The Ultimate Guide to Aloe Plant Care

How Often Do You Water Aloe Plants And Tips On Its Care

One of the most common questions gardeners ask is, "How often do you water aloe plants?" Aloe vera is a drought-resistant plant of the Asphodelaceae family that doesn't need frequent watering,...
Hoya Macrophylla Albomarginata Graceful Plant

Hoya Macrophylla Albomarginata: A Graceful Plant for Your Home

Hoya macrophylla albomarginata of the Apocynaceae family is among the most popular hoya macrophylla varieties and it is well-loved because of its variegated leaves and foul-smelling bloom. The leaf shape of...
Get the Right Size of Succulent You Want

How To Keep Succulents Small: Get the Right Size You Want

How to keep succulents small is a question many plant lovers want to know. In this regard, you should be aware that this objective can be reached by cutting back the...
The Cupid Peperomia

Cupid Peperomia: Caring for the Irresistible Trailing Beauty

Cupid peperomia of the Piperaceae family is a beautiful, fast-growing plant with leaves that look like hearts. Growing this plant of love is not demanding when you provide it with the...
Complete List of Varieties of Aloe Plants

17 Varieties of Aloe Plants: Ones to Add Outdoors or Indoors

Varieties of aloe plants are over 300 different species, but only a few are commonly grown. Most people only know barbadensis, which carries major health advantages when grown indoors. Most aloes of...
Charm of the Elephant Foot Dioscorea

Dioscorea Elephantipes: Complete Guide To Growing and Problem-solving

Dioscorea Elephantipes of the Dioscoreaceae family is commonly known as the Elephant’s foot plant because of its unique and dramatic stem, which has a hard textured covering. It matures into a...
A Versatile Succulent Plant 1

Sedum Clavatum: Growing and Care Guide for Succulent Lovers

Sedum clavatum of the Crassulaceae family is a delicate, grayish blue succulent. Its fleshy leaves have a red edge, and the plant matures into a 4-inch tall plant. The plant is...
Hoya Australis Lisa an exciting plan

Hoya Australis Lisa: Detailed Care Tips for the Lovely ‘Lisa’ Hoya

The Hoya Australis Lisa is an exciting plant of the Apocynaceae family that anyone can grow and it is a great indoor houseplant for both beginners and expert gardeners. Hoya australis...
Succulent Plant in your House

Kalanchoe Beharensis Guide: A Succulent for All Types of Gardens

Kalanchoe beharensis of the Crassulaceae family, a slow-growing succulent, has an eye-catching, bizarre look. You can expect it to grow into a 12-inch tall plant that spreads over 36 inches when...
Caring Euphorbia Trigona

Euphorbia Trigona: Growing and Propagating the African Milk Tree

Euphorbia trigona of the Euphorbiaceae family, famously known as the African milk tree, is a beautiful succulent with green and purple stems. The plant can grow up to 9 feet tall,...