The CRAFTSMAN BP410 is one of those leaf blowers you only bring out on special cleaning days, as this blower comes packed with features you will love so much that you won’t want to use it for any type of cleanup.


This gas powered backpack leaf blower is designed by Craftsman to provide maximum efficiency, and it is best suited for professional use as it will deliver huge piles of leaves, grass, and other debris in record time.

Before purchasing any blower, there are many factors to consider, so if you’re still wondering if the CRAFTSMAN-BP410 is the right fit for your blowing needs, check out our comprehensive review guide.

Pros Cons
Lightweight Noisy operation
Good engine performance The electrical starter has to be purchased separately
Budget-friendly CFM is not as high as other gas backpack leaf blowers
Easy to start and use

Exploring The Features of The CRAFTSMAN-BP410

Professional users will appreciate many of the features fitted into the design of this backpack blower. Because with such a powerful engine that produces incredible airflow usually comes a heavy blower with functions that are not so user-friendly.

But the CRAFTSMAN-BP410 set out to prove a point with its lightweight design, easy-use operation, comfortable backpack, and easy start technology. All these come together to create an impressive yard device that anyone can use for any magnitude of blowing.

Therefore, here is a quick highlight of the CRAFTSMAN BP410 features:

  • 32cc four-cycle machine
  • 460 Cubic Feet per Meter air volume and 205 Meters Per Hour air speed
  • Lightweight backpack design at 17.6 lbs
  • Variable speed throttle and cruise control functions
  • Tube-mounted lever and curved tube for easy accessibility
  • Electric and easy start capable
  • Translucent fuel tank
  • 3-Year warranty


CRAFTSMAN BP410 Key Criteria
Number of Functions
Number of Airflow Functions
Good engine performance
Easy to start and use
Noisy operation
The electrical starter has to be purchased separately
CFM is not as high as other gas backpack leaf blowers

This CRAFTSMAN leaf blower is undoubtedly one of the lightest backpack leaf blowers on the market. Typically, backpack leaf blowers are expected to be light enough for the user to carry comfortably while working. CRAFTSMAN did justice to that by creating their BP410 at a net weight of just 17.6 pounds. This feature allows women, the elderly, and tall people to use this product for a lengthy cleanup without worrying about damage to their backs or shoulder.

An air speed of 205 MPH and an air volume of 460 CFM give the BP410 an impressive airflow capacity. On another note, you must also remember how it is a its f-cycle full-crank engine adds an extra power boost to the airflow, allowing users to enjoy quick and efficient cleaning in double the time. 

However, many other gasoline blower models with similarly powerful engines and designs as the BP410 have more substantial airflow capacities that provide more blowing power for users. Therefore, the CRAFTSMAN 4 stroke leaf blower is a full four cycle full-crank engine gas powered backpack leaf blower, and this is a key feature that you should consider before purchasing. 

The BP410 also has easy-to-use variable speed and cruise control options that allow you to control the airflow by adjusting the speed control throttle to suit your various blowing needs. The cruise control option lets you easily maintain that speed setting by locking in the speed, so you don’t tire out your arms holding it down.

This company has put effort and by using innovative technology, it has designed the BP410 blower with user comfort as the priority, and this is obvious in a few features that allow for ease of functions.

The BP410 is one of the few backpack blowers that can make long hours of yard work feel like a breeze with many user-friendly and ergonomic features and an impressive four-stroke engine that makes the device durable enough to be used for a long time.

First, remember how it is a fully-tensioned backpack made from soft and durable materials to provide maximum comfort and prevent fatigue while cleaning. On another note, don’t forget that it has also an easy-start technology with added electric start capability that makes it easy to pull-start the device. Furthermore, the manufacturers have included an ergonomic handle for a softer grip to prevent blisters and bruises from prolonged handling.

Finally, the last key criteria that you must keep in mind is how the curved blower tube allows you to quickly get into those tight and crooked spots to clear debris out. All these features make the CRAFTSMAN 32cc speed start blower an easy-to-use device.

How The Craftsman-BP410 Has Evolved?

The Craftsman BP410 has evolved by having more weight than the model of B225, which means that it would be more tiring to use it. However, when you use the Craftsman BP410, it has four stokes, which makes the process run smoother and more efficient than the two strokes.

To elaborate further about the key features, the BP410 uses a four-cycle gas engine to produce an airflow that can easily displace wet leaves, debris, or even snow from any surface. This engine does not require users to mix their gas with oil before filling the gas tank, unlike other backpack blowers with 2-cycle engines that require the mixture. 

The blower also utilizes an easy start technology to prevent users from going through the tiring process of pulling that some other blowers have. And at a weight of 17.6 lbs, the BP410 is the lightest gas-powered backpack blower around.


Features Breakdown

– 32 cc Four-cycle Full Crank Gas Engine

The CRAFTSMAN BP410 has a four-cycle full crank engine that delivers incredible airflow. The engine does not require a mix of gas and oil, which is a benefit you’ll appreciate if you’ve ever used a blower with a two-cycle engine, as it has double the strokes, making the process run more effectively and cleaner.

This also makes your blower environmentally friendly because it would not release any harmful gases from mixing gas and oil.

The engine is also fuel-efficient as it only consumes fuel after four strokes. This means you won’t need to spend money buying gallons of fuel when you need to do intensive lawn care.

The four-cycle engines are also highly durable, so you can enjoy your blower for a long time and get value for your money. In addition, as it runs with fuel and not battery, it will work as long as you provide fuel, with no additional need to keep it on the charger and wait for some time to fill. 

– Airflow Capacity

The BP410 boasts a 460 CFM air volume with a 205 MPH air speed that allows you to move a lot of leaves or debris quickly. This airflow is produced by the four-cycle engine and is especially advantageous to those with large spaces who like to do their cleanup rounds at a stretch. 

With such powerful airflow, the BP410 will have you blowing leaves, twigs, sand, dirt, grass, and even snow from your landscape in a short time. This airflow can also help clear twigs and small branches from your yard. This will help you take control of a speedy leaf blower rather than one that is more prone to get the job done in a slower pace and frustrate you. 

– Easy Start Technology

No one likes to wear out their arms or shoulders trying to start a blower, which is why CRAFTSMAN has fitted their leaf blower with easy start technology.

This feature makes it easy for users to turn on the traditional recoil-start motor without stress, whether you are a novice, or an expert, this device is quite simple to use, and it will save you stress and time, as it operates in a basic structure.

Easy Start Technology

The BP410 is also electric start capable so that users can use an electric starter for added ease. However, this would incur an extra cost as the electric starter does not come with the blower, so it would have to be purchased separately.

– Translucent Fuel Tank

This 4-cycle backpack leaf blower has good fuel economy due to its engine, so it doesn’t require constant fuel top-ups. However, it would be beneficial to be able to see when the level of fuel left in the tank without having to turn the blower off, set it down, and open the tank. 

The BP410 solves this problem with its translucent fuel tank. This feature allows users to easily keep track of the fuel level while operating the blower. This means that the company is further detailed that they do not wish for you to stress about the amount left, and how much you have filled.

You wouldn’t have to spill any fuel when filling, and you wouldn’t stop your work all of a sudden to fill it with new fuel, as it will be obvious to you before you start working. 

– Ergonomic Features

Ergonomic features aim to fit the device’s qualities to the user’s needs to increase efficiency and comfort. The CRAFTSMAN-BP410 is equipped with some ergonomic features that make blowing with a backpack hanging on your shoulders feel like a breeze. 

To begin with, the backpack is fully tensioned and made from various materials that make it soft and durable. This helps provide users with comfort by distributing the weight of the backpack evenly around the shoulders, back, and hips. It also helps eliminate fatigue and prevents health issues that might arise from prolonged use of backpacks.

Furthermore, the blower has a tube-mounted lever for comfort, control, and prevention of blisters on the hands of the operator. A curved tube makes it easy for users to access tight or difficult corners more efficiently.



If you have a large yard or offer professional cleaning services, you can agree that a powerful blower makes all the difference for those lengthy blowing tasks. Hence, the BP410 is designed for a long day of lawn care with its powerful four-stroke engine, impressive airflow, easy start technology, speed control, and ergonomic features. One more popular leaf blower from the same company is the Craftsman CMEBL710.

You can’t go wrong with this blower, specially created to remove the stress from cleaning day, so go ahead and give it a try.

When you are investing in a leaf blower, there are different aspects that you should have in mind, some of which would be the number of strokes it has, the affordability, and most importantly, how efficiently is it cleaning the way you want. Check out our review of the newer leaf blower model, the Craftsman BP510.

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