Companion Plants For Russian Sage

Companion Plants For Russian Sage are ultimate because keeping these Russian sage is prized for its silvery grey, scented foliage, and lavender-purple flowers, which make a striking statement in the garden.

Russian Sage can be grown as a display plant or as a ground cover for wide spaces and thrives in extremely dry environments, making it the perfect plant. Just keep reading to discover the ideal companion plants for Russian Sage and those you should avoid.

List of Companion Plants That Go Well With Russian Sage 

Consider your preferred color schemes and which leaf forms and textures would best complement your existing garden area when choosing which to plant alongside your Sage. The Russian Sage is an ornamental garden plant that thrives in the presence of other plants.

Other than adding color to your garden, companion planting can serve as a habitat for helpful insects. Tall plants like lilies or hollyhocks and short plants like pansies or violas make excellent companions for Russian Sage.

1. Daylilies