Corten steel sheets can make your backyard look really stylish, thanks to their innovative design. Think of corten steel fence panels as a privacy screen which not only increases your house’s security and protection but also provides your garden with a fresh new look.

Corten Steel Fence and Backyard Design Ideas

Following are creative ways you can stylize your back lawn with this laser cut metal fence.

Ways to Stylize Your Backyard With Corten Steel Fence

1. Corten Alloy Boundary

Corten steel panels can be used as a boundary around your backyard, which acts as privacy screens.

Corten Alloy Garden Boundary

The fence panel provides you and your family with a calm and cozy environment to sit in and enjoy nature. It blends in with the background and has a natural look. 

2. Corten Steel as a Barrier

Corten sheets can be utilized as a barrier to your backyard area. The weathering steel sheets prove to be a sturdy barricade for your well-crafted garden.

Corten Steel Wire Barrier

The steel barrier provides you with the mental satisfaction that your backyard space is guarded well by strong fencing.

3. Garden Gate

The corten metal can be made into twisted mesh protrusion-esque patterns and fixated on a corten back gate, thus giving it a very elite look. This presentation is sure to give you a 10/10 in the style department. 

Steel Garden Gate

It can be extremely appealing to the people visiting your garden. These unorthodox gates provide an aesthetic beauty that you don’t normally see in usual plastic or wooden yard doors. The metal can be molded into many eye-pleasing designs and placed as an ornamented treat to your garden’s entrance.

4. Window Panes

Corten can be used as a material to construct impressive-looking window frames. These box-shaped frames can be mounted around the window to protect it from rain and other weather conditions.

Window Panes Made of Steel and Glass

If this setup is installed around the windows that face the garden area, it allows them to blend in with the rest of the backyard and provides the whole place with a beautiful theme.

5. Corten Wall Mounted Steel Sheds

Corten sheets bent at particular angles can also be used as wall-mounted steel sheds to cover your doors, windows, chimneys, or any other open areas you wish to preserve. This indented metal framing can be attached to a wall with the help of metal brackets.

Wall Mounted Steel Sheds

 Doing this can save the entrances and openings of your house from weather conditions. On sunny days, these sheds can also shield your garden flora from scorching heat and harmful sunlight.

6. Corten Steel Powder Coated Pots

The textured steel can be used as metal pots to put your plants in. The corten alloy gets a  wonderful rust-like texture which gives the pots a personality of their own.

Plants on Corten Steel Powder Coated Pot

Arranging these metal pots in an orderly pattern can make your garden look more pronounced in comparison to decorating it with regular clay pots.

7. Roofing

The top of your roof can be sheathed with corten steel sheets. Doing this would not only save your roof from various detrimental weather conditions but also give it a unique vintage touch.

Roofing with Steel

You can use finely cut corten sheets and line them up to make a smooth surface which saves your house or shed roof from water runoff and seepage. Conversely, the water runoff from the panels can be arranged in such a manner that it can be drained off at a specific spot.

8. Front Door

An exquisitely coated piece of corten alloy can be used to make a stylish entrance to the house. You can either use a clean uncut single metal sheet or have multiple engraved sheets welded with each other. How you want to embellish your entrance is completely up to you. 

Steel Front Door of a House

Once you replace your orthodox wooden door with this beautifully crafted masterpiece, everyone in the neighborhood will wish to pay you a visit.

9. Corten Pipe for Water Runoff

Corten half-cut pipes can be installed around the roof and shed of your house in a streamlined manner so that water runoff can be managed. The corten pipe can make for a stylish water gutter.

Corten Pipe for Water Runof

The natural rusted look of the corten sheet would never make it look like the pipe has been worn out. A win-win situation in both the style and utility departments.

10. Staircase

Corten steel sheets can be cut as stair steps to make a metal staircase. The staircase would give a modern vibes to your garden. The stair graduation can be designed to your taste. You can have it designed as a spiral, straight, L-shaped, U-shaped, curved, ladder-shaped, or bifurcated staircase. 

House Staircase Made of Steel

Any shape can provide your garden with a vivid look and drastically improve the aesthetic value of your house in contrast to a regular wooden or marble staircase.

11. Railing

A stylish corten sheet pipe can be designed in wonderful shapes to make a railing. The railing can be installed as a smooth curved undesigned pipe and can be engraved with different shapes and patterns or can be used in the simple shape of a metal strip running along the length of the staircase.

Steel Railing in the Garden

A perfectly modeled stairway can enhance the beauty of your home.

12. Corten Steel Braided Fence

A corten braided fence made with welded wire mesh can be used in place of plain one-piece metal plates. The metal mesh exhibits your backyard boundary as an artist curated masterpiece. 

Steel Braided Fence in Backyard

The mesh design also provides good air ventilation as air can travel through the little spaces between the metal wires. This braided metal layout can be extended across your garden to give it a stylistic makeover.

13. Corten Steel Planters

You can skip the conventional method of potting plants in clay or plastic pots and go for a more creative option to plant in corten planters.

Painted Steel Planters in Garden

The rustic look provided by these metal planters is very eye-catching. You can line these planters in a sophisticated manner to give a fresh new look to your backyard.

14. Furniture

Want to stylize the exterior of your house? Look no further as corten furniture is the new talk of the town.

Backyard Steel Furniture

Even though the corten steel fence cost is relatively expensive (Nearly 40% to 50% more costly) compared to its run-of-the-mill alternatives, the charm that corten brings to your garden is worth every dime. 

Corten tables and chairs, almirahs, cupboards, corten cloth hangers, corten lamps, lamp stands; each and every piece of furniture in your house can be replaced by its corten counterpart.

Corten can be used in a multitude of ways to provide your garden with its own style statement. You can give your home a thorough makeover. Perhaps a makeover that it duely deserves. 

15. Corten Walkways

You can use sturdy corten strand mesh to make a platform over your garden or pond. The mesh can be twisted in such an arrangement that makes a solid and stable structure for you to stand on and move about to the different areas of your garden. 

Corten Steel Walkways in Garden

You can casually walk across the lawn over this walkway with a gentle breeze blowing underneath your feet, thus covering the whole place with a pleasant vibe. It is guaranteed to elevate your mood in a few minutes.

16. Bridges

You can also construct bridges made of well cut corten sheets to connect different areas of your garden.

Red Color Steel Bridge in Garden

You can even use a corten bridge to connect different properties. These bridges provide a mesmerizing view to the onlookers and can definitely win you some artistic points in the eyes of your neighbors. Aren’t in a mood? Just take a stroll across the windy bridge and get your fix.

17. Veranda

Concerned about the overall look of your veranda? Just the right blend of corten sheets and orthodox woodwork can give a full makeover to your veranda in the decoration department.

Steel Made Veranda

The fusion of both can provide your veranda with the expressive look that you yourself couldn’t have thought it needed. It sure can become the epitome of rustic and modern cut designs.

18. Lawn Lining

Corten can be used to make a metal lining around your vegetation and greenery. The lining can be placed so elegantly that it provides a natural upkeep to your garden.

Steel Barrier in Lawn

The lining just casually blends in with the surrounding. People visiting your backyard will be awestruck by how neat and well kept your lawn looks. Maximum marks for presentation!

19. Corten Plated Water Feature

An aesthetically appealing use of corten garden framing can be observed by placing it as a garden feature.

Watering Plants with Steel Water Features

The basement of such an apparatus can be filled with rounded rocks to give it a gorgeous look.

20. Lawn Ornaments

You can have twisted sheets of corten alloy made in the shape of a smooth metal ball, a perforated metal sphere, a gracefully etched metal sheet of corten, or a masterfully engraved thin metal strip placed in your lawn and make a style statement with it.

Lawn Ornaments Made of Steel

Corten lawn ornaments prove to be one of the most eloquent modern pieces of art you can decorate your backyard with.

21. Sculptures

If grated corten sheets don’t please your mood, you can have the steel molded into a shape of a sculpture. Say goodbye to the porcelain gnome statues, corten sculpted into various eye pleasing shapes is the deal to get. 

Steel Sculptures in Garden

You can have your favorite cat or dog sculpted as a metal ornament, and voila! You get a delightful 3D model of it ready to be placed anywhere in your home.

22. Fountains

So, you are not a fan of corten sculptures? Corten fountains can be a refreshing piece of art for you.

Steel Garden Fountains

Be it in the shape of an animal or just some aesthetically pleasing geometrical shapes, you can have them installed at your home, and they would look as elegant as ever. Corten can be easily used in place of regular masonry fountains.

23. Brazier

Corten can also be used as a brazier which can be placed on your porch, veranda, terrace, or backyard.

Fire in Steel Brazier

This unique way of using it can surely bring a bougie effect to your garden.

24. Fireplace

A corten fireplace looks so aesthetic once you install it in your home; you can never imagine going back to the traditional and boring brick fireplace.

Steel Fireplace in Backyard

Not only does it enhance the ambiance of your house, but it also provides you with the needed warmth.


Corten is a very versatile metal that is being used throughout the world for its vintage appearance. The flexibility of usage is what makes corten the go to metal for modern lawn beautification. Corten can be used as ornaments, walkways, bridges, fountains, furniture, or as a means to protect your house from weather conditions. 

After finding out all the ways that corten can be used, what are the ways that you would like it to decorate your backyard?

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