A Chamomile Field

9 Mustard Greens Companion Plants: Options to Interplant With Them

Mustard greens companion plants – can’t decide which to grow? There are many to choose from, from garlic to dill. Planting mustard can be a bit confusing. Having these greens grow with...
Cilantro Plant as Companion

14 Pea Companion Plants to Keep Your Garden and Soil Healthy

Pea companion plants are recommended for gardens with food-growing crops. A companion plant – like sweet corn or beans – is especially helpful when your garden plants have a tendency to...
A Lobelia Plant in a Garden

12 Sky Pencil Holly Companion Plants: Ideal Neighbors

Sky pencil holly companion plants are abundant – examples include begonias and impatiens. Given that the sky pencil is a very distinctive kind of holly, it provides a natural accent in the...
A Cucumber Plant in a Garden

10 Peanut Companion Plants To Try Growing in Your Garden

Peanut companion plants can be easily integrated into your garden if you’re looking to add beauty and function. These flowers, fruits, and vegetables are wonderful additions that work well with the...
Types of Petunia Companion Plants

8 Petunia Companion Plants That Can Beautify Your Garden

Petunia companion plants provide extra beauty and more value to your garden, so you may want to share the space with these plants. Your petunias will gain a lot from the companionship,...
Types of Sage Companion Plants

9 Sage Companion Plants To Grow in Your Garden

Sage companion plants will give your aromatic herbs some extra nutrients and also keep them safe from a lot of pests. There are many companion plants for sage that can form...
List of Scallion Companion Plants

10 Scallion Companion Plants You Could Add to Your Garden

Scallion companion plants may just be what you need for a complete garden. If you love growing these aromatic vegetables, you will surely love growing their companion plants, as they are...
Bad Watermelon Companion Plants List

8 Bad Watermelon Companion Plants: These Will Kill Your Crop

There are bad watermelon companion plants that can seriously endanger your crops! If you are a newbie gardener looking for tips on how to ensure your watermelon crop is always growing...
List of the Best Companion Plants for Snow Peas

5 Companion Plants for Snow Peas: Beneficial Planting

Companion plants for snow peas are quite a few, unlike so many other plants with numerous options of plants to pair with them. However, once you identify and plant the most...
A Lemongrass Bush

10 Lemongrass Companion Plants: How to Choose Them

Lemongrass companion plants are various and varied with basil, bee balm, cilantro and echinacea etc. being candidates. Cymbopogon citratus, with a more familiar name called lemongrass, is known for its unique...