Types of Plants Similar to Hostas That Like Sun

10 Plants Similar to Hostas That Like Sun 

Growing plants similar to hostas that like sun is sometimes the only choice if you have a sunny garden – an infamous adversary of the shade-loving perennial. Here, you will learn...
Maranta Lemon Lime Care Guide 2

Maranta Lemon Lime Care Guide: Covering Everything You Need

Maranta lemon lime is a rhizomatic perennial plant belonging to the same-named genus of the Marantaceae family. It originates from Brazil, crawling in the ground layers of dense rainforests. With each new...
Reviving Frozen Orchid Plants Easily

Orchid Cold Damage: How To Revive the Frozen Plants Easily?

Orchid cold damage can hit you hard. One day you're admiring your vibrant blooms; the next, they're wilting in the cold. But don't throw in the trowel just yet, as you can...
Wrapping Evergreens Shrub

How to Wrap Shrubs for Winter: A Step-By-step Guide

How to wrap shrubs for winter is the process that will help you avoid any damage to your plant. Shrubs are in a vulnerable position during this harsh season, and this...
Plants For a Bug Free Garden

8 Plants That Repel Japanese Beetles: For a Bug-Free Garden

Plants that repel Japanese beetles have a strong odor and intense flavor that these tiny bugs hate. Garlic and catnip are some of the plants you can use to repel Japanese...
Plants That Look Like Dandelion Leaves

11 Plants That Look Like Dandelion Leaves: Friend or Foe?

Plants that look like dandelion leaves can be hard to distinguish. All parts of the dandelion plant of the Taraxacum genus are edible and actually have lots of culinary and medicinal...
Plants Growing Along Dusty Miller

7 Colorful Dusty Miller Companion Plants To Grow

Dusty miller companion plants include colorful flowering plants with similar dusty miller characteristics. Dusty miller of the Asteraceae family is a common name for plants with silver-ish gray leaves, like silver...