Chain link fences are a durable and secure addition to any home. They help add privacy, block sound and provide visual aesthetics. But, chain link is not the only material you can use. The goal of this article is to provide six chain link fence alternatives that suit your and your home’s needs.Chain Link Fence Alternatives

List of the Best Chain Link Fence Alternatives

1. Wood Fences

Wooden barriers are the most popular alternative to chain link barriers. Much like chain link fences, wooden railings are readily available. They are also economical and durable. Woodwork always has a classy and unique finish. Wooden bars come in different types, including pine, oxbow, and cedar.Chain Link Fence Alternatives Wood Fences

Wooden panels help to gain privacy and keep children and pets safe within your home. They tend to last about 20 years, withstanding year-round exposure to elements. But, depending on the type of wood you use, the lifespan of the fence changes.

Some wood types are more resilient to harsh elements, but cedar is a popular pick for most homeowners because it tends to last the longest. But, some fence types can also show more resilience than others. For example, wood panels may last