Tips and Tricks About Lawn Mower Blade

Which Side of the Lawn Mower Blade Is Up? Tips and Tricks

Which side of the mower blade is up can be tricky for those who have only recently bought a lawn mower. Both sides of the mower blade have different purposes in...
Possible Reasons Draining Your Lawn Mower Battery

What Keeps Draining My Lawn Mower Battery? Possible Reasons

“What keeps draining my lawn mower battery?” is a question most gardeners have asked in frustration, even when they regularly charge it on time. We understand how frustrating it is to...
Syngonium Wendlandii in a Pot

How to Manually Push a Zero Turn Mower: Dos and Don’ts

How to manually push a zero turn mower when it comes to a halt in the middle of a grass-cutting session is a problem most gardeners face. The good news is...
Comprehensive guide Lawn Mower

Lawn Mower Blade Spinning but Not Cutting: Causes and Fixes

A lawn mower blade spinning but not cutting issue can occur because of several varying reasons. Either the problem lies directly in the blade, which is broken or incorrectly installed, or...
Understanding Spark Plug Sizes 1

Are Lawn Mower Blades Reverse Thread? Essential Information

“Are lawn mower blades reverse thread?” is something you might have asked yourself when checking your lawnmower blades. Our complete guide will help you determine if you have reverse threaded blades and...
Essential Guide to High Lift Blades

What Are High Lift Mower Blades? Everything You Need To Know

“What are high-lift mower blades?” is a question a lot of mower owners ask. High lift refers to the ability of one of the various types of mower blades to lift...
Ideal Mower Height for Your Leaves

Mower Height for Mulching Leaves: A Comprehensive Guide

The mower height for mulching leaves depends on many factors and is not a one-size-fits-all thing. Even though mulching lawn leaves can be more difficult than mulching grass, if you get...
The Step by Step Guide to Priming

Priming a Lawn Mower: Easy Steps To Do It Right Every Time

Priming a lawn mower can be a bit intimidating for first-time lawn mower owners, especially when they haven’t encountered this before. In this complete guide, we’ll discuss how to prime your lawn...
Fix a Lawn Mower That Only Runs with the Choke On

Lawn Mower Only Runs With Choke On: Causes and Fixes

When your lawn mower only runs with choke on, it is obviously not normal and can be an indication of an issue. The culprit in this occurrence is probably a problem...
Understanding Spark Plug Sizes

Lawn Mower Spark Plug Size: Useful Information To Have

Knowing the lawn mower spark plug size is essential when you need to replace damaged ones. However, some spark plugs can vary in size due to their manufacturer’s specifications. Using the incorrect...