Philodendron Nangaritense in a pot

Philodendron Nangaritense: The Perfect Care Guide You Need

The Philodendron nangaritense is a very rare, exotic, tropical evergreen perennial species that originates from southern Ecuador. It is from the Araceae family, native to a humid environment of a valley...
Hoya nummularioides unique epiphytic succulent

Hoya Nummularioides: A Little Unique Epiphytic Succulent

You surely want to grow Hoya nummularioides of the Apocynaceae family as it is a unique-looking succulent with tiny leaves, this plant is easy to grow so long as you provide...
Hoya Plants

Hoya Finlaysonii: The Beautiful Unproblematic Foliage Plant

The Hoya Finlaysoniii is a beautiful plant of the Apocynaceae family perfect as a hanging plant or a climbing vine whether inside or outside the house. Its leaves’ texture is thick...
Hoya With Exotic Blooms

Hoya Meliflua: Care Tips for the Hoya With Exotic Blooms

Hoya Meliflua of the Apocynaceae family is popular among Hoya lovers for its enchanting flowers that are eye-catching and give the plant a unique yet fascinating look. The porcelain-like flowers with...
What is Fiddle Leaf Fig Bud

Fiddle Leaf Fig Bud – Best Tips for Addressing Bud-related Queries

The fiddle leaf fig bud is a crucial part of the Ficus lyrata plant of the Moraceae family, considering that this is where new branches develop However, many passionate plant owners who...
Exotic 'Caladium Bicolor Strawberry Star'

Moonlight Caladium: A Beautiful Plant for This Summer and Beyond

The Moonlight Caladium is a plant of the Araceae family that has translucent, white-colored, heart-shaped leaves and is native to South America. The beautiful, intricate details on each leaf are highlighted by...
Small 'Peperomia Verticillata Red Log' succulent houseplant

Peperomia Verticillata: The Beautiful and Stunning Red Log Succulent

The Peperomia Verticillata of the Piperaceae family is most commonly known as Red Log or peperomia with red underside. It is a lovely succulent and vibrant houseplant that develops attractive red-shaded...
Colorful Safe Plant Growing Indoor

20 Non Poisonous House Plants Safe for Pets and Children

Non poisonous house plants not only have the ability to enhance the beauty of your home but also are safe to keep within the reach of your children and pet. There are...
Anthurium plants

Anthurium Gracilis: Propagation, Care & All You Need To Know

Anthurium Gracile of the Araceae family is a lovely foliage plant that yields a cluster of red berries in addition to its leaves. Because of its strong white stilt roots and...
Hoya latifolia flower

Hoya Latifolia: The Small Plant With Huge Leaves

Hoya Latifolia of the Apocynaceae family are exotic plants that you’ll find on many horticulturists’ bucket lists. However, because its care necessitates warm temperatures and humidity, as this hoya genus plant...