Jade Plants at the Green Garden

6 Plants That Look Like Cactus: List of Vibrant Greens

Plants that look like cactus have gained serious popularity over the years. Cactus is undoubtedly a succulent classic, but with so many alternatives in the market today, why not give a...
39 Plants with Big Leaves

39 Plants with Big Leaves: Complete List and Properties

Plants with big leaves will help you exquisitely decorate your front or back yard, as well as the inside of your home. There are certain big-leaf plants that should be grown...
Monstera Laniata vs Lechleriana Comparison

Monstera Laniata vs Lechleriana: Similarities and Differences In Care 

Monstera laniata vs Lechleriana is a very common comparison between two specific similar-looking plants of the Araceae family. What is it that sets both of these fenestrated plants apart from each...
How To Take Care of Orchids In Water

How to Preserve Orchids in Water Through Simple, Easy Ways

It is a good idea to preserve orchids in water to have magnificent blooms for as long as you want. So, if you are fond of having orchids around and showing...
Orchid Growing Nursery ~ Evergreen Seeds

How To Grow Orchids in Water Only: The Correct Steps 

How to grow orchids in water only, is a notion that you may be wondering about. What you should do is to choose a water-loving orchid, fill pure water in a...
Philodendron lupinum propagation

Philodendron Lupinum: Nurturing the Ever-Changing, Climbing Philodendron

Philodendron lupinum is a climber plant that is unique for its progressive transformation as it grows. The ever-changing nature of Philodendron lupinum will assure you of a different touch, look, and vibrancy...