Stihl BR 800X leaf blower pros and cons

Stihl BR 800X: The Best Commercial Backpack Blower in the Market?

Stihl br 800x is one of the most powerful gas backpack blower, you are at the right place. The Stihl BR 800x is an American-built commercial blower that has a 4.4...
Cleaning leaves with the best walk behind leaf blower

7 Best Walk Behind Leaf Blowers You Can Buy in 2022

The walk-behind leaf blower can help you remove debris and leaves from any area in no time. The leaf blower has greater blowing power that provides high-end cleaning. But do all the...
Person using worx wg leaf blower

Worx wg506 Leaf Blower (Spec & Review): How Reliable Is It?

The Worx wg506 is a corded electric leaf blower with tremendous air speed and air volume for its size. This light and simple-to-use blower might be one of the essential garden...