Corner lot fence ideas, are great if you are trying to expand the aesthetics of your house. This article talks about quite a few that are bound to make your yard aesthetically pleasing.

7 Corner Lot Fence Ideas For Your Yard

Corner lots are often-overlooked areas of the yard, but with the proper attention, they will do wonders for your yard’s appeal. Although a simple wooden fence is the most simple and surefire way to make your corner lot stand out, there are many other ways to make it more suited to your needs.

List of Corner Lot Fence Ideas

Let us look at some corner fence ideas that will instantly add to the curb appeal of your property. Whether your goal is privacy or beauty, we present several ideas from wooden to corrugated metal fences that will likely fulfill your requirements.

1. The Picket Fence

A picket fence is a wood fence comprising a series of several vertical wooden boards, called pickets, that are evenly spaced from one another and attached to horizontal rails at the top and the bottom. They are most popular in the United States, with white picket fences being the most common among them.

The Picket Fence For Backyards Flower Yellow Petal Surround

The fence is may be somewhere between 36 to 48 inches in height, and horizontal fence posts support the pickets. These vertical boards are called pickets because they resemble the pointed s