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How to Grow a Shady Lady Tree – Tips for Indoor and Outdoor

Are you looking for the perfect plant for both your living room and your garden? Meet the shady lady tree! We have put together a simple guide that will teach you...
Peperomia ruby cascade

Peperomia Ruby Cascade | Care and Propagation Guide

Peperomia Ruby Cascade is a stunning houseplant often sold as ruby cascade plant or ruby cascade peperomia. It is a slow-growing plant with specific care requirements. This guide will show you the...
Angraecum sesquipedale

Angraecum Sesquipedale: Complete Flower Guide for the Exquisite Orchid

Angraecum sesquipedale is native to the island of Madagascar. It grows in coastal areas receiving rainfall throughout the year. In Latin, the word Angraecum sesquipedale means “one and a half foot...