Companion plants for Karl Foerster grass include similar cluster ornamental grasses, vegetables, legumes, and even flowers. The trick to finding great companions is to use plants that complement features of the Karl Foerster or make up for features it may be lacking. 

Companion Plants for Karl Foerster Grass

‘Karl Foerster’ grass, or the Calamagrostis acutiflora, also known as feather reed grass, is a perennial ornamental plant that blooms from spring to fall and lasts through the winter. They combine well with other perennial grass, especially those that bloom in summer and fall.

A List of Beautiful Companions for Karl Foerster Grass

In selecting the best companions for Karl Foerster grass, we considered several questions; Is the Karl Foerster grass invasive? Preference of the Karl Foerster Grass, sun or shade? What’s the Karl Foerster Grass height? 

Aside from filling up your garden, when dealing with the issue of Calamagrostis Karl Foerster care, it’s advised that other complementary crops be planted to replenish the soil. Essentially looking for plants that perfectly complement the feather reed grass.

1. Rudbeckia

Lovers of variety during the fall find the Rudbeckia to be excellent companions for the Foerster grass owing to their similar growing conditions and colorful beauty during the fall.