Dracaena lemon lime care guide 1

Dracaena Lemon Lime Care: The Colorful, Air-Purifying Plant

Dracaena lemon lime care is surprisingly easy, making it a perfect beginner plant for anyone! Boasting a visually stunning display, Dracaena lemon lime is one of the best houseplants within the Dracaena genus...
Aglaonema silver bay soil requirement 1

Aglaonema Silver Bay Care: The Perfect Low-Light Plant

Aglaonema Silver Bay care is simple enough that it is an excellent houseplant for beginners and pros alike. Finding popularity in the 1930s, these plants from the genus Aglaonema are currently enjoying something...
A Rare Variegated Plant Thats Too Bueno To Miss

Philodendron Jose Buono Care: Grow the Rare Variegated Plant

Philodendron Jose Buono is among the rarest and most popular Philodendrons on the market. With its large, variegated leaves, it guarantees a special display. However, caring for this precious plant from the...
13 Plants That Look Similar to Rosemary

13 Plants That Look Like Rosemary: A Guide To Differentiate Them

Plants that look like rosemary include the list of all the similar-looking plants to rosemary. Rosemary, officially named Rosmarinus Officinalis, is a Salvia genus herb commonly found growing in many households. Its...
Plants Receiving Morning Sunlight

12 Plants That Like Morning Sun and Afternoon Shade Equally

Plants that like morning sun and afternoon shade are tough and can take large amounts of the bright morning sun. Partial shade in the afternoon helps these plants recover, and flowers bloom...
Plants That Look Like Rhubarb

19 Plants That Look Like Rhubarb That Are Edible or Poisonous

Plants that look like rhubarb are numerous with different requirements but they all look similar! The confusion comes when you notice they have the same leaves and stems as this Rheum...
Complete Care Guide Hoya Cumingiana 1

Hoya Cumingiana: The Complete Care Guide

The Hoya cumingiana of the Apocynaceae family is a great addition to any indoor garden because of its unique appearance. They are also extremely easy to care for, so they make...
Blue star fern care guide 1

Blue Star Fern Care: A Fantastic Fern That Anyone Can Grow

Blue star fern care is easy and straightforward, even though it is part of the fern family, which have a notorious reputation for being fussy and difficult to keep. With its iconic...
The Ultimate Guide for Cat Palm for Beginners

Cat Palm Care at Home: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Cat Palm of the Arecaceae family is a gorgeous houseplant that can brighten up any corner. For the most part, this Chamaedorea genus plant is a fairly beginner-friendly houseplant — though having...
Care Guide for Elatior Begonia

The Elatior Begonia Care Guide for a Successful Growth!

The Elatior Begonia of the Begoniaceae family is popular for its brilliant flowers and its fancy foliage that gives beauty to any home. This Begonia genus plant is very easy to grow...