Craftsman 25cc blower is one of the best for anyone who wants to maintain and keep their gardens looking good has to invest in a lawn care kit that has all the tools they require to do their job well. This process is lengthy as it takes a lot of research and advice to reach a final decision.The Craftsman 25cc blower review

Today we have brought to you an in-depth review of the Craftsman 25cc blower that will guide you on whether this is the most effective and durable handheld gas leaf blower for you.

This review will help narrow all your choices down to one. Now, as you read through our article you will have a deeper insight into this gardening key tool.

Pros And Cons Table

Pros Cons
Lightweight body and engine Small body
Comes with the fuel Emissions due to gas-powered leaf blower engine
Easy to fill fuel

Product Highlights

The Craftsman handheld blower has the majority of the features that most people are looking for in a blower.

It is comfortable to use, powerful, and efficient, while also being cost-effective. Here are some of the features that have hooked many people already and might convince you that this blower is the best fit for your lawn:

  • Powerful engine 
  • Easy to start three-step technology
  • User-friendly engagement 
  • 2-cycle oil fuel included
  • Variable speed control

Craftsman 25CC Blower Review

Craftsman 25CC Key Criteria
# of Functions
Air Flow
# of Air Flow Settings
Lightweight body and engine
Comes with the fuel
Easy to fill fuel
Small body
Emissions due to gas-powered leaf blower engine

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When looking for any electrical product, be it a TV or a leaf blower, most people gravitate towards the most well-known brands. This is understandable, but so is making sure that you are keeping your task and goal for your lawn in mind. 

The engine is an essential part of a device that you always need to consider before making a purchase, especially for outdoor purposes. This Craftsman leaf blower comes with a powerful engine that can endure hours of tremulous work and still work like it’s brand new.

The engine has a displacement of 25 ccs. With its help, you can work effectively on your various projects, as this 2-cycle engine works effectively in all weather conditions, so even on colder or wetter days, you can go out and work on your lawn.

This blower is 37 inches long and 9.5 inches wide and has a height of 13 inches, so you won’t have to clear up a lot of space to store it. It will easily fit in any corner of your shed.

Also, one would admire the gorgeous, sleek, and modern exterior design makes it a perfect choice to introduce to your lawn kit as it will elevate the look of your shed once placed there.

Having an electrical device that gives you thorough results is highly necessary when you are deciding on a blower, but so is the amount of time it takes. This blower runs at a speed of 200 miles per hour and has a maximum air velocity of 430 cubic feet per minute. It will undoubtedly clean your garden efficiently and quickly!

The translucent 14 oz tank adds to the growing list of features that make this blower the perfect fit for household and professional use. It makes this blower ten times more favorable than it was before. You can visibly check, without any hardship, when you run out of fuel. 

To get more information on the Craftsman 25cc blower parts, especially the Craftsman 25cc blower spark plug and the Craftsman 25cc blower carburetor, you can refer to the Craftsman 25cc gas blower manual and in case of any issues and repairs, look for the Craftsman 25cc gas blower repair manual available on their website.


– How Has This Device Evolved?

In comparison to the B2000 Craftsman gas handheld leaf blower and other prior leaf blowers manufactured by the company, the Craftsman 25cc blower is a total step-up. 

This one has a better max airspeed, a stronger engine, an extended nozzle, and a more sleek and modern black and red design. The translucent tank is something that you barely see in blowers but it also has that!

Product Features Breakdown

This leaf blower is a very nice investment for many reasons, not only because aesthetically it looks pleasing to the gardeners eye, but because it has a air-cooled engine, which won’t over-heat your engine, it is light weight, which means the task of cleaning the garden won’t be a heavy burden! Also, it has an extended nozzle, which ensures the facility of the service it does.

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– 25 cc, Gas-powered, Air-cooled Engine

The 2-cycle gas engine gives the Craftsman gas blower twice the number of power strokes as the usual 4-stroke engine. Additionally, it makes the engine lightweight, less bulky, and occupies less area

The best part is that the oil required for this 2-cycle engine is provided to the customers alongside the blower itself. So, you won’t have to experiment with any other types of fuel because the company will already provide the Craftsman 25cc blower fuel mix to you!

Additionally, the engine is also air-cooled, making it further lightweight, and helping warm the engine up faster. It also ensures that there are fewer leakage problems. It has air volume and air speed up to 430 cm/200 mph, allowing it to work more efficiently and adequately on all your yard work, lawn management, and other projects.

– Translucent Fuel Tank

The translucent fuel tank is a feature that is a blessing for users. You can easily view the amount of fuel present in your blower when you begin and hence it helps you fill the tank up when necessary.

No more stopping in the middle of your yard work just to fill the now-empty tank because you didn’t realize it at the very start. And no guessing games with the amount of fuel left just because you are too lazy to check! With the Craftsman B215 blower’s translucent fuel tank, you will know exactly when and how much fuel your blower requires.

Basically, this is one of the key details that the manufacturers have taken into consideration and have been farsighted for the comfort of the user.

What this does is it saves you time and energy to check for the fuel that has been placed and when it’s done, it won’t disappoint you with a sudden shut-down, because you had already seen it through.

– Extended Nozzle

Do you have a yard that has more intricate landscaping? Or even a lot of elements that could act as obstacles while cleaning? Well, this is where the extended nozzle comes in. Usually, nozzles and extensions like these are sold separately for users who want them for additional work, but this blower provides this luxury alongside all its other features.

The extended nozzle with an integrated scraper provides a more precise and intricate cleanup to help clear all those stubborn leaves and debris after the fall season or even a windy day. It also helps you reach any areas that you couldn’t reach before.

– Three-Step Start

The three-step start makes this blower easy to use and hence ensures that you clean your yard, fence, and garden more often because when the starting process is this easy, you will not dread the whole experience.

The three-step start process of this cordless leaf blower is divided into prime, choke, and pull. All you need to do is to slowly press and release the prime button ten times and move the cruise control to low speed. Then flip the choke lever clockwise and steadily pull on the starter rope until the blower starts. And voila! That’s how easy it is. 

The Sim-Pul Starting Technology used in the blower makes the starting process even smoother. It makes the starting pull effortless, so you won’t have to use too much force when starting it. You can pull on the starting rope without worrying about breaking it and it’ll also be quicker this way.


– Variable Speed Cruise Control

Another impressive feature is that the Craftsman B2200 blower includes cruise control. This allows the operator to maintain the desired engine speed that they want to clean their yard with without having to squeeze the throttle control.

– Light Weight

With the Craftsman 25cc leaf blower, which only weighs 11 pounds, cleaning your garden has become more convenient.

So, you won’t have to drag around a heavy blower just because you want a better engine. Also, the air filter catches any foreign particles and comes with a cover that ensures that it doesn’t get dirty.

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The lightweight design of this blower makes it highly convenient to use, as you can easily pick it up. Even when you are really tired but have to make your lawn look impressive, you can use this blower easily and maneuver it without any hardship. 

Overall, the task of cleaning out the leaves will not be a heavy-burden kind of chore for you, because it will effectively get the job done while it is light-weight.

The Craftsman 25cc is not just easy to use and favorable due to its sleek design and a well-known brand, but it also gives its users the comfort that makes it one of the most convenient leaf blowers on the market.



Can I use 40:1 fuel mix in my Craftsman 25CC leaf blower?

It’s recommended to use a 50:1 fuel mix in your Craftsman 25CC leaf blower for optimal performance and engine longevity.

What happens if I put regular gas in my Craftsman 25CC leaf blower?

Using regular gas in your Craftsman 25CC leaf blower may cause engine damage and affect performance. Stick to the recommended fuel type for best results.

How do I clean the carburetor on my Craftsman 25CC leaf blower?

To clean the carburetor on your Craftsman 25CC leaf blower, follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect the spark plug wire to ensure safety.
  2. Locate the carburetor, usually covered by a metal or plastic housing.
  3. Remove the housing and carefully detach the carburetor from the engine.
  4. Use a carburetor cleaner spray to remove any dirt or debris from the carburetor’s components.
  5. Pay attention to the small openings and passages, ensuring they are thoroughly cleaned.
  6. Reassemble the carburetor, reconnect it to the engine, and reattach the housing.
  7. Reconnect the spark plug wire and test the leaf blower to ensure proper functioning. If you’re uncertain or uncomfortable with this process, it’s advisable to seek assistance from a professional or refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.


This review helps you see that the Crafstman 25cc blower is a string machine that is perfect for various purposes. You can clean your yard, driveway, fences, garden, and even all the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies very easily.

It is perfect for a household where people of different ages and genders have to work with it as the light weight of the blower ensures that it can easily be handled by all! Comfort, convenience, and ease are the top features that make this blower stand out from the rest.

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