help to prolong flower displays in gardens. On the one hand, you can grow companions that produce flowers when your rose bushes...