A Lavender Field

Which Plants Like Wood Ashes? 12 Plants That Love Some Ash 

If you’re wondering “Which plants like wood ashes?” then you already know that many gardeners swear by the awesome benefits wood ash gives plants, even better than traditional lime. If you...
Bunch of Fittonia Plant in Garden

11 Snake Plant Companion Plants Choices That Are Must-Know 

Snake plants companion plants are usually attractive plants that are mainly used for decoration purposes – such as variegated ivy, bird of paradise or the humble ficus. They are grown together...
List of Plants You Can Add As Houseplants

7 Plants With Long Skinny Leaves You Can Add As Houseplants

Plants with long skinny leaves are ones that can complement your home decor, making your rooms more attractive. Some of these plants are edible and non-toxic to humans and pets as...
Closeup Look of Parsley Outdoors

6 Plants That Look Like Cilantro: A Variety of Bushy Leaves

Plants that look like cilantro are ones that have similar features to it, with their stems and spiky-edged leaves. For those who enjoy the look of cilantro of the Coriandrum genus...
Amazing Plants to Put Around Palm Trees 1

What To Put Around Palm Trees: 18 Exciting Plants To Try

What to put around palm trees is sometimes difficult. You might want to place some plants around them, but you’re not sure if they work together. In this article, we make that...
Wrapping Evergreens Shrub

How to Wrap Shrubs for Winter: A Step-By-step Guide

How to wrap shrubs for winter is the process that will help you avoid any damage to your plant. Shrubs are in a vulnerable position during this harsh season, and this...
Charm of the Elephant Foot Dioscorea

Dioscorea Elephantipes: Complete Guide To Growing and Problem-solving

Dioscorea Elephantipes of the Dioscoreaceae family is commonly known as the Elephant’s foot plant because of its unique and dramatic stem, which has a hard textured covering. It matures into a...
Create Your Own Oasis with Plant

Philodendron Shangri La: How to Care For This Compact Plant

Philodendron Shangri La of the Araceae family is a shrubby Philodendron that makes for a perfect patio plant. It is quite hardy and can be easily grown by both new and...
Complete Guide of Identify Edible Aloe Vera Plants

How To Identify Edible Aloe Vera Plants: A Complete Guide

Knowing how to identify edible Aloe vera plants of the Asphodelaceae family is important, as these have many medicinal and health benefits that you could enjoy. Aloe gel and juice contain...
Crotons Plant With Different Colors

What Plants Look Good With Crotons? 7 Beautiful Companions

What plants look good with crotons knowledge is very useful, as you can easily grow the best croton companion plants in your garden – such as pentas and even Victoria blue...