Chain link fences are a durable and secure addition to any home. They help add privacy, block sound and provide visual aesthetics. But, chain link is not the only material you can use. The goal of this article is to provide six chain link fence alternatives that suit your and your home’s needs.Chain Link Fence Alternatives

List of the Best Chain Link Fence Alternatives

1. Wood Fences

Wooden barriers are the most popular alternative to chain link barriers. Much like chain link fences, wooden railings are readily available. They are also economical and durable. Woodwork always has a classy and unique finish. Wooden bars come in different types, including pine, oxbow, and cedar.Chain Link Fence Alternatives Wood Fences

Wooden panels help to gain privacy and keep children and pets safe within your home. They tend to last about 20 years, withstanding year-round exposure to elements. But, depending on the type of wood you use, the lifespan of the fence changes.

Some wood types are more resilient to harsh elements, but cedar is a popular pick for most homeowners because it tends to last the longest. But, some fence types can also show more resilience than others. For example, wood panels may last longer because they are not as close to the ground as others.

In a world where visual aesthetics reign superior, your fences must look great. Fortunately, wooden barriers are also customizable. You can get creative with different styles and see what suits your property the best. They go great in patios, gardens, pools, and decks. The most common wooden barrier styles are picket and rail fences. 

2. Steel Fences

Steel fences are another popular pick amongst fence materials in the United States. They are long-lasting, resilient, and reliable. Unlike wooden fences, steel does not absorb moisture through external factors. They are the perfect upgrade from chain link fences and provide a safer and more protected environment.Chain Link Fence Alternatives Steel Fences

Steel railings are the choice for homeowners who seek safety. Steel fences can also double as security gates for those seeking safety. They are a common favorite because of the minimal maintenance required. Once a steel fence has been covered in powder coating, you no longer worry about its color fading or rusting.

The ability of steel to withstand rust, mold, and other types of wear and tear is one of its best-known properties. Although it is frequently coated to protect it from the elements, its inherent toughness makes it a perfect alternative for anyone looking for a low-maintenance fence or gate option.

Steel fences are slightly bigger expenses when you compare costs with chain links. They also weigh more, requiring you to hire a professional to help build them. But, because they can maintain form for years at a time, they are an investment. An investment that is likely to last you for years. 

3. Aluminum Fences

Aluminum railings are the classic fence at low costs. They provide similar aesthetics to a steel fence at a much more reasonable price. Aluminum fence installation is easy because it is lightweight. One significant benefit of using them includes compatibility. Unlike chain links or other materials, aluminum bars complement most landscapes.Chain Link Fence Alternatives Aluminum Fences

Although aluminum bars are lightweight, they still provide a significant level of protection. They are much harder to climb and impossible to cut through. Some practical uses of these fences include:

  • Achieving privacy
  • Creating boundaries for kids
  • Blocking wind and noise

Aesthetically speaking, aluminum bars make a great addition to your garden, deck, poolside, and patio. You can modernize aluminum railings to match most futuristic designs. They come in a range of versatile colors, so you can choose which color suits your home the best.

Aluminum railings are a sustainable option that requires little to no maintenance. Debris buildup is a natural occurrence and happens to everyone. But aluminum makes it easy to clean up.


4. Vinyl Fences

Vinyl railings reign supreme as one of the best chain link fence alternatives. They offer the classic wooden fence look without the vulnerability. Vinyl railings easily mimic any color and texture you feel suits your property best. They can withstand harsh rains, provide security, and give your curb a more appealing look.Chain Link Fence Alternatives Vinyl Fences

The plastic-based material, known as vinyl, is resilient against cracks. Its qualities allow you to have quality bars around your home. It is relatively low maintenance and provides sufficient advantages of basic home fencing. Vinyl barriers can come in different designs to help you choose freely.

Unlike other railing materials, vinyl barricades allow you to achieve full-blown privacy by filling in gaps and spaces that are otherwise a common design. The surface of a vinyl barrier is also non-porous, making it more attractive and appealing to look at. It is a durable and highly effective material to use for home fences.

Vinyl barriers may be slightly more expensive than wood, but their longevity makes up for it. While wood can easily fall prey to moisture and pests, vinyl does not. Its core qualities allow it to show five times more strength than that wood.

5. Wrought Iron Fences

Wrought iron railings are a highly durable alternative to chain link fences. They are impossible to break into and offer a level of privacy like no other. The upfront cost of these fences may seem to appear steep initially, but their lifespan is what sets them apart from other fence options.Chain Link Fence Alternatives Wrought Iron Fences

Iron railings also offer a list of designs and colors to choose from. The components in an iron fence make it elastic and mouldable, allowing it to easily take the shape of any design or pattern. So, for someone seeking unique fence designs, iron is a great choice. 

Iron railings are easy to maintain as is and offer several benefits when it comes to longevity. After a finishing paint coating, their durability properties multiply. This also means you will not have to touch up your fence with additional coatings to make it more durable. 

Any homeowners looking for low-maintenance yet durable railings will benefit from using iron railings. They serve many benefits with almost zero upkeep. The occasional dusting with a rag is really all you need with these sturdy barriers. You will also find iron railings tend to look shiny and new all year round.

6. Brick Wall Fences

Brick wall fences have been around for centuries and are a staple option to consider. For those seeking to add a more traditional look, brick wall fences are an excellent option. Bricks have been a reliable material used in construction for decades and do not seem to go out of style.Chain Link Fence Alternatives Brick Wall Fences

The classic aesthetics of a brick wall fence do not compete with other materials. A brick wall fence is timeless, classy, and best at achieving privacy and blocking out sound. A brick wall fence is also a sustainable option that requires little to no maintenance.

With brick wall fences, you are free to choose between custom designs. Whether that be a traditional fence with open spaces or a solid fence that blocks everything out. Closed brick wall fences provide optimum levels of privacy. They block sight and sound and offer a high level of security.

Brick wall fences come in a series of colors and designs. You can recreate popular textures and variations. You can also use different sizes of bricks to achieve the desired look for your fence work. Having this many options allows you to create the ultimate design based on your needs and wants.

A common thing most people do is use brick wall fences with other materials such as steel or chain link. Combining the two make for excellent fence designs. It gives a more modernized look and allows you to customize your fences.


Fences are a fundamental part of your home and can change the aesthetics according to the type of material you use. Fences can come in a list of varieties. You can either use brick-wall, iron, vinyl, steel, or wood fences to use as an alternative to chain link. Whichever material you choose to use, make sure to go through all the important features mentioned in this article.

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