Cinder block fire pit ideas can quickly get you started in setting up an inexpensive cinder block fire pit, especially with winter approaching. Cinder blocks are inexpensive building materials for making fire pits.

9 Cinder Block Fire Pit Ideas for a Welcoming Garden

These concrete blocks make for the impeccable foundation for any fire pit and will magically transform the atmosphere in your garden into a relaxing one.

If you are confused about building your cinder block fire pit, this post will give you some DIY cinder block design ideas on how to effortlessly build one.

List of Cinder Block Fire Pit Ideas

1. Simplistic Pit

You don’t have to build a complicated fire pit to achieve a unique design. A fire pit can be simplistic, yet elegant. If you want to build a temporary cinder block pit that’s simple and beautiful, this pit design template is for you.

This design idea will allow you to easily build a spacious circular cinder block fireplace on a stone gravel floor. With this kind of floor, you can chuck firewood into the fire without issues.

– Required Tools

You need some fireproof cinder blocks, paver/gravel, shovel, marking paint, mallet, a long piece of wood, and a landscape adhesive. If you have old cinder blocks lying around somewhere, ensure it is porous. Porous cinder blocks allow airflow; if they aren’t, the blocks’ heat-resistant level will drastically reduce, and an explosion could ensue.

Simplistic Pit

– Building Process

The first step is to check if fire pits are legal in your area. If they are, decide where you would like to install them. Make sure the place is about 20 feet away from overhanging trees to prevent accidental fire outbreak.

Mark the circle with marking paint and dig up around the marked area a few inches in depth. Ensure the center circle is leveled. Use a long piece of wood to ensure this.

Next is to pour the paver base into the center circle and put the blocks in the dug hole. Hit the blocks with a rubber mallet to help them settle into the ground. Apply landscape adhesive on each block to allow the next layer of blocks to stay in place.

Once the blocks have been set down, fill the fire pit with granite rocks to allow drainage if it rains. This is also done to prevent weeds from growing. However, you must wait for a few days for the adhesive to dry before using.

2. Round Fire Pits

Round fire pits are beautiful and a popular choice due to their sense of hospitality. Building this fire pit is quite easy, but we recommend building it on a gravel pad and creating a comfy space for sitting.

A couple of Adirondack chairs placed around the fireplace with surrounding lights will be a fantastic addition. Another option is building it on grass. You can use metal wires and plywood to solidify the concrete. Turn your winter night into a magical scene with this pit design!

Round Fire Pits

– Required Tools

You need a gravel pad, which can be optional too, cinder blocks, marking paint, metal wires, and lava rocks. You can use plywood in place of metal wires.

– Building Process

First, choose the site and draw a ring on the ground. Then, you must tamp the ground and place a gravel pad on it. Alternatively, you can discard the pad and build on grass.

Make sure that you arrange the first layer of blocks in a ring so that each corner touches the other. The holes should face skyward to allow air. However, remember to use metal wires or plywood to solidify the blocks, which is an important step. Then, you must add more layers to reach the desired level, as you would pour lava rocks inside.

3. In-ground Block Fire

The in-ground cinder block fire pit is ideal for those who want a low-profile cinder block fire pit. It is simplistic in design but requires some effort to dig into the soil to the desired level to install the cinder blocks. The advantage of doing this is that the wind won’t be able to sway the flames at will.

– Required Tools

Building this fire pit requires gravel, cinder blocks, and adhesive gum. In addition, you also need a shovel to dig the soil.

In-ground Block Fire

– Building Process

Dig out three to four inches of soil and fill the center of the soil with gravel, after which you must level it up and lay the first row of cinder blocks.

Next is to add more layers until you attain the desired height. They should be positioned in a straddled way. Finally, once the height has been reached, you must seal the blocks with mortar and allow them to cure for some days before use.

4. Stone-topped Pit

If you want something more stylish, consider this design tutorial. Not only is this stone-topped cinder block fire pit for keeping your backyard warm and relaxing, but it will add aesthetics to the overall site. With a refined finish, this cinder block fire pit costs little to set up, and it can be ready for use in less than 12 hours.

Stone-topped Pit

– Required Tools

You need some pavers, cinder blocks, and tiles/stoned bricks. These materials cost less than $60 on eBay, hence this is what makes it a cheaper option of choice.

– Building Process

First, you must set up the pavers as a base on the ground, and this should be four to five rows of five blocks next to one another. Then add the first row of cinder blocks.

Rotate some blocks to allow better air circulation at the bottom. Add more layers of cinder blocks and top with tiles or stoned bricks to achieve an aesthetic finish. You can choose to design it in a square shape, or a rectangular shape, either one will be great, as you would pick it with your own choice, and the backyard’s size.

5. Portable Cinder Block Outdoor Smoking Fireplace

Do you love BBQ? Consider setting up your fire pit with this fantastic design idea from Ronnie Norwood. Besides enjoying the warmth and smoking those large tasty pieces of meat for your pals and family, the cinder block fire pit comes at a reasonable size for any space.

If you don’t have much space for a fire pit, we recommend this design. Plus, it’s movable. This fire pit is usually made with a grill rack for smoking meats.

– Required Tools

You need some standard-sized cement blocks of, bricks, steel-made grill racks, a shovel, and some gravel. The amount of gravel would vary from one project to the other, make sure you have sufficient enough to finish your project.

Portable Cinder Block Outdoor Smoking Fireplace

In addition to the tools, make sure that you also have some marking paint, because it is also needed for demarcation.

– Building Process

First, begin by marking the ground where you want to place the fire pit. It should be square-shaped, leaving only the front open. Then, you must dig the ground around the marked area to a depth of one inch and set the cement block on the ground around the marked area. It can be three to four rows.

Install a grill rack on top of the block and place a brick on top to support the rack. Then pour gravel into the open space on the ground. That’s it! You have built a portable cinder block fire pit.

6. Simple Square Shape

We love this square-shaped cinder block fire pit because of its lovely design and straightforward setup. This design from Wednesday Morning Whispers is easy to make, but you must layer in up to three rows with cinder blocks.

Although the pit may look small and basic, it won’t disappoint in providing warmth and creating a cozy relaxation spot. With this fire pit installed in your outdoor living space, your friends will pop in now and then for a drink in your fireplace, and it will be such a cozy environment.

Simple Square Shape

– Required Tools

This design requires 25 12-inch patio pavers, cinder blocks, and 10 bricks. However, note that the bricks are optional, as they can add more beauty to the fire pit.

– Building Process

Set up the 12-inch pavers as a base on the ground, the keynote here is that it should be five rows of five. Add the first layer of cinder blocks and rotate a few to allow better airflow at the bottom.

You can also add another layer of cinder blocks and top it with bricks. The reason why this is a great choice is that this fireplace is easy to move. You can easily swap out any block if required, and make it bigger or smaller depending on your task.

7. Patio Pit

You can also build a block fire pit on your patio. The advantage of this design is you will save yourself some stress and extra expenses of setting up seats around the fire pit. Plus, you don’t need a base for the fire pit since the patio will serve as one.

– Required Tools

Building this pit needs some cinder blocks, lava rocks, and marking paint. You can add some bricks for decoration, as they would also enhance the colors of the fire pit.

Patio Pit

– Building Process

First, mark the area you want to install the fire pit, then you should pour the sand into the area and then gravel, and make sure that you would tamp it so that it would smoothen itself.

Add the first layer of cinder blocks and rotate a few to allow better airflow at the bottom. This means that you can always add extra layers of cinder blocks and top them with bricks. Finally, pour lava rocks into the pit.

8. Mobile Pit

Movable fire pits? That sounds nice, and it will interest you to know that they are straightforward DIY projects. Not only will you create an affordable fire pit, but you will build a portable one.

It is straightforward to build, as it will take you not more than three hours to build. You can dismantle this fire pit and set it up in your desired place.

Mobile Pit

– Required Tools

You need cinder block caps, cement caps, and pavers. Furthermore, make sure to add a bag or two of lava rocks to maintain the heat level.

This design idea requires eight cinder block caps and cement caps and a bag or two of lava rocks. You can add a square-foot paver for decoration. All these materials cost less than $30, which is incredibly affordable for the result that you should get.

– Building Process

Level the ground and set up pavers. Place the blocks on it with caps on top to block the holes. Then add lava rocks on the bottom, and wait for it to dry, and it is easily done.

9. Meat Smoking Fire Pit

This is another fire pit idea for those who love meat-smoking and having friends and family gathered for some barbecue. This versatile fire pit can give your backyard an entirely new look.

It is usually built with sheet metal on top. Cinder blocks heat with lava rocks or pebbles at the bottom, so don’t forget to add some.

Meat Smoking Fire Pit

– Required Tools

You need 8x8x16 inches cinder blocks, 18×18 concrete blocks, a metal stand, lava rocks, corrugated sheet metal, and a dial thermometer.

– Building Process

Level the area you want to install the fire pit with sandbox sand. Set up concrete blocks on the ground to serve as the base. It should be high enough to accommodate the height of the metal stand.

Place the metal stand inside the pit and pour lava rocks inside. Add the sheet metal on top. Drill a hole by the fire pit’s side to attach the dial thermometer.


Cinder block fire pit ideas can get you started with any fire pit DIY project. Cinder block fire pits are easy and inexpensive to construct, and you can build them to your preference. Before you can start building a cinder block fire pit, note the following;

  • The number of cinder blocks required depends on the size of the fire pit you want to build.
  • Cinder blocks are heat-resistant, but not fire-rated. Prolonged exposure to fire will destroy them.
  • The blocks must be porous enough to allow the escape of steam.
  • Adding lava rocks can reduce the heat level, and the ones sitting around, will not be tired of the heat.

With these pit designs, you can conveniently build yourself an aesthetic cinder block fire pit.


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