Concrete patio ideas with fire pit offer you many options when you want to makeover your outdoor space. If we can be honest, most patio spaces are boring with less activity for the better part of the year.

Concrete Patio Ideas with Fire Pit for Backyard

How about some concrete floor to revamp your patio for that family get-together or dinner outdoors? Concrete pavers are excellent for simple backyard fire pit ideas as they won’t catch fire and are sturdy enough. Here are some patio ideas to think about.

The Top Best Concrete Patio Ideas With Fire Pit

1. Concrete Fireplace With Inset Bowl

Though there are many concrete fire pits, this one stands out for all the right reasons. The bowl design brings in a decent feel, unlike the traditional fireplace.

Inset Bowl Concrete Fireplace

Place a metal bowl in the middle of this pit and add a layer of gravel or glass for that luxurious look. It will look high-end, but you don’t have to rob the bank.

2. Concrete Patio With Sliced Boulder Fireplace

How about using a natural stone to build your patio fire pit? These boulders are harvested for an outdoor fire. They come in different sizes, shapes, and styles.

Sliced Boulder Fireplace

You end up with a double blessing of an extraordinary centerpiece and a fire pit. If you want to go all natural with this idea, use natural gas to integrate the theme easily.

3. Concrete Retaining Wall Blocks

Concrete wall blocks are the best to use in a fire as they retain heat and give a polished, neat look. It is easy to use these blocks by arranging them neatly to make an outstanding pit.

Concrete Wall Blocks Fireplace

Retaining wall blocks are budget-friendly, and you can use them to transform your entire seating area around the fire.

4. Built-in Concrete Fire Pit

A built-in concrete fire pit almost shares the same aspect with the retaining wall blocks. Built-in pits are elegant, but they stand out even more when incorporated into the sitting area.

Concrete Built Fire Pit

Stamped concrete patio with a fire pit costs a good amount of money, but it will be worth the investment. Add this to some interesting patio furniture pieces, and you will have a simple yet elegant outdoor space.

5. Centered Barrel Fire Pit

A barrel pit is one of the most straightforward design ideas to use. You can customize this fireplace as best as you like. Using an old metal barrel, simply cut it down into half and surround it with brick or stone to preserve the heat.

Centered Barrel Fire Pit with Rocking Chair

The barrel in the center creates a fireplace with a touch of metal and bricks. Depending on your budget, you can do more or less with this idea.

6. Stone Fire Bowl

If you feel your fire pit has to have that modern contemporary theme, it’s best to go for this idea.

Blue Stone Fire Bowl

The stone fire bowl is made elegantly to give you warmth in a smokeless way.It uses lava rocks to deliver warmth in a calm environment and won’t leave you smelling smoke. It’s the best for a modern patio that has expensive furniture.

7. Large Stone Fire Pit

Fire pits do not have to use only perfect stones; they can also look elegant using selected large rocks arranged as a border.

Outside Large Stone Fire Pit

The most important thing to consider is ensuring they are not wobbly and don’t cause accidents. This arrangement gives your patio a cool rustic look that you will love. Added to rustic rocky seats, it completes the theme of your patio.

8. Gravel Patio Fire Pit

Gravel may not be as neat as concrete, but it makes an awesome fireplace. Arrange it well and use cement to bind it together neatly; voila, your pit is ready.

Gravel Patio Fire Pit

It may look rustic but when matched with the right furniture turns out just fine.

9. Concrete Cast Round Fire Pit

Fire pits not attached to the ground are becoming more popular today. They are heavy and balanced, making them stable and easy to use around your patio.

Round Concrete Fire Pit

The concrete cast round pit offers elegance like no other, allowing you to move it around as you wish. Ensure you move it before lighting the fire.

10. Rectangular Pit

This is an idea for homeowners who have spacious patios. You can go for this idea if you want to create enough space for small meetings or events.

Rectangular Fire Pit

Get a rectangular fire pit and complete the look with an L-shaped seat to define your area. This space mainly stands out as formal; however, you can transform it more according to the style of chairs and colors you choose.

11. Square Concrete Fire Pit

Simplicity mixed with creativity brings excellent results. That’s what it’s all about with the square pit surrounded by concrete. You can use any square shape instead of the ordinary round ones.

Concrete Square Fire Pit

To make it stand out, add square-shaped furniture making the pit sit in the middle. You can choose to surround it with bricks or stone to preserve heat. This fireplace gives you warmth and is safe for you and your loved ones, including pets.

12. Inground Fire Pit With Concrete Sides

How about you dig up a well-rounded fire pit in the ground at the center of the concrete patio? Line it up with blocks to preserve the heat, and you will have one of the finest concrete patio designs.

Concrete Inground Fire Pit

You will have a flat-rimmed fire pit that is safe for everyone. Surrounding it with a concrete floor will make it easy to sit around the fire on those game nights. It also allows more seating space since it’s contained in the ground.

13. Upcycled Tire Rims

Recycling is the number one aspect every homeowner should think about as a way to keep our planet more habitable. Old tire rims are an affordable way to add a fire pit in your backyard.

Outdoor Rims Fire Pit with Ashes

It requires little expertise to set it up, and you can enjoy it for decades due to its durability. A recycled tire rim gives your outdoor space a rustic feel that you can match up with the seats around or any other detail.

You can add brick on the sides to preserve the heat and give it a more defined look.

14. Multicolored Stone Fire Pit

Using stone in your backyard setup is one thing, but it’s another when you opt for a multicolored stone paver.

Colorful Stone Fire Pit

It will stand out from the concrete stone, or you can choose to use a multicolored stone theme on your concrete slab and a bench to relax around the fire.

15. Inset Pit With Decorative Pebbles

Many homeowners go for an inset pit that allows it to sit evenly on the ground. Using decorative pebbles completes the look with details and charm.

Fire Pit with Decorative Pebbles

Pebbles are mostly sought as they are decorative and high-end. Any product finished with these gems always stands out.

16. Tabletop Fireplace

Yes, you read it right, a tabletop fireplace is one for the books! An exquisite tabletop fireplace with a shared table in your backyard patio gives you all you want.

Tabletop Fireplace with Pebbles

You will still enjoy the fire’s warmth and the beauty of those orange flames in a safe environment. It’s also easy to have guests around on cold evenings.

17. Square Brick Fire Pit

Brick is commonly used to make fire pits because it keeps the warmth concentrated for a long time. It also brings a visually appealing beauty, making it the best option.

Jade Plant in a Pot

If you don’t want to go for the standard round shape, it’s best to go for this square brick pit that stands out in its way. It is a modest and effective design.

18. Round Brick Fire Pit

Yes, the king of all fire pits in outdoor living is the round brick patio! It is common to see a round brick pit in most homes.

Round Brick Fire Pit on Backyard

The rounded brick pit is simple and looks good, made from bricks, stone, or concrete. You can make it as easy as possible with the finest materials without making it too expensive.

19. Glass-covered Fire Pit

Covering your fire pit with glass makes it look so elegant. There is a certain vibe this pit gives that is so breathtaking.

Glass Covered Indoor Fire Pit

Using blue glass gives a feel of water surrounding the fire, which is such a win and gives you an ocean view on a covered patio. Accompanied by a modern high-end seating area, a glass fire makes it perfect for an evening together.

20. Small Fire Pit

A fire pit does not have to be too large; it can be small and compact, especially if you want it to be intimate.

Small Fire Pit in Backyard

Lay it well with bricks to create a retaining wall that will raise it close to you and your mate for that warm evening together. It signifies a private space that is meaningful to couples or love birds or just a small intimate family.

21. Lava Rock Fire Pit

If you love the fire but don’t envy the smoke and odor it comes with, we understand you. The lava rock pit is beautifully crafted for a modern lifestyle.

Lava Rock on Fire Pit

You can enjoy a quiet evening around this pit with a beautiful fire that does not smell smoke. The lava rock pit is the way for modern homes with new patios.

22. Wheelbarrow Fire Pit

This is where creativity plays out. If you like to spice things up a little, you can add a wheelbarrow to your concrete patios. You can even cement it to keep it from wobbling and spilling the fire.

Turning Wheelbarrow into a Fire Pit

It is an attractive DIY pit that spices things up around your fireplace. You can choose to have it as a standalone or build an enclosure around it to give it more life.

23. Square Grated Fire Pit

Grated fireplaces are grand for most patio designs. The grate keeps debris from falling into the fire, while it can also pass as a grill for those group evenings.

Square Grated Fire Pit in Garden

It also brings a different appeal to your fireplace that other ideas do not. It’s a simple way to make your concrete patio look different in a good way.

24. Arranged Stones Fire Pit

Bricks are the most common materials for patio designs. But there is nothing wrong with using arranged stones to make yours.

Fire Burns in Arranged Stones Fire Pit

It looks just as fine as bricks but costs you less. It’s also a way to embrace a new change from the norm!

25. Simple Stone Fire Pit

If you aim to have a simple stone pit, by all means, go for it. A stone fire pit may look simple, but it’s classy and elegant in its way.

Simple Stone Fire Pit in House

It can still deliver a high-end patio design without brick, especially if you polish your stones. Add some classy or vintage furniture, and you will complete the look.

26. Old School Fire Pit

Going for a smooth concrete fire pit is an excellent choice, but you don’t have to feel limited to that option alone. Sometimes getting rough is fun and brings that rustic feel most outdoor kitchens use.

Old School Fire Pit with Ashes

The old-school pit will give you rustic appeal without spending too much. It may not be a high-end patio design for many, but you cannot ignore its appeal.

27. Simple Inset Fire Pit

An inset pit lined with brick is the best and will hold the heat long after the firewood is gone. An inset pit always looks cleaner and smoother socially when coupled with a concrete patio.

Outside Simple Inset Fire Pit

You can always cover it with a firm lid when not in use. You can create the shape you like, whether round, square, heart-shaped, etc. Add some floating benches to complete the look.

28. Patio Fire Pit With Swing Seats

How about some swings around a fireplace? Everyone can have a relaxed evening around a fire as they swing the stress away.

Swing Seats around Patio Fire Pit

The swings bring a therapeutic look to your concrete patio with a centered fireplace that will provide heat. It’s a nice place to read a book, catch up with a friend or have your romantic dinner.

29. Corner Fire Pit

Nothing will stop you from getting a functional, relaxing area, even if you have a small backyard. You can use one corner to design your fireplace.

Fire Pit in Backyard Corner

You can add some lighting to create a theme you will love. Add some stamped concrete seats to complete the look.

30. Stylish Outdoor Fire Pit Table

Just like its name, this pit is genuinely stylish. It comes with a table that doubles up as a centerpiece and as a fireplace.

Stylish Fire Pit Table with Chairs

You can add it to your patio or poolside. For those cool nights or romantic evenings, you get to stay warm in a stylish way.

31. Wine Barrel Fire Pit

Recycling the good old wine barrels will give you a fireplace you will love. This centerpiece brings a vintage appeal when you center it on your concrete patio.

Fire Burns in Wine Barrel

Add a stamped concrete table on top that will hold fire; voila, you have a high-end fire pit.


This article has enough concrete patio ideas with fire pits to choose from. If you like it modern and clean, you can go for a sliced boulder, tabletop fireplace, or lava rock fire pit.

These will give you a defined fireplace that spells elegance and creativity. Cold evenings will never be the same again as you get to unwind with your loved ones around a fire.

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