Craftsman B215 is one piece of equipment that allows you to have a beautiful home that everyone compliments and wants to recreate as it ensures that your yard and garden look neat and clean instead of the disarrayed mess you find them to be regularly. 

Craftsman B215 Leaf Blower Review

Today, we have brought to you an in-depth review of the Craftsman B215 2-cycle handheld gas powered leaf blower that tells you why this is one of the best blowers in town and might be the one you have been searching for.

Not only does it come with impressive features, but it is also an effective and durable option that is the most suitable choice for you and your home! 

Pros Cons
Lightweight 11 lbs body Small tank
Comes with the fuel Emissions due to gas-powered blower engine
Easily fuelable

Craftsman B215 Highlights

Before buying a blower, the most important factor that we all look for is the amount of relevant and up-to-date features that it offers that place it above others in the market. 

  • 25 ccs -cycle lightweight engine
  • Air volume of 430 CFM
  • Air speed of 200 mph
  • Easy to start technology
  • Lightweight design of 11 lbs
  • Translucent tank
  • Extended nozzle
  • two-cycle engine oil
  • Variable speed cruise control
  • 14 ounce tank

Craftsman B215 Review

  • Number of Functions: 8.9/10
  • Weight: 8.7/10
  • Air Flow: 8.3/10
  • Number of Airflow settings: 9.3/10

When looking for a handheld blower, most people gravitate towards the most well-known brands; brands that have a fan base that trusts them enough to rely on them, due to the way that it will help the machine live longer, but adjusting the durability.

Craftsman is a brand that stands on its own and is well-known and beloved by many people all across the globe. It prides itself on its high-quality garden tools and its motto is to have a combination of comfy and efficient devices. No matter what tool you are looking for, Craftsman will most likely have what you need, and that too in the best quality.

One of the most essential Craftsman B215 leaf blower parts is its engine. This Craftsman blower comes with a powerful 25 cc two-cycle lightweight engine that endures hours of tremulous work and still works like it is brand new.

The 25 cc engine displacement makes it hold more power and hence makes your blower run faster and more efficiently, and this will help the workflow so much. Moreover, the two-cycle engine requires two-stroke engine oil that is also provided with the blower.

Now you can work effectively on various projects, as this engine works effectively in all weather conditions. No matter how harsh a day is or even if it is clear, you can go out and work on your lawn without any hassle.

This gas-powered leaf backpack blower is 37 inches long and 9.5 inches wide with a height of 14 inches. Due to this reason, you don’t have to worry about clearing up a lot of space to store it or even to have a separate storage area for your blower and other gardening tools, as it will easily fit in any corner of your shed. 

On another note, you may even want to consider how the gorgeous, sleek, and modern exterior design with black and red contrast make it a perfect choice to introduce to your lawn care kit as it elevates the look of your shed once placed. This will make you happy and motivate you as the blower is actually awesome looking.

The lightweight design of this blower makes it even more of a worthy and recognized choice. The 11 pounds handheld leaf blower makes cleaning your yard highly convenient, as you can easily pick it up. Even on tiring days, you can make your lawn look impressive, as you can use this blower easily and maneuver it without any hardship.

This handheld gas leaf blower runs at an impressive speed of 200 miles per hour and has a maximum air velocity of 430 cubic feet per minute. This means that you will have a neat and beautiful yard in the shortest time imaginable!

The translucent 14 ounce tank might seem like a design preference at the start, but it is one of those features that drag this blower up people’s wish lists as it makes it the perfect fit for domestic and professional use. You can visibly check, without any hardship, when you run out of fuel. 

To get more information on the Craftsman leaf blower parts, especially the Craftsman 25cc leaf blower spark plug and the Craftsman B215 blower carburetor, you can refer to the Craftsman B215 manual and in case of any issues and repairs, look for the Craftsman 25cc gas blower repair manual available on their website.

How Has the Craftsman B215 Evolved?

The Craftsman B215 has evolved by being an upgrade to the company’s other gas leaf blowers. It is a lightweight, comfortable, and highly convenient device that raises the bar for the quality of products and even brings good competition in the market. 

Craftsman B215 Gas Leaf Blower Parts

When we compare this to the others, like the Craftsman BV245, we see how customers benefit from this blower. The BV245 Craftsman gas blower 27cc is a little lighter than the B215 Craftsman 2-cycle blower 25cc, which is 10.2 pounds. The former also has an air volume of 450 CFM and an air speed of 205 mph which is just a little higher than that of the latter.

However, the B215 comes with a translucent tank that is a convenient addition to the design whereas the BV245 blower doesn’t have that. Plus the lack of a nozzle extension with a scrapper in the latter in comparison to the B215 might make it a poor choice for some.


Features Breakdown

– 25 CC, Gas-powered, Air-cooled Engine

The two-cycle gas engine gives this gasoline blower twice the power strokes as the usual four-stroke engine. An additional benefit is that it makes the engine lightweight, less bulky, and less space-consuming. The reason why the latter is a great choice is that you won’t have to carry a heavy blower just for the sake of having a good and powerful engine. 

Craftsman B215 Features Breakdown

A great help is that the oil required for this engine is provided to the customers alongside the blower itself. Which means that, there won’t be any need to experiment with any other types of fuel because the company already provides the Craftsman 25 cc blower fuel mix to you.

Moreover, the air-cooled engine makes it even lighter which, when added to the lightweight two-stroke engine, makes this blower light and convenient to carry around. The air-cooling engine warms up faster, hence taking less time to start.

Not only that but this would also guarantee that there are fewer leakage problems. Note that leakage is a thing that you need to worry about, but this model, it is not a concern since the company looked through the matter already. 

– Translucent Tank

The translucent fuel tank is a feature that is a blessing for all garden lovers who love to procrastinate. It is terrible to be halfway done with your job and then find out that you didn’t refuel the engine before and now the blower is dead. 

However, when you have a translucent tank, you can easily view the amount of fuel present in your blower when you begin and hence it helps you fill the tank up when necessary. Also, when you have a bigger task, you can always check it before you work, and then adjust the fuel level to your liking.

Now you can say no to stopping in the middle of your yard work just to fill the now-empty tank because you didn’t realize it at the very start. In addition, there won’t be any more guessing games with the amount of fuel left just because you are too lazy to check! All procrastinators gear up and pick this blower!

– Extended Nozzle

This feature is great for yards that have more intricate landscaping and many elements that could act as potential obstacles in the cleaning. The extended nozzle will come in handy for all these users as they can reach all the nooks and crannies of your yard with ease.

Extended Nozzle Provides Intricate Cleanup

Usually, nozzles like these are sold separately and at high prices. However, Craftsman includes it with the blower to make sure that the user is getting the best use out of their device.

The extended nozzle provides a more precise and intricate cleanup to help clear all those stubborn leaves and debris after the fall season or even on a windy day. In addition to this, you would also find comfort in this, because it will help you clean out the debris with less exhaustion.

– Variable Speed Cruise Control

Another impressive feature is that the Craftsman B215 blower includes the variable speed cruise control feature. This allows the operator to maintain the desired engine speed that they want to clean their yard with, without having to squeeze the throttle control.

Which means that, if you are someone who is always on a tight schedule and wants their work to be done quickly, this is a great feature as it ensures that you opt for the right speed that lets you finish your work within the required time.


In addition to this, another reason why cruise mode is important is that when you are on a pace of getting things done, and the land to be cleaned whether big or small, the cruise mode will help your arm muscles to be more relaxed on the grip, and less tense as it is holding it.

Which means that, you don’t have to think any further about the way that you would control it, because this has been facilitated for you.


This review helps you see that the Crafstman B215 blower is a strong machine that is perfect for various purposes and various customers – and that also includes you. 

You can now clean your yard, driveway, fences, and garden very easily. Comfort, convenience, and ease are the top features that make this blower stand out from the rest!

This model is one that the company made covering the previous ones’ quirks which resulted in one that is more effective and user friendly.

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