Corner lot fence ideas, are great if you are trying to expand the aesthetics of your house. This article talks about quite a few that are bound to make your yard aesthetically pleasing.

7 Corner Lot Fence Ideas For Your Yard

Corner lots are often-overlooked areas of the yard, but with the proper attention, they will do wonders for your yard’s appeal. Although a simple wooden fence is the most simple and surefire way to make your corner lot stand out, there are many other ways to make it more suited to your needs.

List of Corner Lot Fence Ideas

Let us look at some corner fence ideas that will instantly add to the curb appeal of your property. Whether your goal is privacy or beauty, we present several ideas from wooden to corrugated metal fences that will likely fulfill your requirements.

1. The Picket Fence

A picket fence is a wood fence comprising a series of several vertical wooden boards, called pickets, that are evenly spaced from one another and attached to horizontal rails at the top and the bottom. They are most popular in the United States, with white picket fences being the most common among them.

The Picket Fence For Backyards Flower Yellow Petal Surround

The fence is may be somewhere between 36 to 48 inches in height, and horizontal fence posts support the pickets. These vertical boards are called pickets because they resemble the pointed spikes colonists used to defend against the cavalry. Usually, these fences are commonly made of wood, but other options include PVC and aluminum.

The white picket fence is famously considered a symbol of suburban life in the United States. This idea arose from the fact that quiet areas often have houses with yards with picket fences around them.

Therefore, a picket corner fence is excellent if you want a suburban look, as they were one of the oldest used fences in the world, dating back to the colonial era of the English empire. They were primarily used for defense purposes but are now a popular choice for decorative uses.

2. The Trellis Fence

A trellis or lattice is an architectural structure that is an open framework or a “lattice” of intersecting pieces of wood, bamboo, or metals. This structure works well for various purposes, one of which is fencing.

The Trellis Fence Wooden and Sturdy Guard for Homes and Houses

The trellis can provide multiple uses as a corner fence. Not only will it provide safety and beauty, but also the option to incorporate greenery and plants. You can add roses and vines on the trellis giving a vineyard look to your yard.

Even if you already have a different type of fence installed, you can add trellis toppers to add visual variety and height to the protective fence. Another added benefit is the natural light that can come through the interwoven structure of a trellis fence.

Which is why a trellis fence is an optimal choice if you are into gardening and want a vineyard aesthetic for your corner lot. It is a versatile option as a privacy fence, that improves decor, hides unwanted areas. Note that this fence, when it comes to corners, provides a supportive structure for certain vines and rose species, as it is an all-in-one package.

Just as other types of fences are popular in the Western world, the trellis is popular in European countries. They are used in gardens for several reasons, from wine-growing to supporting climber plants such as grapevines, ivy, and particular roses. In fact, supporting vine stocks is the earliest use case of trellis in literature.

3. Horizontal and Vertical Slat Fences

A horizontal or vertical slatted fence is an excellent option if your goal is strict privacy and safety. It will make sure that unwanted people stay out of your property and your children stay in and stay safe.

Horizontal and Vertical Slat Fences Long Guard Around Yard and Entrance

In visual aspects, it is a great choice as well, especially for the corners of your lot, as the horizontal slats have become increasingly popular among modern fence trends.

A horizontal slat fence is becoming one of the most widely used types in outdoor architecture. As the name implies, it is a series of horizontal planks slightly spaced out to provide a little room for air and visibility to the other side. These planks are made of several materials, like wood, metal, and even aluminum.

A vertical fence comes with its own set of benefits. Unlike horizontal fences, vertical fences are available with pre-built fence panels. They are less expensive in comparison and offer more sturdiness.

While building a horizontal fence, the materials you choose are essential to keep in mind. If you plan on using wooden boards, it is vital to use the correct type of wood, as it is prone to warping over time, as the latter may reduce the lifespan of the fence.

As a privacy fence, these options will provide both security and appeal. Overall, if you are looking to choose between a vertical or a horizontal fence, keeping in mind your budget and ease of installation will help you make your decision.

4. Box Wire Fence

A box wire fence is a series of wooden posts with wires between them, as a wood and wire fence is as simple as it gets. These have been traditionally used on farms around chicken coops and cattle. This fence will allow you the safety of having a fence while providing maximum visibility across to the other side which means your garden will be seen.

Box Wire Fence Garden Protector Eco Friendly Picket Solution

A modern spin of wood and wire fence is the box wire fence that consists of a grid of wires between wooden posts. Box wire fences are primarily used to keep wildlife safely out of your property while giving you a full view of the area. It does not obscure the vision like wooden fences and is more visibly appealing than chain link fencing on the corners.

A wood and wire fence may be the last touch you need to complete your desired vibe if you want a farmhouse look. It is a dependable and affordable option that will add security and beauty to your property.

The specification of the fence will determine its effectiveness as two-inch or smaller squares will keep out foxes and coyotes, while smaller openings like one-inch will help keep out rabbits and other small critters.

Most materials used are the same as a traditional wooden fence, like wooden posts, rails, and kickboards. But the different materials used for the wire box determine the use cases of the fence. It will decide what can or cannot go through the fence.

If you want a corner fence with a modern spin on the farm aesthetic, consider getting a box wire fence for your yard.

5. Wrought Iron Fence

A wrought iron fence is the simplest way to give a classy look to your yard. Extend it towards your entrance, and you have a complete aesthetic look. As the name suggests, this fence made of iron is an excellent option for impenetrable safety, all the while providing you with a great way to obscure vision from the outside eyes.

Wrought Iron Fence Heavy Metal Protector for Yards Houses and Buildings

One of the biggest advantages of having a wrought iron fence on the corner over a wooden one or PVC fence would be its lifespan. This fence lasts for years without significant damage and is resistant to extreme conditions.

A wrought iron fence is also low maintenance compared to other fence types. Note that you may have to paint it every few years, and you are good to go.

It is also very eco-friendly compared to the other options out there. If a wrought iron fence is damaged or broken, it is easy to repair that part of the fence without having to replace the whole thing. If it is beyond repair, the iron is easily recyclable.

It is not uncommon to see wrought iron fences around old houses that have been around for decades. It is a testament to the durability of iron fences. They are anchored by concrete, allowing them to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Which means a wrought iron fence is a durable and elegant option for your corner lot. It will provide you with all the advantages of having a fence for many decades if you maintain it regularly.

6. The Masonry Fence

A masonry fence is a wall made of bricks or natural stone. A masonry or a brick fence is a good option if you are going for a specific look. It will look great if your house supports a similar brick look. It can also be made with metal bars and concrete posts, giving it a different look.

The Masonry Fence Stone and Wood Fence Combination Wall

Depending on your requirements, a masonry fence can have several different types of looks. Commonly, rough textured masonry blocks are used to make these stone fences.

Posts separate different sections of the wall giving it the face of a fence with many sections instead of a plain brick wall. These posts can be made from other masonry materials to introduce contrast and variety.

Many masonry fences are made with different materials to give a refreshing and varied look. But the fences made with natural stone slabs have few options for variety.

In that case, you have an option to use stones of different shapes, such as round boulders, instead of blocks. You may also vary the height of posts to increase visual appeal or the privacy.

Another use for a masonry wall is in the form of retaining walls to hold the ground together against erosion, but it is not necessarily a fence. However, freestanding masonry fences can also be constructed, supported by concrete or cement cornerstones. 

These cornerstones are built and placed before filling the wall sections. Overall, if your home exterior has brickwork, a masonry fence is a great way to add to that idea and increase the appeal of your corner lot because this one will elevate the aesthetics.

7. Vinyl Fence

A PVC fence is primarily made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and offers a range of advantages over a traditional wooden fence. Another great option to enhance your corner lot!

Vinyl Fence White Tall Fence Surrounding a House in Nature

A vinyl fence is both affordable and low maintenance, because it does not rot or wither anually. The material has no problems like splintering and warping as wooden fences have. It does not have any termite problems, and neither does it need a lot of refurbishing. Moreover, vinyl fences offer a wider range of options and customizability compared to metal or wooden fences.

The fence blocks come in a range of different colors and styles. The fences can have different heights according to the need. You can also choose between different textures with options, such as a wood-like texture.

All of these benefits come with some disadvantages as well. PVC fences are expensive to install and are vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. Mold and algae can cause damage to the material. You should consider these factors when deciding to go for a vinyl fence.

Although a vinyl fence offers a high degree of customization and visual appeal, keep the demerits mentioned earlier in mind before committing to a PVC fence.


There are many options if you want to secure and enhance your corner lots, ranging from wood and metal to PVC fences, which come with their own merits and demerits.

Wooden fences provide security and varied looks depending on your needs, metallic ones provide long-lasting elegance to your yard, and PVC fences offer a wide range of customization but come with a hefty initial price. With all this in mind, what type of yard fence are you planning to get for your corner lot?

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