Causes Extinguishing and Preventing Lawn Mower from Fire

Lawn Mower on Fire: Causes, Extinguishing and Preventing

A lawn mower on fire is a situation that no one would like to see. If you don’t know what to do when this happens to you unexpectedly, learn from this...
How Water Gets in and How To Fix It

Water in Gas Lawn Mower: How It Gets in and How To Fix It

Water in gas lawn mower could not only waste your precious gardening and lawn mowing time, but most of all, it can also damage your ever-reliable lawn mower. You can prevent this...
Why and How to Fix Lawn Mower

Lawn Mower Runs for 30 Minutes Then Dies: Why and How to Fix

Lawn mower runs for 30 minutes then dies? You are in the middle of mowing and your lawn mower stalls. Well, obviously, your lawn mower is having a problem – from...
7 Steps to Adjust Belt Tension on Lawn Mower

How to Adjust Belt Tension on Riding Lawn Mower: 7 Steps!

How to adjust belt tension on riding lawn mower will be one of the best skills you will ever learn. You will simply need a wrench! A lawn mower can lose...
What Causes Overheating and How to Fix It

Lawn Mower Overheating: What Causes It and How to Fix It

Lawn mower overheating is an issue often neglected by users because after cooling it down, you may proceed with another round of mowing. It may be caused by the engine itself...
How to Fix A Bad Lawn Mower Spark Plug

How to Tell if a Lawn Mower Spark Plug is Bad: How to Fix...

How to tell if a lawn mower spark plug is bad is not that difficult a question to answer as there are clear signs you can observe – your lawn mower...
6 Steps to Drain Gas From Lawn Mower

How to Drain Gas From Lawn Mower Without Siphon: 6 Steps

How to drain gas from lawn mower without siphon is an invaluable skill. It is especially useful when the seasons turn colder and the lawn mower needs to be stored for...
Calculating Time To Charge a Lawn Mower Battery

How Long Does It Take to Charge a Lawn Mower Battery?

How long does it take to charge a lawn mower battery is a very good question commonly asked by mower owners. It can potentially be as little as 25 minutes and...
Our Experts Answer to Hydrostatic Lawn Mower

What Is a Hydrostatic Lawn Mower? Our Experts Answer

“What is a hydrostatic lawn mower?” This is a question often asked by curious homeowners when they first encounter one. A hydrostatic lawn mower has a hydrostatic transmission. In this article, we...
Using New Lawn Mower Blade

Do New Lawn Mower Blades Need To Be Sharpened: Best Choice

Do new lawn mower blades need to be sharpened is a common worry that you would get, because the mower machine and all its parts are still brand new, so why...